bench; stool

variant of 凳

strokes 14
strokes after radical 12
矮凳 矮凳 ai3 deng4
low stool

板凳 板凳 ban3 deng4
wooden bench or stool

长凳 長凳 chang2 deng4
pew; bench

春凳 春凳 chun1 deng4
(old) wooden bench

凳子 凳子 deng4 zi5
stool; small seat

脚凳 腳凳 jiao3 deng4

三角凳 三角凳 san1 jiao3 deng4
three-legged stool

条凳 條凳 tiao2 deng4

兀凳 兀凳 wu4 deng4
Chinese-style low stool

椅凳 椅凳 yi3 deng4
bench; chairs and stools

桌椅板凳 桌椅板凳 zhuo1 yi3 ban3 deng4
chairs and tables; household furniture

坐冷板凳 坐冷板凳 zuo4 leng3 ban3 deng4
to hold an inconsequential job; to receive a cold reception; to be kept waiting for an assignment or audience; to be out in the cold; to be sidelined; to warm the bench; to cool one's heels