biased; low; rustic; secluded

strokes 15
strokes after radical 13
孤僻 孤僻 gu1 pi4
antisocial; reclusive; eccentric

乖僻 乖僻 guai1 pi4
peculiar; eccentric

怪僻 怪僻 guai4 pi4
eccentric; peculiar

荒僻 荒僻 huang1 pi4
desolate; deserted; out-of-the-way

冷僻 冷僻 leng3 pi4
out-of-the-way; deserted; unfamiliar; obscure

僻地 僻地 pi4 di4
the sticks; the boondocks

僻静 僻靜 pi4 jing4
lonely; secluded

僻远 僻遠 pi4 yuan3
remote and faraway

偏僻 偏僻 pian1 pi4
remote; desolate; far from the city

穷乡僻壤 窮鄉僻壤 qiong2 xiang1 pi4 rang3
a remote and desolate place

生僻 生僻 sheng1 pi4
unfamiliar; rarely seen

乡僻 鄉僻 xiang1 pi4
far from town; out-of-the-way place

幽僻 幽僻 you1 pi4
secluded; quiet and remote; obscure and faraway