to prepare; get ready; to provide or equip

strokes 12
strokes after radical 10
备案 備案 bei4 an4
to put on record; to file

备办 備辦 bei4 ban4
to provide (items for an event); to cater; to make preparations

备查 備查 bei4 cha2
for future reference

备尝辛苦 備嘗辛苦 bei4 chang2 xin1 ku3
to have suffered all kinds of hardships (idiom)

备抵 備抵 bei4 di3
an allowance; to allow for (a drop in value) (accountancy)

备而不用 備而不用 bei4 er2 bu4 yong4
have sth ready just in case; keep sth for possible future use

备份 備份 bei4 fen4

备耕 備耕 bei4 geng1
to make preparations for plowing and sowing

备荒 備荒 bei4 huang1
to prepare against natural disasters

备件 備件 bei4 jian4
spare parts

备考 備考 bei4 kao3
(an appendix, note etc) for reference

备课 備課 bei4 ke4
(of a teacher) to prepare lessons

备料 備料 bei4 liao4
to get the materials ready; to prepare feed (for livestock)

备品 備品 bei4 pin3
machine parts or tools kept in reserve; spare parts

备取 備取 bei4 qu3
to be on the waiting list (for admission to a school)

备受 備受 bei4 shou4
to fully experience (good or bad)

备胎 備胎 bei4 tai1
spare tire; (slang) fallback guy (or girl)

备妥 備妥 bei4 tuo3
to get sth ready

备忘录 備忘錄 bei4 wang4 lu4
memorandum; aide-memoire; memorandum book

备悉 備悉 bei4 xi1
to know all about; to be informed of all the details

备细 備細 bei4 xi4
details; particulars

备下 備下 bei4 xia4
to prepare; to arrange (sth to be offered)

备用 備用 bei4 yong4
reserve; spare; alternate; backup

备用二级头呼吸器 備用二級頭呼吸器 bei4 yong4 er4 ji2 tou2 hu1 xi1 qi4
backup regulator; octopus (diving)

备用环 備用環 bei4 yong4 huan2
backup ring

备战 備戰 bei4 zhan4
prepared against war; to prepare for war; warmongering

备至 備至 bei4 zhi4
to the utmost; in every possible way

备中 備中 bei4 zhong1

备注 備註 bei4 zhu4
remark; note

必备 必備 bi4 bei4

变换设备 變換設備 bian4 huan4 she4 bei4
converter; conversion device

不备 不備 bu4 bei4
unprepared; off guard

裁减军备 裁減軍備 cai2 jian3 jun1 bei4
arms reduction

乘人不备 乘人不備 cheng2 ren2 bu4 bei4
to take advantage of sb in an unguarded moment (idiom); to take sb by surprise

筹备 籌備 chou2 bei4
preparations; to get ready for sth

出其不意,攻其不备 出其不意,攻其不備 chu1 qi2 bu4 yi4 - gong1 qi2 bu4 bei4
to catch an enemy off guard with a surprise attack (idiom, from Sunzi's "The Art of War" 孫子兵法|孙子兵法)

储备 儲備 chu3 bei4
reserves; to store up

储备货币 儲備貨幣 chu3 bei4 huo4 bi4
reserve currency

储备金 儲備金 chu3 bei4 jin1
reserves (bank)

储备粮 儲備糧 chu3 bei4 liang2
grain reserves

传输设备 傳輸設備 chuan2 shu1 she4 bei4
transmission facility; transmission equipment

存款准备金 存款准備金 cun2 kuan3 zhun3 bei4 jin1
reserve requirement (finance)

存款准备金率 存款準備金率 cun2 kuan3 zhun3 bei4 jin1 lv4
deposit-reserve ratio

德才兼备 德才兼備 de2 cai2 jian1 bei4
having both integrity and talent (idiom)

俄备得 俄備得 e2 bei4 de2
Obed (son of Boaz and Ruth)

发行备忘录 發行備忘錄 fa1 xing2 bei4 wang4 lu4
offering memorandum (for public stock issue); publication memorandum

防备 防備 fang2 bei4
to guard against

废除军备 廢除軍備 fei4 chu2 jun1 bei4
to disarm

分巡兵备道 分巡兵備道 fen1 xun2 bing1 bei4 dao4
Qing Dynasty General Supervisory and Military Command

个人防护装备 個人防護裝備 ge4 ren2 fang2 hu4 zhuang1 bei4
individual protective equipment

攻其不备 攻其不備 gong1 qi2 bu4 bei4
see 出其不意,攻其不備|出其不意,攻其不备

攻其无备 攻其無備 gong1 qi2 wu2 bei4
see 出其不意,攻其不備|出其不意,攻其不备

关怀备至 關懷備至 guan1 huai2 bei4 zhi4
the utmost care (idiom); to look after sb in every possible way

核军备 核軍備 he2 jun1 bei4
nuclear arms

后备 後備 hou4 bei4
reserve; backup

后备军 後備軍 hou4 bei4 jun1

后备箱 後備箱 hou4 bei4 xiang1
trunk; boot (of a car)

化学武器储备 化學武器儲備 hua4 xue2 wu3 qi4 chu3 bei4
chemical weapons storage

兼备 兼備 jian1 bei4
have both

戒备 戒備 jie4 bei4
to take precautions; to guard against (emergency)

戒备森严 戒備森嚴 jie4 bei4 sen1 yan2

警备 警備 jing3 bei4
guard; garrison

警备区 警備區 jing3 bei4 qu1
garrison area; command

敬备 敬備 jing4 bei4
(humble expr.) prepare to offer humble hospitality; please accept my inadequate (food or drink)

具备 具備 ju4 bei4
to possess; to have; equipped with; able to fulfill (conditions or requirements)

军备 軍備 jun1 bei4
(military) arms; armaments

军备竞赛 軍備競賽 jun1 bei4 jing4 sai4
arms race; armament(s) race

聊备 聊備 liao2 bei4
to provide as expedient; to use temporarily as; to make shift

聊备一格 聊備一格 liao2 bei4 yi1 ge2
to use as a stopgap; to give perfunctory recognition; token; nominal

零备件 零備件 ling2 bei4 jian4
spare part; component

刘备 劉備 liu2 bei4
Liu Bei (161-223), warlord at the end of the Han dynasty and founder of the Han kingdom of Shu 蜀漢|蜀汉 (c. 200-263), later the Shu Han dynasty

旅行装备 旅行裝備 lv3 xing2 zhuang1 bei4
travel equipment; travel gear

美国联邦储备 美國聯邦儲備 mei3 guo2 lian2 bang1 chu3 bei4
US Federal Reserve (Fed), the US central bank

配备 配備 pei4 bei4
to allocate; to provide; to outfit with

齐备 齊備 qi2 bei4
all ready; available; complete

潜水装备拖轮箱 潛水裝備拖輪箱 qian2 shui3 zhuang1 bei4 tuo1 lun2 xiang1
diving bag; diving suitcase

求全责备 求全責備 qiu2 quan2 ze2 bei4
to demand perfection (idiom)

全无准备 全無準備 quan2 wu2 zhun3 bei4
completely unprepared

设备 設備 she4 bei4
equipment; facilities; installations

时刻准备 時刻準備 shi2 ke4 zhun3 bei4
ready at any moment

守备 守備 shou3 bei4
to garrison; to stand guard; on garrison duty

输入设备 輸入設備 shu1 ru4 she4 bei4
input device (computer)

外汇储备 外匯儲備 wai4 hui4 chu3 bei4
foreign-exchange reserves

完备 完備 wan2 bei4
faultless; complete; perfect; to leave nothing to be desired

完备性 完備性 wan2 bei4 xing4

万事皆备,只欠东风 萬事皆備,只欠東風 wan4 shi4 jie1 bei4 - zhi3 qian4 dong1 feng1
everything is ready, all we need is an east wind (idiom); lacking only one tiny crucial item; also written 萬事俱備,只欠東風|万事俱备,只欠东风

万事俱备,只欠东风 萬事俱備,只欠東風 wan4 shi4 ju4 bei4 - zhi3 qian4 dong1 feng1
lit. everything is ready, all we need is an east wind (idiom); fig. lacking only one tiny crucial item

网络设备 網絡設備 wang3 luo4 she4 bei4
network equipment

卫生设备 衛生設備 wei4 sheng1 she4 bei4
sanitary equipment

详备 詳備 xiang2 bei4

移动设备 移動設備 yi2 dong4 she4 bei4
mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc)

以备不测 以備不測 yi3 bei4 bu4 ce4
to be prepared for accidents

音频设备 音頻設備 yin1 pin2 she4 bei4
sound card; audio card (computer)

音响设备 音響設備 yin1 xiang3 she4 bei4
sound equipment; stereo

用户端设备 用戶端設備 yong4 hu4 duan1 she4 bei4
customer premise equipment; CPE

游戏设备 遊戲設備 you2 xi4 she4 bei4
gaming device; controller (for computer or console)

有备而来 有備而來 you3 bei4 er2 lai2
to come prepared

有备无患 有備無患 you3 bei4 wu2 huan4
Preparedness averts peril.; to be prepared, just in case (idiom)

预备 預備 yu4 bei4
to prepare; to make ready; preparation; preparatory

预备役军人 預備役軍人 yu4 bei4 yi4 jun1 ren2
reserve troops

预备知识 預備知識 yu4 bei4 zhi1 shi5
background knowledge; prerequisite

责备 責備 ze2 bei4
to blame; to criticize; condemnation; reproach

责备求全 責備求全 ze2 bei4 qiu2 quan2
see 求全責備|求全责备

战备 戰備 zhan4 bei4
war preparation

制备 製備 zhi4 bei4
to prepare; preparation (chemistry)

周备 周備 zhou1 bei4
thorough; carefully prepared

贮备 貯備 zhu4 bei4
to store

装备 裝備 zhuang1 bei4
equipment; to equip; to outfit

准备 準備 zhun3 bei4
preparation; to prepare; to intend; to be about to; reserve (fund)

准备好了 準備好了 zhun3 bei4 hao3 le5
to be ready

准备金 準備金 zhun3 bei4 jin1
reserve fund

资本储备 資本儲備 zi1 ben3 chu3 bei4
capital reserve

自备 自備 zi4 bei4
to provide one's own...; own; self-provided; self-contained

总装备部 總裝備部 zong3 zhuang1 bei4 bu4
General Armaments Department (GAD)

作好准备 作好準備 zuo4 hao3 zhun3 bei4
to prepare; to make adequate preparation

做准备工作 做準備工作 zuo4 zhun3 bei4 gong1 zuo4
to make preparations