to stop; to halt; to park (a car)

strokes 11
strokes after radical 9
板门店停战村 板門店停戰村 ban3 men2 dian4 ting2 zhan4 cun1
Panmunjom village on the DMZ between North and South Korea

不停 不停 bu4 ting2

地方停车 地方停車 di4 fang5 ting2 che1
parking place

跌停板 跌停板 die1 ting2 ban3
daily lower limit on the price of a stock

顶风停止 頂風停止 ding3 feng1 ting2 zhi3
to lie to (facing the wind)

关停 關停 guan1 ting2
(of a power plant, refinery etc) to shut down

留职停薪 留職停薪 liu2 zhi2 ting2 xin1
leave of absence without pay (Tw)

马不停蹄 馬不停蹄 ma3 bu4 ting2 ti2
unrelenting; without stopping to rest

睡眠呼吸暂停 睡眠呼吸暫停 shui4 mian2 hu1 xi1 zan4 ting2
central sleep apnea (CSA)

调停 調停 tiao2 ting2
to reconcile; to mediate; to bring warring parties to agreement; to arbitrate

调停者 調停者 tiao2 ting2 zhe3
mediator; intermediary; go-between

停摆 停擺 ting2 bai3
(of a pendulum) to stop swinging; (of work, production, activities etc) to come to a halt; to be suspended; to be canceled; shutdown; (sports) lockout

停板制度 停板制度 ting2 ban3 zhi4 du4
system of circuit breakers; limit up, limit down system (finance)

停办 停辦 ting2 ban4
to shut down; to terminate; to cancel; to go out of business

停表 停表 ting2 biao3

停泊 停泊 ting2 bo2
to anchor; anchorage; mooring (of a ship)

停步 停步 ting2 bu4
to come to a stand; to stop

停产 停產 ting2 chan3
to stop production

停车 停車 ting2 che1
to pull up (stop one's vehicle); to park; (of a machine) to stop working; to stall

停车场 停車場 ting2 che1 chang3
parking lot; car park

停车计时器 停車計時器 ting2 che1 ji4 shi2 qi4
parking meter

停车库 停車庫 ting2 che1 ku4
car park

停车位置 停車位置 ting2 che1 wei4 zhi5
parking location; parking bay

停车站 停車站 ting2 che1 zhan4
bus stop

停当 停當 ting2 dang4
settled; accomplished; ready

停电 停電 ting2 dian4
power cut

停顿 停頓 ting2 dun4
to halt; to break off; pause (in speech)

停放 停放 ting2 fang4
to park (a car etc); to moor (a boat etc); to leave sth (in a place)

停俸 停俸 ting2 feng4
to suspend salary payments

停工 停工 ting2 gong1
to stop work; to shut down; to stop production

停航 停航 ting2 hang2
to stop running (of flight of shipping service); to suspend service (flight, sailing); to interrupt schedule

停火 停火 ting2 huo3
to cease fire; ceasefire

停火线 停火線 ting2 huo3 xian4
cease-fire line

停机 停機 ting2 ji1
(of a machine) to stop; to shut down; to park a plane; to finish shooting (a TV program etc); to suspend a phone line; (of a prepaid mobile phone) to be out of credit

停机坪 停機坪 ting2 ji1 ping2
aircraft parking ground; apron; tarmac (at airport)

停经 停經 ting2 jing1
to stop menstruating (as a result of pregnancy, menopause or medical condition etc)

停靠 停靠 ting2 kao4
to call at; to stop at; berth

停靠港 停靠港 ting2 kao4 gang3
port of call

停靠站 停靠站 ting2 kao4 zhan4
bus or tram stop; intermediate stop (on route of ship, plane etc); port of call; stopover

停课 停課 ting2 ke4
to stop classes; to close (of school)

停留 停留 ting2 liu2
to stay somewhere temporarily; to stop over

停盘 停盤 ting2 pan2
to suspend trading (stock market)

停尸房 停屍房 ting2 shi1 fang2

停食 停食 ting2 shi2
(of food) to retain in stomach due to indigestion (TCM)

停损单 停損單 ting2 sun3 dan1
stop order (finance)

停损点 停損點 ting2 sun3 dian3
see 止損點|止损点

停息 停息 ting2 xi1
to stop; to cease

停下 停下 ting2 xia4
to stop

停下来 停下來 ting2 xia4 lai2
to stop

停歇 停歇 ting2 xie1
to stop for a rest

停薪留职 停薪留職 ting2 xin1 liu2 zhi2
leave of absence without pay

停业 停業 ting2 ye4
to cease trading (temporarily or permanently); to close down

停用 停用 ting2 yong4
to stop using; to suspend; to discontinue; to disable

停战 停戰 ting2 zhan4
armistice; cease fire

停站 停站 ting2 zhan4
bus stop

停战日 停戰日 ting2 zhan4 ri4
Armistice Day

停职 停職 ting2 zhi2
to suspend (sb) from duties

停止 停止 ting2 zhi3
to stop; to halt; to cease

停滞 停滯 ting2 zhi4
stagnation; at a standstill; bogged down

停滞不前 停滯不前 ting2 zhi4 bu4 qian2
stuck and not moving forward (idiom); stagnant; in a rut; at a standstill

停住 停住 ting2 zhu4
to stop; to halt; to cease

消停 消停 xiao1 ting2
to calm down; to stop; to pause; calmly; peaceful; restful

消消停停 消消停停 xiao1 xiao1 ting2 ting2

悬停 懸停 xuan2 ting2
to hover (helicopter, computer mouse etc)

易蒙停 易蒙停 yi4 meng2 ting2
Imodium (drug brand name); loperamide (used to treat diarrhea)

暂停 暫停 zan4 ting2
to suspend; time-out (e.g. in sports); stoppage; pause (media player)

涨停板 漲停板 zhang3 ting2 ban3
daily upper limit on the price of a stock