to lean; to slant; oblique; prejudiced; to deviate from average; to stray from the intended line; stubbornly; contrary to expectations; left-hand side of a split Chinese character, often the key or radical

strokes 11
strokes after radical 9
傲慢与偏见 傲慢與偏見 ao4 man4 yu3 pian1 jian4
Pride and prejudice, novel by Jane Austen 珍·奧斯汀|珍·奥斯汀

补偏救弊 補偏救弊 bu3 pian1 jiu4 bi4
to remedy defects and correct errors (idiom); to rectify past mistakes

不偏不倚 不偏不倚 bu4 pian1 bu4 yi3
even-handed; impartial; unbiased; exact; just

不偏极 不偏極 bu4 pian1 ji2
unpolarized (light)

不偏斜 不偏斜 bu4 pian1 xie2
not leaning to one side; impartial; even-handed

剑走偏锋 劍走偏鋒 jian4 zou3 pian1 feng1
Jian Zoupianfeng, pseudonym of prolific modern novelist

剑走偏锋 劍走偏鋒 jian4 zou3 pian1 feng1
the sword moves with side stroke (modern idiom); fig. unexpected winning move; unconventional gambit

纠偏 糾偏 jiu1 pian1
to correct an error

明知山有虎,偏向虎山行 明知山有虎,偏向虎山行 ming2 zhi1 shan1 you3 hu3 - pian1 xiang4 hu3 shan1 xing2
lit. to willfully go towards the mountain although knowing that it has tigers (idiom); fig. to take a risk despite knowing the dangers

偏爱 偏愛 pian1 ai4
to be partial towards sth; to favor; to prefer; preference; favorite

偏安 偏安 pian1 an1
content to hold a small part of the territory; fig. forced to relinquish the middle ground; forced to move away

偏才 偏才 pian1 cai2
talent in a particular area

偏差 偏差 pian1 cha1
bias; deviation

偏差距离 偏差距離 pian1 cha1 ju4 li2
offset distance

偏宠 偏寵 pian1 chong3
to favor; to prefer; to show favoritism

偏辞 偏辭 pian1 ci2
one-sided words; prejudice; flattery

偏待 偏待 pian1 dai4
to show favoritism against sb; to treat unfairly

偏宕 偏宕 pian1 dang4
extremely (stubborn, contrary, disobedient etc)

偏低 偏低 pian1 di1
to be on the low side; to be inadequate (e.g. of a salary)

偏殿 偏殿 pian1 dian4
side palace hall; side chamber

偏方 偏方 pian1 fang1
folk remedy; home remedy

偏房 偏房 pian1 fang2
side room; concubine

偏废 偏廢 pian1 fei4
to give unequal emphasis to; doing some things at the expense of others

偏锋 偏鋒 pian1 feng1
brush stroke to the side (calligraphy); fig. side stroke; lateral thinking

偏高 偏高 pian1 gao1
to be on the high side; to be unusually high

偏关 偏關 pian1 guan1
Pianguan county in Xinzhou 忻州, Shanxi

偏关县 偏關縣 pian1 guan1 xian4
Pianguan county in Xinzhou 忻州, Shanxi

偏光 偏光 pian1 guang1
polarized light

偏航 偏航 pian1 hang2
to diverge (from bearing, flight path etc); off course; to yaw

偏好 偏好 pian1 hao4
to prefer; to be partial to sth; preference

偏护 偏護 pian1 hu4
to protect a croney; to give unprincipled support

偏激 偏激 pian1 ji1
extreme (usu. of thoughts, speech, circumstances)

偏极 偏極 pian1 ji2
polarity; polarized (light)

偏极化 偏極化 pian1 ji2 hua4
polarization; polarized

偏极镜 偏極鏡 pian1 ji2 jing4
polarizing lens; polarizer

偏极滤光镜 偏極濾光鏡 pian1 ji2 lv4 guang1 jing4
polarizing filter

偏见 偏見 pian1 jian4

偏将 偏將 pian1 jiang4
deputy general

偏角 偏角 pian1 jiao3
angle of drift (navigation); deflection (from course); angle of divergence

偏科 偏科 pian1 ke1
to overemphasize some topic (at the expense of others); overdoing it; to go overboard

偏劳 偏勞 pian1 lao2
undue trouble; Thank you for having gone out of your way to help me.

偏离 偏離 pian1 li2
to deviate; to diverge; to wander

偏门 偏門 pian1 men2
side door; doing things by the side door (i.e. dishonestly)

偏旁 偏旁 pian1 pang2
component of a Chinese character (as the radical or the phonetic part)

偏僻 偏僻 pian1 pi4
remote; desolate; far from the city

偏偏 偏偏 pian1 pian1
(indicates that sth turns out just the opposite of what one would wish) unfortunately; as it happened; (indicates that sth is the opposite of what would be normal or reasonable) stubbornly; contrarily; against reason; (indicates that sb or a group is sing

偏颇 偏頗 pian1 po1
biased; partial

偏巧 偏巧 pian1 qiao3
by coincidence; it so happened that; fortunately; against expectation

偏三轮 偏三輪 pian1 san1 lun2
old-style cycle with lateral third wheel and passenger seat

偏三轮摩托车 偏三輪摩托車 pian1 san1 lun2 mo2 tuo1 che1
motorbike with sidecar

偏厦 偏廈 pian1 sha4
side annex; lean-to

偏师 偏師 pian1 shi1
military auxiliaries (archaic)

偏蚀 偏蝕 pian1 shi2
partial eclipse

偏食 偏食 pian1 shi2
partial to (some kinds of food, usu. unhealthy); having likes and dislikes; partial eclipse

偏私 偏私 pian1 si1
to practice favoritism

偏态 偏態 pian1 tai4
skewness (math)

偏瘫 偏癱 pian1 tan1
paralysis of one side of the body; hemiplegia

偏袒 偏袒 pian1 tan3
to bare one shoulder; (fig.) to side with; to discriminate in favor of

偏疼 偏疼 pian1 teng2
to favor a junior; to show favoritism to some juniors

偏题 偏題 pian1 ti2
obscure question; trick exam question; catch question

偏听偏信 偏聽偏信 pian1 ting1 pian1 xin4
selective listening; to hear what one wants to hear

偏头痛 偏頭痛 pian1 tou2 tong4

偏微分 偏微分 pian1 wei1 fen1
(math.) partial differential; (math.) partial derivative

偏微分方程 偏微分方程 pian1 wei1 fen1 fang1 cheng2
partial differential equation (PDE)

偏误 偏誤 pian1 wu4
bias (statistics)

偏析 偏析 pian1 xi1
segregation (metallurgy)

偏西 偏西 pian1 xi1
inclining to the west (e.g. of the sun after noon, indicating lateness of the day)

偏狭 偏狹 pian1 xia2
prejudiced; narrow-minded

偏向 偏向 pian1 xiang4
partial towards sth; to prefer; to incline; erroneous tendencies (Leftist or Revisionist deviation)

偏斜 偏斜 pian1 xie2
crooked; not upright; diverging from straight line; improper; dishonest

偏邪不正 偏邪不正 pian1 xie2 bu4 zheng4
biased; prejudiced (idiom)

偏心 偏心 pian1 xin1
partial; biased; prejudiced; eccentric

偏心矩 偏心矩 pian1 xin1 ju3
axis of eccentricity

偏心率 偏心率 pian1 xin1 lv4
(math.) eccentricity

偏心眼 偏心眼 pian1 xin1 yan3
bias; partiality; to be partial

偏压 偏壓 pian1 ya1
biasing (electronics); bias voltage

偏要 偏要 pian1 yao4
to insist on doing sth; must do it, despite everything

偏移 偏移 pian1 yi2
displacement; deviation; offset

偏倚 偏倚 pian1 yi3
to be partial; to favor

偏远 偏遠 pian1 yuan3
remote; far from civilization

偏振 偏振 pian1 zhen4
polarization (of waves)

偏振波 偏振波 pian1 zhen4 bo1
polarized wave

偏振光 偏振光 pian1 zhen4 guang1
polarization of light; polarized light

偏正式合成词 偏正式合成詞 pian1 zheng4 shi4 he2 cheng2 ci2
modified compound word

偏执 偏執 pian1 zhi2
prejudice; bigotry

偏执狂 偏執狂 pian1 zhi2 kuang2

偏执型 偏執型 pian1 zhi2 xing2
paranoid (psych.)

偏置 偏置 pian1 zhi4
offset; biasing (electronics); bias voltage

偏置电流 偏置電流 pian1 zhi4 dian4 liu2
bias current (electronics)

偏置电阻 偏置電阻 pian1 zhi4 dian4 zu3
bias impedance (electronics)

偏重 偏重 pian1 zhong4
to stress in a prejudiced way; to emphasize sth unduly

偏注 偏註 pian1 zhu4
to stress in a prejudiced way; to emphasize sth unduly

偏转 偏轉 pian1 zhuan3
deflection (physics); deviation (away from a straight line)

偏转角 偏轉角 pian1 zhuan3 jiao3
angle of drift (navigation); deflection (from course); angle of divergence

日偏食 日偏食 ri4 pian1 shi2
partial eclipse of the sun

私偏 私偏 si1 pian1
selfish preference

屋漏偏逢连夜雨 屋漏偏逢連夜雨 wu1 lou4 pian1 feng2 lian2 ye4 yu3
when it rains, it pours (idiom)

性偏好 性偏好 xing4 pian1 hao4
sexual preference

以偏概全 以偏概全 yi3 pian1 gai4 quan2
(lit.) to take a part for the whole; to generalize

月偏食 月偏食 yue4 pian1 shi2
partial eclipse of the moon