to scout; to spy; to detect

strokes 11
strokes after radical 9
辐射侦察 輻射偵察 fu2 she4 zhen1 cha2
radiation detection

国侦局 國偵局 guo2 zhen1 ju2
abbr. for 美國國家偵察局|美国国家侦察局

立案侦查 立案偵查 li4 an4 zhen1 cha2
to file for investigation; to prosecute (a case)

美国国家侦察局 美國國家偵察局 mei3 guo2 guo2 jia1 zhen1 cha2 ju2
National Reconnaissance Office (of the United States)

气溶胶侦察仪 氣溶膠偵察儀 qi4 rong2 jiao1 zhen1 cha2 yi2
aerosol detector

特侦组 特偵組 te4 zhen1 zu3
special investigation team (Tw)

侦办 偵辦 zhen1 ban4
to investigate (a crime) and prosecute

侦测 偵測 zhen1 ce4
to detect; to sense

侦测器 偵測器 zhen1 ce4 qi4

侦察 偵察 zhen1 cha2
to investigate a crime; to scout; to reconnoiter; reconnaissance; detection; a scout

侦查 偵查 zhen1 cha2
to detect; to investigate

侦察兵 偵察兵 zhen1 cha2 bing1
a scout; spy

侦察机 偵察機 zhen1 cha2 ji1
surveillance aircraft; spy plane

侦察性 偵察性 zhen1 cha2 xing4

侦察员 偵察員 zhen1 cha2 yuan2
detective; investigator; scout; spy

侦毒管 偵毒管 zhen1 du2 guan3
detector tube

侦毒器 偵毒器 zhen1 du2 qi4
detection unit

侦缉 偵緝 zhen1 ji1
to track down; to investigate and arrest

侦破 偵破 zhen1 po4
to investigate (as detective); to solve (crime); to uncover (a plot); to sniff out; to break in and analyze; detective work; to scout

侦探 偵探 zhen1 tan4
detective; to do detective work

侦听 偵聽 zhen1 ting1
to eavesdrop; to tap (telephone conversations); to intercept and investigate

侦讯 偵訊 zhen1 xun4
to interrogate during investigation