fake; false; artificial; to borrow; if; suppose

variant of 假; to borrow


strokes 11
strokes after radical 9
半真半假 半真半假 ban4 zhen1 ban4 jia3
(idiom) half true and half false

病假 病假 bing4 jia4
sick leave

病假条 病假條 bing4 jia4 tiao2
sick note; medical certificate for sick leave

不假思索 不假思索 bu4 jia3 si1 suo3
to act without taking time to think (idiom); to react instantly; to fire from the hip

不问就听不到假话 不問就聽不到假話 bu4 wen4 jiu4 ting1 bu4 dao4 jia3 hua4
Don't ask and you won't be told any lies. (idiom)

搀假 攙假 chan1 jia3
to dilute; to debase (by mixing with fake material)

掺假 摻假 chan1 jia3
to mix in fake material; to adulterate

产假 產假 chan3 jia4
maternity leave

长假 長假 chang2 jia4
long vacation; refers to one week national holiday in PRC starting 1st May and 1st Oct

春假 春假 chun1 jia4
spring break

打假 打假 da3 jia3
to fight counterfeiting; to expose as false; to denounce sb's lies

打假球 打假球 da3 jia3 qiu2
game-fixing; to fix games

带薪休假 帶薪休假 dai4 xin1 xiu1 jia4
paid leave

度假 度假 du4 jia4
to go on holidays; to spend one's vacation

渡假 渡假 du4 jia4
to go on holidays; to spend one's vacation (Tw)

度假区 度假區 du4 jia4 qu1
(vacation) resort

放假 放假 fang4 jia4
to have a holiday or vacation

公共假期 公共假期 gong1 gong4 jia4 qi1
public holiday

公假 公假 gong1 jia4
official leave from work (e.g. maternity leave, sick leave or leave to attend to official business)

工伤假 工傷假 gong1 shang1 jia4
injury leave

国定假日 國定假日 guo2 ding4 jia4 ri4
national holiday

国家旅游度假区 國家旅遊度假區 guo2 jia1 lv3 you2 du4 jia4 qu1
National Resort District (PRC)

寒假 寒假 han2 jia4
winter vacation

狐假虎威 狐假虎威 hu2 jia3 hu3 wei1
lit. the fox exploits the tiger's might (idiom); fig. to use powerful connections to intimidate people

皇冠假日酒店 皇冠假日酒店 huang2 guan1 jia4 ri4 jiu3 dian4
Crowne Plaza (hotel chain)

假案 假案 jia3 an4
fabricated legal case; frame-up

假扮 假扮 jia3 ban4
to impersonate; to act the part of sb; to disguise oneself as sb else

假报告 假報告 jia3 bao4 gao4
false report; forgery; fabricated declaration (e.g. income tax return)

假唱 假唱 jia3 chang4
to lip-sync (singing)

假钞 假鈔 jia3 chao1
counterfeit money; forged note

假充 假充 jia3 chong1
to pose as sb; to act a part; imposture

假慈悲 假慈悲 jia3 ci2 bei1
phoney mercy; sham benevolence; crocodile tears

假词叠词 假詞疊詞 jia3 ci2 die2 ci2

假大空 假大空 jia3 da4 kong1
empty words; bogus speech

假道 假道 jia3 dao4
via; by way of

假道伐虢 假道伐虢 jia3 dao4 fa2 guo2
to obtain safe passage to conquer the State of Guo; to borrow the resources of an ally to attack a common enemy (idiom)

假的 假的 jia3 de5
bogus; ersatz; fake; mock; phoney

假定 假定 jia3 ding4
to assume; to suppose; supposed; so-called; assumption; hypothesis

假动作 假動作 jia3 dong4 zuo4
fake move or pass (sports); feint

假而 假而 jia3 er2

假发 假髮 jia3 fa4

假分数 假分數 jia3 fen1 shu4
improper fraction (with numerator ≥ denominator, e.g. seven fifths); see also: proper fraction 真分數|真分数 and mixed number 帶分數|带分数

假否定句 假否定句 jia3 fou3 ding4 ju4
false negative

假高音 假高音 jia3 gao1 yin1
falsetto, same as 假聲|假声

假公济私 假公濟私 jia3 gong1 ji4 si1
official authority used for private interests (idiom); to attain private ends by abusing public position

假拱 假拱 jia3 gong3
blind arch; false arch

假话 假話 jia3 hua4
a lie; untrue statement; misstatement

假货 假貨 jia3 huo4
counterfeit article; fake; dummy; simulacrum

假假若是 假假若是 jia3 jia4 ruo4 shi4
if; supposing that...

假借 假借 jia3 jie4
to make use of; to use sth as pretext; under false pretenses; under the guise of; masquerading as; lenient; tolerant; loan character (one of the Six Methods 六書|六书 of forming Chinese characters); character acquiring meanings by phonetic association; also c

假借义 假借義 jia3 jie4 yi4
borrowed meaning

假借字 假借字 jia3 jie4 zi4
loan character (one of the Six Methods 六書|六书 of forming Chinese characters); character acquiring meanings by phonetic association; also called phonetic loan

假肯定句 假肯定句 jia3 ken3 ding4 ju4
false affirmative

假吏 假吏 jia3 li4
acting magistrate; temporary official (in former times)

假令 假令 jia3 ling4
if; supposing that; acting county magistrate

假冒 假冒 jia3 mao4
to impersonate; to pose as (someone else); to counterfeit; to palm off (a fake as a genuine)

假冒品 假冒品 jia3 mao4 pin3
counterfeit object; fake

假冒伪劣 假冒偽劣 jia3 mao4 wei3 lie4
cheap quality counterfeit (goods); low-quality commodities

假寐 假寐 jia3 mei4
to doze; to take a nap; nodding off to sleep

假面 假面 jia3 mian4

假面具 假面具 jia3 mian4 ju4
mask; fig. false façade; deceptive front

假面舞会 假面舞會 jia3 mian4 wu3 hui4
masked ball; masquerade

假名 假名 jia3 ming2
false name; pseudonym; alias; pen name; the Japanese kana scripts; hiragana 平假名 and katakana 片假名

假人 假人 jia3 ren2
dummy (for crash testing, displaying clothes etc)

假仁假义 假仁假義 jia3 ren2 jia3 yi4
hypocrisy; pretended righteousness

假人像 假人像 jia3 ren2 xiang4
an effigy

假如 假如 jia3 ru2

假若 假若 jia3 ruo4
if; supposing; in case

假嗓 假嗓 jia3 sang3
falsetto (in opera)

假嗓子 假嗓子 jia3 sang3 zi5
falsetto (in opera)

假山 假山 jia3 shan1
rock garden; rockery

假善人 假善人 jia3 shan4 ren2
false compassion; bogus charity

假设 假設 jia3 she4
to suppose; to presume; to assume; supposing that ...; if; hypothesis; conjecture

假设性 假設性 jia3 she4 xing4

假设语气 假設語氣 jia3 she4 yu3 qi4

假声 假聲 jia3 sheng1
falsetto; opposite: natural or true voice 真聲|真声

假使 假使 jia3 shi3
if; in case; suppose; given ...

假释 假釋 jia3 shi4

假手 假手 jia3 shou3
to use sb for one's own ends

假说 假說 jia3 shuo1

假死 假死 jia3 si3
suspended animation; feigned death; to play dead

假途灭虢 假途滅虢 jia3 tu2 mie4 guo2
lit. a short-cut to crush Guo (idiom); fig. to connive with sb to damage a third party, then turn on the partner

假腿 假腿 jia3 tui3
false leg

假托 假託 jia3 tuo1
to make sth up; also written 假托

假托 假托 jia3 tuo1
to pretend; to use a pretext; to make sth up; to pass oneself off as sb else; to make use of

假戏真唱 假戲真唱 jia3 xi4 zhen1 chang4
fiction comes true; play-acting that turns into reality

假想 假想 jia3 xiang3
imaginary; virtual; to imagine; hypothesis

假象 假象 jia3 xiang4
false appearance; facade

假象牙 假象牙 jia3 xiang4 ya2

假小子 假小子 jia3 xiao3 zi5

假惺惺 假惺惺 jia3 xing1 xing1
hypocritical; unctuous; insincerely courteous; to shed crocodile tears

假性 假性 jia3 xing4

假性近视 假性近視 jia3 xing4 jin4 shi4

假牙 假牙 jia3 ya2
false teeth; dentures

假眼 假眼 jia3 yan3
artificial eye; glass eye

假药 假藥 jia3 yao4
fake drugs

假一赔十 假一賠十 jia3 yi1 pei2 shi2
lit. if one is fake, I shall compensate you for ten of them; fig. (of goods) 100% genuine

假意 假意 jia3 yi4
hypocrisy; insincerity

假音 假音 jia3 yin1
falsetto, same as 假聲|假声

假芫茜 假芫茜 jia3 yuan2 qian4
Eryngium foetidum

假造 假造 jia3 zao4
to forge; fake; to fabricate (a story)

假招子 假招子 jia3 zhao1 zi5
to put on airs; to adopt a false attitude

假证 假證 jia3 zheng4
false testimony

假证件 假證件 jia3 zheng4 jian4
false documents

假正经 假正經 jia3 zheng4 jing1
demure; prudish; hypocritical

假肢 假肢 jia3 zhi1
artificial limb; prosthetic

假种皮 假種皮 jia3 zhong3 pi2
aril (botany)

假装 假裝 jia3 zhuang1
to feign; to pretend

假子 假子 jia3 zi3
adopted son; stepson

假作 假作 jia3 zuo4
to feign; to pretend

假座 假座 jia3 zuo4
to use as a venue (e.g. use {a restaurant} as the venue {for a farewell party})

假期 假期 jia4 qi1

假日 假日 jia4 ri4
holiday; non-working day

假条 假條 jia4 tiao2
leave permit; application for leave

节假日 節假日 jie2 jia4 ri4
public holiday

久假不归 久假不歸 jiu3 jia3 bu4 gui1
to fail to return a borrowed item

宽假 寬假 kuan1 jia3
to pardon; to excuse

例假 例假 li4 jia4
legal holiday; menstrual period

连续统假设 連續統假設 lian2 xu4 tong3 jia3 she4
(math.) the continuum hypothesis

蜜月假期 蜜月假期 mi4 yue4 jia4 qi1

年假 年假 nian2 jia4
annual leave; New Year holidays

弄假成真 弄假成真 nong4 jia3 cheng2 zhen1
pretense that turns into reality (idiom); to play at make-believe, but accidentally make it true

弄虚作假 弄虛作假 nong4 xu1 zuo4 jia3
to practice fraud (idiom); by trickery

批假 批假 pi1 jia4
to approve vacation

片假名 片假名 pian4 jia3 ming2
katakana (Japanese script)

平假名 平假名 ping2 jia3 ming2
hiragana (Japanese script)

普遍性假设 普遍性假設 pu3 bian4 xing4 jia3 she4
universal hypothesis

请假 請假 qing3 jia4
to request leave of absence

如假包换 如假包換 ru2 jia3 bao1 huan4
replacement guaranteed if not genuine; fig. authentic

丧假 喪假 sang1 jia4
funeral leave

生理假 生理假 sheng1 li3 jia4
menstrual leave (Tw)

事假 事假 shi4 jia4
leave of absence

收假 收假 shou1 jia4
(of holidays) to come to an end; end of a vacation

孰真孰假 孰真孰假 shu2 zhen1 shu2 jia3
what is true and what is fake

暑假 暑假 shu3 jia4
summer vacation

通假 通假 tong1 jia3
phonetic loan character; using one character interchangeably for phonetically related characters

通假字 通假字 tong1 jia3 zi4
phonetic loan character; using one character interchangeably for phonetically related characters

统假设 統假設 tong3 jia3 she4
hypothesis; conjecture

销假 銷假 xiao1 jia4
to report back after a period of absence

休假 休假 xiu1 jia4
to take a vacation; to go on holiday

虚假 虛假 xu1 jia3
false; phony; pretense

虚情假意 虛情假意 xu1 qing2 jia3 yi4
false friendship; hypocritical show of affection

虚无假设 虛無假設 xu1 wu2 jia3 she4
null hypothesis (statistics)

续假 續假 xu4 jia4
extended leave; prolonged absence

冤假错案 冤假錯案 yuan1 jia3 cuo4 an4
unjust, fake and false charges (in a legal case)

再活化假说 再活化假說 zai4 huo2 hua4 jia3 shuo1
reactivation hypothesis

造假 造假 zao4 jia3
to counterfeit; to pass off a fake as genuine

宅度假 宅度假 zhai2 du4 jia4
staycation; residential vacation

真假 真假 zhen1 jia3
genuine or fake; true or false

真假难辨 真假難辨 zhen1 jia3 nan2 bian4
hard to distinguish real from imitation

制假 製假 zhi4 jia3
to counterfeit; to manufacture counterfeit goods

作假 作假 zuo4 jia3
to counterfeit; to falsify; to cheat; to defraud; fraudulent; to behave affectedly