to initiate; to instigate; to introduce; to lead

strokes 10
strokes after radical 8
彼倡此和 彼倡此和 bi3 chang4 ci3 he2
to chorus sb else's lead (idiom); to chime in in agreement

倡狂 倡狂 chang1 kuang2
variant of 猖狂

倡导 倡導 chang4 dao3
to advocate; to initiate; to propose; to be a proponent of (an idea or school of thought)

倡导者 倡導者 chang4 dao3 zhe3
proponent; advocate; pioneer

倡始 倡始 chang4 shi3
to initiate

倡言 倡言 chang4 yan2
to propose; to put forward (an idea); to initiate

倡言者 倡言者 chang4 yan2 zhe3

倡仪 倡儀 chang4 yi2
initiative; to initiate; to propose (a new course of action)

倡议 倡議 chang4 yi4
to suggest; to initiate; proposal; initiative

倡议书 倡議書 chang4 yi4 shu1
written proposal; document outlining an initiative

反腐倡廉 反腐倡廉 fan3 fu3 chang4 lian2
to fight corruption and advocate probity

首倡 首倡 shou3 chang4
to initiate

提倡 提倡 ti2 chang4
to promote; to advocate

提倡者 提倡者 ti2 chang4 zhe3
proponent; advocate; pioneer

一倡三叹 一倡三歎 yi1 chang4 san1 tan4
(of literature, music) deeply moving (idiom)

战略防御倡议 戰略防御倡議 zhan4 lve4 fang2 yu4 chang4 yi4
strategic defense initiative (SDI)