price; value; (chemistry) valence

great; good; middleman; servant

strokes 15
strokes after radical 13
按质定价 按質定價 an4 zhi4 ding4 jia4
to fix a price based on quality (idiom)

白菜价 白菜價 bai2 cai4 jia4
lit. cabbage price; low price

扳价 扳價 ban1 jia4
to raise price

半价 半價 ban4 jia4
half price

包价 包價 bao1 jia4
package; all-inclusive deal

包价旅游 包價旅遊 bao1 jia4 lv3 you2
package holiday

报价 報價 bao4 jia4
to quote a price; quoted price; quote

报价单 報價單 bao4 jia4 dan1
quotation; price list; written estimate of price

比价 比價 bi3 jia4
price relations; parity; rate of exchange

变价 變價 bian4 jia4
to appraise at the current rate

标价 標價 biao1 jia4
to mark the price; marked price

不变价格 不變價格 bu4 bian4 jia4 ge2
fixed price; constant price

不等价交换 不等價交換 bu4 deng3 jia4 jiao1 huan4
exchange of unequal values

不二价 不二價 bu4 er4 jia4
one price for all; fixed price

财产价值 財產價值 cai2 chan3 jia4 zhi2
property value

差价 差價 cha1 jia4
difference in price

成交价 成交價 cheng2 jiao1 jia4
sale price; negotiated price; price reached in an auction

承销价差 承銷價差 cheng2 xiao1 jia4 cha1
underwriting spread

重新评价 重新評價 chong2 xin1 ping2 jia4
a re-evaluation; to re-assess

出厂价 出廠價 chu1 chang3 jia4
invoice; factory price

出价 出價 chu1 jia4
to bid

创价学会 創價學會 chuang4 jia4 xue2 hui4
Soka Gakkai International

代价 代價 dai4 jia4
price; cost; consideration (in share dealing)

待价而沽 待價而沽 dai4 jia4 er2 gu1
to sell only for a good price (idiom); to wait for a good offer

单价 單價 dan1 jia4
price of item

到岸价 到岸價 dao4 an4 jia4
cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) (transportation)

等价 等價 deng3 jia4
equal; equal in value; equivalent

等价关系 等價關係 deng3 jia4 guan1 xi4
equivalence relation (math.)

低价 低價 di1 jia4
low price

地区差价 地區差價 di4 qu1 cha1 jia4
local differences in price; regional price variation

电价 電價 dian4 jia4
price of electricity

掉价 掉價 diao4 jia4
drop in price; devalued; to have one's status lowered

掉价儿 掉價兒 diao4 jia4 er5
erhua variant of 掉價|掉价

跌价 跌價 die1 jia4
to fall in price

定价 定價 ding4 jia4
to set a price; to fix a price

对价 對價 dui4 jia4
consideration (in exchange for shares); a quid pro quo

二价 二價 er4 jia4
negotiable price; (chemistry) divalent; bivalent

房价 房價 fang2 jia4
house price; cost of housing

高价 高價 gao1 jia4
high price

公允价值 公允價值 gong1 yun3 jia4 zhi2
fair value (accounting)

共价键 共價鍵 gong4 jia4 jian4
covalent bond (chemistry)

估价 估價 gu1 jia4
to value; to appraise; to be valued at; estimate; valuation

股价 股價 gu3 jia4
stock price; share price

官价 官價 guan1 jia4
official price

规定价格 規定價格 gui1 ding4 jia4 ge2
to fix the price

化合价 化合價 hua4 he2 jia4
valence (chemistry)

划价 劃價 hua4 jia4
to price (medical prescription)

还价 還價 huan2 jia4
to make a counteroffer when haggling; to bargain

谎价 謊價 huang3 jia4
inflated price; exorbitant price

汇价 匯價 hui4 jia4
exchange rate

货真价实 貨真價實 huo4 zhen1 jia4 shi2
genuine goods at fair prices

计价 計價 ji4 jia4
to valuate; valuation

计价器 計價器 ji4 jia4 qi4
fare meter; taximeter

加价 加價 jia1 jia4
to increase price

价层 價層 jia4 ceng2
valency shell (chemistry)

价电子 價電子 jia4 dian4 zi3
valency electron; outer shell of electrons

价格 價格 jia4 ge2

价格标签 價格標籤 jia4 ge2 biao1 qian1
price tag

价格表 價格表 jia4 ge2 biao3
price list

价键 價鍵 jia4 jian4
valence bond (chemistry)

价款 價款 jia4 kuan3

价廉物美 價廉物美 jia4 lian2 wu4 mei3
inexpensive and of good quality (idiom)

价码 價碼 jia4 ma3
price tag

价目 價目 jia4 mu4
(marked) price; tariff (in a restaurant etc)

价钱 價錢 jia4 qian5

价位 價位 jia4 wei4
price level

价原 價原 jia4 yuan2
Kagen or the Origin of Value by MIURA Baien 三浦梅園|三浦梅园, pioneering study of economics comparable to Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations 國富論|国富论

价值 價值 jia4 zhi2
value; worth; fig. values (ethical, cultural etc)

价值标准 價值標準 jia4 zhi2 biao1 zhun3
values; standards

价值工程 價值工程 jia4 zhi2 gong1 cheng2
value engineering

价值观 價值觀 jia4 zhi2 guan1
system of values

价值连城 價值連城 jia4 zhi2 lian2 cheng2
invaluable; priceless

价值量 價值量 jia4 zhi2 liang4
magnitude of value; labor value (in economics, the labor inherent in a commodity)

价值增殖 價值增殖 jia4 zhi2 zeng1 zhi2
adding value

减价 減價 jian3 jia4
to cut prices; to discount; to mark down; price cutting

鉴价 鑑價 jian4 jia4
to appraise; appraisal; valuation

讲价 講價 jiang3 jia4
to bargain (over price); to haggle

降价 降價 jiang4 jia4
to cut the price; to drive down the price; to get cheaper

交换价值 交換價值 jiao1 huan4 jia4 zhi2
exchange value

阶梯计价 階梯計價 jie1 ti1 ji4 jia4
volumetric pricing; tiered pricing; differential pricing

进价 進價 jin4 jia4
opening price

竞价 競價 jing4 jia4
price competition; bid (in an auction); to compete on price; to bid against sb

居民消费价格指数 居民消費價格指數 ju1 min2 xiao1 fei4 jia4 ge2 zhi3 shu4
consumer price index CPI

开价 開價 kai1 jia4
to quote a price; seller's first offer

侃价 侃價 kan3 jia4
to bargain; to haggle with a peddlar

砍价 砍價 kan3 jia4
to bargain; to cut or beat down a price

落价 落價 lao4 jia4
(coll.) to fall or drop in price; to go down in price

离岸价 離岸價 li2 an4 jia4
free on board (FOB) (transportation)

廉价 廉價 lian2 jia4
cheaply-priced; low-cost

六价 六價 liu4 jia4

买价 買價 mai3 jia4
buying price

卖价 賣價 mai4 jia4
selling price

漫天要价 漫天要價 man4 tian1 yao4 jia4
to ask for sky-high prices

每端口价格 每端口價格 mei3 duan1 kou3 jia4 ge2
price per port

每日限价 每日限價 mei3 ri4 xian4 jia4
limit on daily price variation

名义价值 名義價值 ming2 yi4 jia4 zhi2
nominal value

牌价 牌價 pai2 jia4
list price

配价 配價 pei4 jia4
(linguistics) valence; valency

批发价 批發價 pi1 fa1 jia4
wholesale price

批价 批價 pi1 jia4
wholesale price; to settle an account; to pay a bill

票价 票價 piao4 jia4
ticket price; fare; admission fee

平价 平價 ping2 jia4
reasonably priced; inexpensive; to keep prices down; (currency exchange) parity

评价 評價 ping2 jia4
to evaluate; to assess

评价分类 評價分類 ping2 jia4 fen1 lei4
rank, classify

起价 起價 qi3 jia4
initial price (e.g. for the first kilometer); prices starting from

三价 三價 san1 jia4

杀价 殺價 sha1 jia4
to beat down the price; to haggle; to slash one's prices

商品价值 商品價值 shang1 pin3 jia4 zhi2
commodity value

上海证券交易所综合股价指 上海證券交易所綜合股價指 shang4 hai3 zheng4 quan4 jiao1 yi4 suo3 zong1 he2 gu3 jia4 zhi3
Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) Composite Index

身价 身價 shen1 jia4
social status; price of a slave; price of a person (a sportsman etc); worth; value (of stocks, valuables etc)

声价 聲價 sheng1 jia4

剩余价值 剩餘價值 sheng4 yu2 jia4 zhi2
surplus value

时价 時價 shi2 jia4
current price

实用价值 實用價值 shi2 yong4 jia4 zhi2
practical value

使用价值 使用價值 shi3 yong4 jia4 zhi2
usable value

市场价 市場價 shi4 chang3 jia4
market price

市价 市價 shi4 jia4
market value

收盘价 收盤價 shou1 pan2 jia4
closing price (of share, commodity etc)

售价 售價 shou4 jia4
selling price

赎价 贖價 shu2 jia4
price paid to redeem an object; (religion) price paid to redeem sb; ransom

索价 索價 suo3 jia4
to ask a price; to charge; asking price

谈价 談價 tan2 jia4
to negotiate (prices); to haggle

讨价还价 討價還價 tao3 jia4 huan2 jia4
to haggle over price

特价 特價 te4 jia4
special price

特价菜 特價菜 te4 jia4 cai4
restaurant special; daily special

提价 提價 ti2 jia4
to raise the price

天价 天價 tian1 jia4
extremely expensive; sky-high price

调价 調價 tiao2 jia4
to raise or lower the price; price adjustment

跳价 跳價 tiao4 jia4
price jump

危害评价 危害評價 wei1 hai4 ping2 jia4
hazard assessment

稳定物价 穩定物價 wen3 ding4 wu4 jia4
stable prices; commodity prices fixed by government (in a command economy); to valorize (a commodity)

无价 無價 wu2 jia4
invaluable; priceless

无价珍珠 無價珍珠 wu2 jia4 zhen1 zhu1
Pearl of Great Price (Mormonism)

无价之宝 無價之寶 wu2 jia4 zhi1 bao3
priceless treasure

物价 物價 wu4 jia4
(commodity) prices

物价指数 物價指數 wu4 jia4 zhi3 shu4
price index

物美价廉 物美價廉 wu4 mei3 jia4 lian2
good quality and cheap; a bargain

现货价 現貨價 xian4 huo4 jia4
price of actuals

限价 限價 xian4 jia4
limit on price

消费价格指数 消費價格指數 xiao1 fei4 jia4 ge2 zhi3 shu4
consumer price index CPI

效价 效價 xiao4 jia4
potency; titer (measure of effective concentration in virology or chemical pathology, defined in terms of potency after dilution by titration); valence (perceived value in psychology); valency

效价能 效價能 xiao4 jia4 neng2
potency; titer (measure of effective concentration in virology or chemical pathology, defined in terms of potency after dilution by titration)

性价比 性價比 xing4 jia4 bi3
quality-price ratio

削价 削價 xue1 jia4
to cut down the price

询价 詢價 xun2 jia4
quotation request; price inquiry; price check

压价 壓價 ya1 jia4
to depress prices

要价 要價 yao4 jia4
asking price; to ask a price; to demand terms (in negotiations)

药用价值 藥用價值 yao4 yong4 jia4 zhi2
medicinal value

一价 一價 yi1 jia4
monovalent (chemistry)

议价 議價 yi4 jia4
to bargain; to negotiate a price

油价 油價 you2 jia4
oil (petroleum) price

有价证券 有價證券 you3 jia4 zheng4 quan4
securities; collateral (for loan)

有价值 有價值 you3 jia4 zhi2

运价 運價 yun4 jia4
fare; transport cost

造价 造價 zao4 jia4
construction cost

涨价 漲價 zhang3 jia4
to appreciate (in value); to increase in price

震天价响 震天價響 zhen4 tian1 ga5 xiang3
an earth-shaking noise (idiom)

重价 重價 zhong4 jia4
high price

专家评价 專家評價 zhuan1 jia1 ping2 jia4
expert evaluation

资产价值 資產價值 zi1 chan3 jia4 zhi2
value of assets

总价 總價 zong3 jia4
total price

租价 租價 zu1 jia4
rent price