surname Ni

(literary) small child; limit; bound; extremity; to differentiate; origin; cause

strokes 10
strokes after radical 8
俾倪 俾倪 bi3 ni2
parapet; to look askance

不可端倪 不可端倪 bu4 ke3 duan1 ni2
impossible to get even an outline (idiom); unfathomable; not a clue

狄俄倪索斯 狄俄倪索斯 di2 e2 ni2 suo3 si1
Dionysus, the god of wine in Greek mythology

端倪 端倪 duan1 ni2
boundary; clue; indication; to obtain clues; to infer

旄倪 旄倪 mao4 ni2
variant of 耄倪

耄倪 耄倪 mao4 ni2
old and young

倪桂珍 倪桂珍 ni2 gui4 zhen1
Ni Guizhen or Ni Kwei-Tseng (1869 - 1931), mother of Song Ailing 宋藹齡|宋蔼龄, Song Qingling 宋慶齡|宋庆龄 and Song Meiling 宋美齡|宋美龄

倪匡 倪匡 ni2 kuang1
Ni Kuang (1935-), Chinese novelist and screenwriter

倪嗣冲 倪嗣沖 ni2 si4 chong1
Ni Sichong (1868-1924), general closely linked to Yuan Shikai 袁世凱|袁世凯 during his unsuccessful 1915 bid for Empire

倪柝声 倪柝聲 ni2 tuo4 sheng1
Ni Tuosheng or Watchman Nee (1903-1972), influential Chinese Christian

熊倪 熊倪 xiong2 ni2
Xiong Ni (1974-), Chinese diving athlete

一窥端倪 一窺端倪 yi1 kui1 duan1 ni2
to infer easily; to guess at a glance; to get a clue