variant of 俯

to look down; to stoop

variant of 俯

strokes 10
strokes after radical 8
俯冲 俯衝 fu3 chong1
to dive down fast; to swoop down

俯伏 俯伏 fu3 fu2
to lie prostrate

俯就 俯就 fu3 jiu4
to deign; to condescend; to yield to (entreaties); to submit to (sb); (polite) to deign to accept (a post)

俯瞰 俯瞰 fu3 kan4
to overlook; to look down from a height

俯瞰摄影 俯瞰攝影 fu3 kan4 she4 ying3
crane shot; boom shot (photography)

俯瞰图 俯瞰圖 fu3 kan4 tu2
bird's-eye view; see also 鳥瞰圖|鸟瞰图

俯身 俯身 fu3 shen1
to lean over; to bend over; to stoop; to bow

俯拾即是 俯拾即是 fu3 shi2 ji2 shi4
see 俯拾皆是

俯拾皆是 俯拾皆是 fu3 shi2 jie1 shi4
lit. so numerous that one could just bend down and pick them up (idiom); fig. extremely common; easily available

俯视 俯視 fu3 shi4
to overlook; to look down at

俯首 俯首 fu3 shou3
to bend one's head

俯首称臣 俯首稱臣 fu3 shou3 cheng1 chen2
to bow before (idiom); to capitulate

俯首帖耳 俯首帖耳 fu3 shou3 tie1 er3
bowed head and ears glued (idiom); docile and obedient; at sb's beck and call

俯卧 俯臥 fu3 wo4
to lie prone

俯卧撑 俯臥撐 fu3 wo4 cheng1
press-up (physical exercise); push-up

俯仰 俯仰 fu3 yang3
lowering and raising of the head; (fig.) small move; pitch (position angle)

俯仰无愧 俯仰無愧 fu3 yang3 wu2 kui4
to have a clear conscience

俯仰之间 俯仰之間 fu3 yang3 zhi1 jian1
in a flash

前俯后仰 前俯後仰 qian2 fu3 hou4 yang3
to rock one's body backward and forward; to be convulsed (with laughter etc)

屈尊俯就 屈尊俯就 qu1 zun1 fu3 jiu4
to condescend; condescending; patronizing

与世俯仰 與世俯仰 yu3 shi4 fu3 yang3
to swim with the tide (idiom)