to urge; to press; to prompt; to rush sb; to hasten sth; to expedite

strokes 13
strokes after radical 11
悲催 悲催 bei1 cui1
(Internet slang) miserable; pathetic; the pits

长江后浪催前浪 長江後浪催前浪 chang2 jiang1 hou4 lang4 cui1 qian2 lang4
see 長江後浪推前浪|长江后浪推前浪

催逼 催逼 cui1 bi1
to press (for a payment)

催膘 催膘 cui1 biao1
to feed livestock with highly nutritional food in order to fatten them up in a short time

催产 催產 cui1 chan3
to induce labor; to expedite childbirth

催促 催促 cui1 cu4
to urge

催肥 催肥 cui1 fei2
to fatten (animal before slaughter)

催肥剂 催肥劑 cui1 fei2 ji4
(animal) fattening preparation

催谷 催谷 cui1 gu3
to boost; to propel

催化 催化 cui1 hua4
catalysis; to catalyze (a reaction)

催化剂 催化劑 cui1 hua4 ji4

催化作用 催化作用 cui1 hua4 zuo4 yong4

催泪 催淚 cui1 lei4
to move to tears (of a story); tear-provoking (gas); lacrimogen

催泪大片 催淚大片 cui1 lei4 da4 pian4
tear-jerker (movie)

催泪弹 催淚彈 cui1 lei4 dan4
tear bomb; tear-gas grenade

催泪剂 催淚劑 cui1 lei4 ji4

催泪瓦斯 催淚瓦斯 cui1 lei4 wa3 si1
tear gas

催眠 催眠 cui1 mian2

催眠曲 催眠曲 cui1 mian2 qu3

催眠术 催眠術 cui1 mian2 shu4
hypnotism; hypnotherapy; mesmerism

催眠药 催眠藥 cui1 mian2 yao4
soporific drug

催眠状态 催眠狀態 cui1 mian2 zhuang4 tai4

催命 催命 cui1 ming4
to press sb to death; fig. to pressurize sb continually

催奶 催奶 cui1 nai3
to promote lactation; to stimulate lactation (e.g. with drug)

催情 催情 cui1 qing2
to promote estrus; to bring an animal to heat by artificial means

催乳 催乳 cui1 ru3
to promote lactation; to stimulate lactation (e.g. with drug)

催乳激素 催乳激素 cui1 ru3 ji1 su4

催生 催生 cui1 sheng1
to induce labor; to expedite childbirth

催生婆 催生婆 cui1 sheng1 po2
midwife who induces labor

催生素 催生素 cui1 sheng1 su4

催熟 催熟 cui1 shu2
to promote ripening of fruit

催讨 催討 cui1 tao3
to demand repayment of debt

催吐 催吐 cui1 tu4

催吐剂 催吐劑 cui1 tu4 ji4
an emetic

催芽 催芽 cui1 ya2
to promote germination

催证 催證 cui1 zheng4
to call for the issue of a letter of credit (international trade)

羯鼓催花 羯鼓催花 jie2 gu3 cui1 hua1
drumming to make apricots flower, cf joke by Tang Emperor Xuanzhong 唐玄宗, playing the drum in apricot blossom

三催四请 三催四請 san1 cui1 si4 qing3
to coax and plead

碎催 碎催 sui4 cui1

自我催眠 自我催眠 zi4 wo3 cui1 mian2