near; approaching; to depend on; (slang) to have an intimate relationship with sb; Taiwan pr. , ,

strokes 12
strokes after radical 10
傍边 傍邊 bang4 bian1
near; beside

傍大款 傍大款 bang4 da4 kuan3
to live off a rich man

傍黑 傍黑 bang4 hei1

傍户而立 傍戶而立 bang4 hu4 er2 li4
to stand close to the door

傍家儿 傍家兒 bang4 jia1 er5
lover; partner

傍近 傍近 bang4 jin4
to be close to

傍亮 傍亮 bang4 liang4
dawn; daybreak

傍柳随花 傍柳隨花 bang4 liu3 sui2 hua1

傍人篱壁 傍人籬壁 bang4 ren2 li2 bi4
to depend on others

傍人门户 傍人門戶 bang4 ren2 men2 hu4
to be dependent upon sb

傍晚 傍晚 bang4 wan3
in the evening; when night falls; towards evening; at night fall; at dusk

傍午 傍午 bang4 wu3
towards noon; around midday

胡诌乱傍 胡謅亂傍 hu2 zhou1 luan4 bang4
to talk random nonsense (idiom); to say whatever comes into one's head

偎傍 偎傍 wei1 bang4
to snuggle up to

依傍 依傍 yi1 bang4
to rely on; to depend on; to imitate (a model); to base a work (on some model)

依山傍水 依山傍水 yi1 shan1 bang4 shui3
mountains on one side and water on the other