to do; to make; to produce; to write; to compose; to act as; to engage in; to hold (a party); to be; to become; to function (in some capacity); to serve as; to be used for; to form (a bond or relationship); to pretend; to feign; to act a part; to put on a

strokes 11
strokes after radical 9
白日做梦 白日做夢 bai2 ri4 zuo4 meng4
to daydream; to indulge in wishful thinking

比做 比做 bi3 zuo4
to liken to; to compare to

变做 變做 bian4 zuo4
to turn into

不做亏心事,不怕鬼敲门 不做虧心事,不怕鬼敲門 bu4 zuo4 kui1 xin1 shi4 - bu4 pa4 gui3 qiao1 men2
He who never wrongs others does not fear the knock in the night.; Rest with a clear conscience.

不做声 不做聲 bu4 zuo4 sheng1
keep silent; not say a word

称做 稱做 cheng1 zuo4
to be called; to be known as

承做 承做 cheng2 zuo4
to undertake; to take on (i.e. to accept a task)

重新做人 重新做人 chong2 xin1 zuo4 ren2
to start a new life; to make a fresh start

当做 當做 dang4 zuo4
to treat as; to regard as; to look upon as

定做 定做 ding4 zuo4
to have something made to order

订做 訂做 ding4 zuo4
to make to order; to have sth made to order

敢做敢当 敢做敢當 gan3 zuo4 gan3 dang1
daring to act and courageous enough to take responsibility for it; a true man has the courage to accept the consequences of his actions; the buck stops here

光说不做 光說不做 guang1 shuo1 bu4 zuo4
all talk and no action (idiom); to preach what one does not practice

好汉做事好汉当 好漢做事好漢當 hao3 han4 zuo4 shi4 hao3 han4 dang1
daring to act and courageous enough to take responsibility for it (idiom); a true man has the courage to accept the consequences of his actions; the buck stops here

好心倒做了驴肝肺 好心倒做了驢肝肺 hao3 xin1 dao4 zuo4 le5 lv2 gan1 fei1
lit. to mistake good intentions for a donkey's liver and lungs (idiom); fig. to mistake good intentions for ill intent

好吃懒做 好吃懶做 hao4 chi1 lan3 zuo4
happy to partake but not prepared to do any work (idiom); all take and no give

唤做 喚做 huan4 zuo4
to be called; to be referred to as

叫做 叫做 jiao4 zuo4
to be called; to be known as

看做 看做 kan4 zuo4
to regard as; to look upon as

力足以做 力足以做 li4 zu2 yi3 zuo4
afford; able to

明人不做暗事 明人不做暗事 ming2 ren2 bu4 zuo4 an4 shi4
The honest person does nothing underhand (idiom).; fig. Do what you want to do openly and without dissimulation.

宁做鸡头,不做凤尾 寧做雞頭,不做鳳尾 ning4 zuo4 ji1 tou2 - bu4 zuo4 feng4 wei3
lit. would rather be a chicken's head than a phoenix's tail (idiom); fig. to prefer to be a big fish in a small pond rather than a small fish in a big pond

凭本能做事 憑本能做事 ping2 ben3 neng2 zuo4 shi4
to follow one's nose

平生不做亏心事,半夜敲门心不惊 平生不做虧心事,半夜敲門心不驚 ping2 sheng1 bu4 zuo4 kui1 xin1 shi4 - ban4 ye4 qiao1 men2 xin1 bu4 jing1
He who never wrongs others does not fear the knock in the night.; Rest with a clear conscience.

生米做成熟饭 生米做成熟飯 sheng1 mi3 zuo4 cheng2 shu2 fan4
lit. the raw rice is now cooked (idiom); fig. it is done and can't be changed; It's too late to change anything now.; also written 生米煮成熟飯|生米煮成熟饭

事情要做 事情要做 shi4 qing2 yao4 zuo4
work that needs to be done; business that needs to be attended to

说到做到 說到做到 shuo1 dao4 zuo4 dao4
to be as good as one's word (idiom); to keep one's promise

说是一回事,而做又是另外一回事 說是一回事,而做又是另外一回事 shuo1 shi4 yi1 hui2 shi4 - er2 zuo4 you4 shi4 ling4 wai4 yi1 hui2 shi4
see 說是一回事,做又是另外一回事|说是一回事,做又是另外一回事

说是一回事,做又是另外一回事 說是一回事,做又是另外一回事 shuo1 shi4 yi1 hui2 shi4 - zuo4 you4 shi4 ling4 wai4 yi1 hui2 shi4
Saying is one thing, doing quite another (idiom)

无事可做 無事可做 wu2 shi4 ke3 zuo4
to have nothing to do; to have time on one's hands

无做作 無做作 wu2 zuo4 zuo5
unaffected (i.e. behaving naturally)

现做 現做 xian4 zuo4
to make (food) on the spot; freshly-made

小题大做 小題大做 xiao3 ti2 da4 zuo4
to make a big fuss over a minor issue (idiom)

一不做,二不休 一不做,二不休 yi1 bu4 zuo4 - er4 bu4 xiu1
don't do it, or don't rest (idiom); either give up, or go through to the end; Since we started, we must carry it through whatever happens.; in for a penny, in for a pound

在天愿做比翼鸟,在地愿做连理枝 在天願做比翼鳥,在地願做連理枝 zai4 tian1 yuan4 zuo4 bi3 yi4 niao3 - zai4 di4 yuan4 zuo4 lian2 li3 zhi1
In the sky to be two birds flying wing to wing, on earth to be two trees with branches intertwined; wishing for conjugal bliss

只说不做 只說不做 zhi3 shuo1 bu4 zuo4
to be all talk and no action

做爱 做愛 zuo4 ai4
to make love

做伴 做伴 zuo4 ban4
to keep sb company; to accompany

做伴儿 做伴兒 zuo4 ban4 er5
erhua variant of 做伴

做不到 做不到 zuo4 bu4 dao4

做菜 做菜 zuo4 cai4
to cook; cooking

做操 做操 zuo4 cao1
to do exercises; to do gymnastics

做出 做出 zuo4 chu1
to put out; to issue

做错 做錯 zuo4 cuo4
to make an error

做大 做大 zuo4 da4
arrogant; to put on airs; (business etc) to expand; to enlarge; to do sth on a big scale

做祷告 做禱告 zuo4 dao3 gao4
to pray

做到 做到 zuo4 dao4
to accomplish; to achieve

做掉 做掉 zuo4 diao4
to kill; to get rid of; (sports) to defeat; to eliminate

做东 做東 zuo4 dong1
to act as host

做法 做法 zuo4 fa3
way of handling sth; method for making; work method; recipe; practice

做饭 做飯 zuo4 fan4
to prepare a meal; to cook

做功 做功 zuo4 gong1
to act (in opera); stage business

做工 做工 zuo4 gong1
to work with one's hands; manual work; workmanship

做工夫 做工夫 zuo4 gong1 fu5
to practice (work skills)

做功夫 做功夫 zuo4 gong1 fu5
to practice (work skills)

做工作 做工作 zuo4 gong1 zuo4
to do one's work; to work on sb; to try to persuade sb

做官 做官 zuo4 guan1
to take an official post; to become a government employee

做广告宣传 做廣告宣傳 zuo4 guang3 gao4 xuan1 chuan2
to advertise; to make propaganda for sth

做鬼 做鬼 zuo4 gui3
to play tricks; to cheat; to get up to mischief; to become a ghost; to give up the ghost

做鬼脸 做鬼臉 zuo4 gui3 lian3
to pull a face; to grimace; to scowl

做好做歹 做好做歹 zuo4 hao3 zuo4 dai3
to persuade using all possible arguments (idiom); to act good cop and bad cop in turn

做活 做活 zuo4 huo2
to work for a living (esp. of woman needleworker); life of a group of stones in Go 圍棋|围棋

做活儿 做活兒 zuo4 huo2 er5
erhua variant of 做活

做鸡 做雞 zuo4 ji1
(slang) (of a woman) to work as a prostitute

做绝 做絕 zuo4 jue2
to go to extremes; to leave no room for maneuver

做客 做客 zuo4 ke4
to be a guest or visitor

做礼拜 做禮拜 zuo4 li3 bai4
to go to church on Sunday (of Christians)

做脸 做臉 zuo4 lian3
to win honor; to put on a stern face; to have a facial (beauty treatment)

做买卖 做買賣 zuo4 mai3 mai4
to buy and sell; to do business; to trade; to deal

做满月 做滿月 zuo4 man3 yue4
to celebrate a child reaching the age of one month

做媒 做媒 zuo4 mei2
to act as go-between (between prospective marriage partners etc)

做眉做眼 做眉做眼 zuo4 mei2 zuo4 yan3
to frown

做梦 做夢 zuo4 meng4
to dream; to have a dream; fig. illusion; fantasy; pipe dream

做牛做马 做牛做馬 zuo4 niu2 zuo4 ma3
lit. to work like an ox, to work like a horse; fig. to work extremely hard

做派 做派 zuo4 pai4
way of doing sth; behavior; to act in an affected manner; mannerism; gestures in opera

做亲 做親 zuo4 qin1
to become related by marriage; to marry

做球 做球 zuo4 qiu2
to set up a teammate (with an opportunity to score); to throw a game

做人 做人 zuo4 ren2
to conduct oneself; to behave with integrity

做人家 做人家 zuo4 ren2 jia1
thrifty; economical

做人情 做人情 zuo4 ren2 qing2
to do a favor to sb

做声 做聲 zuo4 sheng1
to speak; to emit sound

做生活 做生活 zuo4 sheng1 huo2
to work; to do manual labor

做生日 做生日 zuo4 sheng1 ri4
to celebrate a birthday; to give a birthday party

做生意 做生意 zuo4 sheng1 yi4
to do business

做事 做事 zuo4 shi4
to work; to handle matters; to have a job

做市商 做市商 zuo4 shi4 shang1
market maker

做手 做手 zuo4 shou3
to put one's hand to sth; to set about; skillful hands; worker; writer

做手脚 做手腳 zuo4 shou3 jiao3
to defraud; to rig up (a scam)

做寿 做壽 zuo4 shou4
to celebrate a birthday (of an elderly person)

做厅长 做廳長 zuo4 ting1 zhang3
(jocularly) to sleep on the couch; to sleep in the living room

做完 做完 zuo4 wan2
to finish; to complete the task

做为 做為 zuo4 wei2
to act as; used erroneously for 作為|作为

做文章 做文章 zuo4 wen2 zhang1
to make an issue of sth; to fuss; to make a song and dance

做戏 做戲 zuo4 xi4
to act in a play; to put on a play

做小 做小 zuo4 xiao3
to become a concubine

做小抄 做小抄 zuo4 xiao3 chao1
to prepare a crib sheet; to crib; to cheat by copying

做学问 做學問 zuo4 xue2 wen4
to study; to engage in scholarship

做鸭 做鴨 zuo4 ya1
(slang) (of a man) to work as a prostitute

做眼 做眼 zuo4 yan3
to work as spy; to act as a guide

做眼色 做眼色 zuo4 yan3 se4
to give sb a meaningful look

做一天和尚,撞一天钟 做一天和尚,撞一天鐘 zuo4 yi1 tian1 he2 shang5 - zhuang4 yi1 tian1 zhong1
as a monk for today, toll today's bell (idiom); to do one's job mechanically; to hold a position passively

做贼心虚 做賊心虛 zuo4 zei2 xin1 xu1
to feel guilty as a thief (idiom); to have sth on one's conscience

做张做势 做張做勢 zuo4 zhang1 zuo4 shi4
to put on an act (idiom); to pose; to show theatrical affectation; to indulge in histrionics

做张做智 做張做智 zuo4 zhang1 zuo4 zhi4
to put on an act (idiom); to pose; to show theatrical affectation; to indulge in histrionics

做张做致 做張做致 zuo4 zhang1 zuo4 zhi4
see 做張做智|做张做智

做针线 做針線 zuo4 zhen1 xian4
to do needlework

做主 做主 zuo4 zhu3
see 作主

做准备工作 做準備工作 zuo4 zhun3 bei4 gong1 zuo4
to make preparations

做自己 做自己 zuo4 zi4 ji3
to be oneself

做作 做作 zuo4 zuo5
affected; artificial