strokes 10
strokes after radical 8
本俸 本俸 ben3 feng4
basic salary

常俸 常俸 chang2 feng4
fixed salary of an official

恩俸 恩俸 en1 feng4
pension granted as a favor

罚俸 罰俸 fa2 feng4
to forfeit one's salary

俸给 俸給 feng4 ji3
pay; salary

俸禄 俸祿 feng4 lu4
official's salary (in feudal times)

俸钱 俸錢 feng4 qian2

俸恤 俸恤 feng4 xu4
payment and pension

俸银 俸銀 feng4 yin2
official salary

干俸 乾俸 gan1 feng4

官俸 官俸 guan1 feng4
salaries of government officials

鹤俸 鶴俸 he4 feng4
an official's emolument

加俸 加俸 jia1 feng4
to raise one's pay

减俸 減俸 jian3 feng4
to lower salary; to reduce pay

廉俸 廉俸 lian2 feng4
extra allowances paid to government officials in the Qing dynasty

禄俸 祿俸 lu4 feng4
official pay

年俸 年俸 nian2 feng4
yearly salary

年功加俸 年功加俸 nian2 gong1 jia1 feng4
increase in salary according to one's service record for the year (idiom)

食俸 食俸 shi2 feng4
salary of a public official; to be in government service

受俸 受俸 shou4 feng4
to receive an official's salary

岁俸 歲俸 sui4 feng4
annual salary

停俸 停俸 ting2 feng4
to suspend salary payments

薪俸 薪俸 xin1 feng4
salary; pay

月俸 月俸 yue4 feng4
monthly salary

终身俸 終身俸 zhong1 shen1 feng4
(Tw) retirement pay; pension

资俸 資俸 zi1 feng4
salary; pay; wages