pretty; winsome; to ask for sb's help; son-in-law (old)

strokes 10
strokes after radical 8
郭茂倩 郭茂倩 guo1 mao4 qian4
Guo Maoqian (11th-12th century), Song poetry collector, editor of Collection of yuefu lyric poems 樂府詩集|乐府诗集

欧阳予倩 歐陽予倩 ou1 yang2 yu2 qian4
Ouyang Yuqian (1889-1962), Chinese actor

倩碧 倩碧 qian4 bi4
Clinique (brand)

倩影 倩影 qian4 ying3
beautiful image of a woman

倩装 倩裝 qian4 zhuang1
elegant adornment; finely dressed up