old variant of 倦

strokes 10
strokes after radical 8
惫倦 憊倦 bei4 juan4
tired and sleepy; tipsy

不倦 不倦 bu4 juan4
tireless; untiring; indefatigable

不知疲倦 不知疲倦 bu4 zhi1 pi2 juan4
untiring; not recognizing tiredness

诲人不倦 誨人不倦 hui4 ren2 bu4 juan4
instructing with tireless zeal (idiom, from Analects)

倦怠 倦怠 juan4 dai4
worn out; exhausted; dispirited

困倦 困倦 kun4 juan4
tired; weary

劳倦 勞倦 lao2 juan4
exhausted; worn out

疲倦 疲倦 pi2 juan4
to tire; tired

亹亹不倦 亹亹不倦 wei3 wei3 bu4 juan4
on and on; relentlessly

学而不厌,诲人不倦 學而不厭,誨人不倦 xue2 er2 bu4 yan4 - hui4 ren2 bu4 juan4
study tirelessly, teach with endless enthusiasm (idiom, from Analects)

厌倦 厭倦 yan4 juan4
to be weary of; to be fed up with; tedious

职业倦怠症 職業倦怠症 zhi2 ye4 juan4 dai4 zheng4
professional boredom syndrome

孜孜不倦 孜孜不倦 zi1 zi1 bu4 juan4
lit. diligent and never slacking (idiom); continuous concentrated effort; assiduous (in study); to concentrate