(two, three etc) -fold; times (multiplier); double; to increase or multiply

strokes 10
strokes after radical 8
安倍 安倍 an1 bei4
Abe (Japanese surname)

安倍晋三 安倍晉三 an1 bei4 jin4 san1
Abe Shinzo (1954-), Japanese LDP politician, prime minister 2006-2007 and from 2012

八倍体 八倍體 ba1 bei4 ti3

百倍 百倍 bai3 bei4
a hundredfold; a hundred times

倍儿 倍兒 bei4 er5
very; much (Beijing dialect)

倍儿棒 倍兒棒 bei4 er5 bang4
(dialect) awesome; excellent

倍感 倍感 bei4 gan3
to feel even more; to be extremely (sad, lonely, delighted etc)

倍频器 倍頻器 bei4 pin2 qi4
frequency multiplier

倍数 倍數 bei4 shu4
multiple; multiplier; factor

倍塔 倍塔 bei4 ta3
beta (loanword)

倍增 倍增 bei4 zeng1
to double; to redouble; to increase many times over; to multiply by a factor; multiplication

倍增器 倍增器 bei4 zeng1 qi4

倍足纲 倍足綱 bei4 zu2 gang1
Diplopoda (zoology)

倍足类 倍足類 bei4 zu2 lei4
Diplopoda (arthropod class with a pair of legs on each segment, including centipedes and millipedes)

单倍体 單倍體 dan1 bei4 ti3
haploid (single chromosome)

单源多倍体 單源多倍體 dan1 yuan2 duo1 bei4 ti3
autopolyploid (polyploid with chromosomes of single species)

多倍体 多倍體 duo1 bei4 ti3
polyploid (multiple chromosomes)

二倍体 二倍體 er4 bei4 ti3
diploid (in cell biology)

翻倍 翻倍 fan1 bei4
to double

放大倍数 放大倍數 fang4 da4 bei4 shu4
magnifying power; magnification

公倍式 公倍式 gong1 bei4 shi4
common multiple expression

公倍数 公倍數 gong1 bei4 shu4
common multiple

及时处理,事半功倍 及時處理,事半功倍 ji2 shi2 chu3 li3 - shi4 ban4 gong1 bei4
timely handling doubles the effect and halves the effort; the right approach saves effort and leads to better results; a stitch in time saves nine

几倍 幾倍 ji3 bei4
several times (bigger); double, treble, quadruple etc

加倍 加倍 jia1 bei4
to double; to redouble

精神百倍 精神百倍 jing1 shen2 bai3 bei4
lit. vitality a hundredfold (idiom); refreshed; one's vigor thoroughly restored

两倍 兩倍 liang3 bei4
twice as much; double the amount

每逢佳节倍思亲 每逢佳節倍思親 mei3 feng2 jia1 jie2 bei4 si1 qin1
doubly homesick for our dear ones at each festive day (from a poem by Wang Wei 王維|王维)

染色体倍性 染色體倍性 ran3 se4 ti3 bei4 xing4
ploidy (number of homologous chromosomes)

染色体三倍体症 染色體三倍體症 ran3 se4 ti3 san1 bei4 ti3 zheng4

三倍 三倍 san1 bei4

十倍 十倍 shi2 bei4
tenfold; ten times (sth)

事半功倍 事半功倍 shi4 ban4 gong1 bei4
half the work, twice the effect (idiom); the right approach saves effort and leads to better results; a stitch in time saves nine

事倍功半 事倍功半 shi4 bei4 gong1 ban4
twice the effort for half the result

双倍 雙倍 shuang1 bei4
twofold; double

双倍体 雙倍體 shuang1 bei4 ti3
diploid (doubled chromosomes)

五倍子树 五倍子樹 wu3 bei4 zi5 shu4
Chinese sumac (Rhus chinensis)

信心百倍 信心百倍 xin4 xin1 bai3 bei4
brimming with confidence (idiom)

异源多倍体 異源多倍體 yi4 yuan2 duo1 bei4 ti3
allopolyploid (polyploid with chromosomes of different species)

整倍数 整倍數 zheng3 bei4 shu4
integer multiple

整数倍数 整數倍數 zheng3 shu4 bei4 shu4
integral multiple

最小公倍数 最小公倍數 zui4 xiao3 gong1 bei4 shu4
least common multiple