accidental; image; pair; mate

strokes 11
strokes after radical 9
对偶 對偶 dui4 ou3
dual; duality; antithesis; coupled phrases (as rhetorical device); spouse

对偶多面体 對偶多面體 dui4 ou3 duo1 mian4 ti3
dual polyhedron

对偶性 對偶性 dui4 ou3 xing4
(math.) duality

夺偶 奪偶 duo2 ou3
to contend for a mate

奇偶 奇偶 ji1 ou3
parity; odd and even

奇偶性 奇偶性 ji1 ou3 xing4
parity (odd or even)

佳偶 佳偶 jia1 ou3
happily married couple

力偶 力偶 li4 ou3
moment of forces (mechanics)

木偶 木偶 mu4 ou3

木偶秀 木偶秀 mu4 ou3 xiu4
puppet show

偶而 偶而 ou3 er2
occasionally; once in a while

偶尔 偶爾 ou3 er3
occasionally; once in a while; sometimes

偶犯 偶犯 ou3 fan4
casual offender; casual offense

偶函数 偶函數 ou3 han2 shu4
even function (math.)

偶合 偶合 ou3 he2

偶极 偶極 ou3 ji2
dipole (e.g. magnetic dipole)

偶见 偶見 ou3 jian4
to happen upon; to see incidentally; occasional; accidental

偶联反应 偶聯反應 ou3 lian2 fan3 ying4
chain reaction (chemistry)

偶然 偶然 ou3 ran2
incidentally; occasional; occasionally; by chance; randomly

偶然事件 偶然事件 ou3 ran2 shi4 jian4
random accident; chance event

偶然性 偶然性 ou3 ran2 xing4
chance; fortuity; serendipity

偶人 偶人 ou3 ren2
idol (i.e. statue for worship)

偶数 偶數 ou3 shu4
even number

偶蹄 偶蹄 ou3 ti2
artiodactyl (zoology)

偶蹄类 偶蹄類 ou3 ti2 lei4
Artiodactyla (even-toed ungulates, such as pigs, cows, giraffes etc)

偶蹄目 偶蹄目 ou3 ti2 mu4
Artiodactyla (even-toed ungulates, such as pigs, cows, giraffes etc)

偶像 偶像 ou3 xiang4

偶像剧 偶像劇 ou3 xiang4 ju4
idol drama; drama series in which the actors are chosen for their preexisting popularity with young viewers

偶一 偶一 ou3 yi1
accidentally; once in a while; very occasionally

偶一为之 偶一為之 ou3 yi1 wei2 zhi1
to do sth once in a while (idiom); to do sth more as an exception than the rule

偶语弃市 偶語棄市 ou3 yu3 qi4 shi4
chance remarks can lead to public execution (idiom)

偶遇 偶遇 ou3 yu4
a chance encounter; to meet accidentally

排偶 排偶 pai2 ou3
parallel and antithesis (paired sentences as rhetoric device)

配偶 配偶 pei4 ou3
consort; mate; spouse

匹偶 匹偶 pi3 ou3
a married couple

骈偶文风 駢偶文風 pian2 ou3 wen2 feng1
early Tang literary style despised as shallow by the classicists

齐大非偶 齊大非偶 qi2 da4 fei1 ou3
too rich to be a good match (in marriage) (idiom)

热电偶 熱電偶 re4 dian4 ou3

人偶戏 人偶戲 ren2 ou3 xi4
puppet show

丧偶 喪偶 sang4 ou3
bereaved of one's spouse (literary)

提线木偶 提線木偶 ti2 xian4 mu4 ou3

桐木偶 桐木偶 tong2 mu4 ou3
puppet burial object; wooden effigy buried to put a curse on sb

玩偶 玩偶 wan2 ou3
toy figurine; action figure; stuffed animal; doll; (fig.) sb's plaything

玩偶之家 玩偶之家 wan2 ou3 zhi1 jia1
Doll's House (1879), drama by Ibsen 易卜生

无独有偶 無獨有偶 wu2 du2 you3 ou3
not alone but in pairs (idiom, usually derog.); not a unique occurrence; it's not the only case

怨偶 怨偶 yuan4 ou3
an unhappy couple (formal writing)

择偶 擇偶 ze2 ou3
to choose a spouse

杖头木偶 杖頭木偶 zhang4 tou2 mu4 ou3
zhangtou wooden rod puppetry