surname Xing

punishment; penalty; sentence; torture; corporal punishment

strokes 6
strokes after radical 4
膑刑 臏刑 bin4 xing2
removal of the kneecaps (punishment)

笞刑 笞刑 chi1 xing2
whipping with bamboo strips (as corporal punishment)

处刑 處刑 chu3 xing2
to sentence; to condemn

电刑 電刑 dian4 xing2
to torture sb using electricity; electrocution (capital punishment)

定刑 定刑 ding4 xing2
to sentence (a criminal)

反酷刑折磨公约 反酷刑折磨公約 fan3 ku4 xing2 zhe2 mo2 gong1 yue1
UN convention against torture and cruel treatment (ratified by PRC in 1988)

服刑 服刑 fu2 xing2
to serve a prison sentence

腐刑 腐刑 fu3 xing2
castration (a form of punishment during the Han period)

宫刑 宮刑 gong1 xing2
castration (archaic punishment)

国际刑警组织 國際刑警組織 guo2 ji4 xing2 jing3 zu3 zhi1
Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization)

国际刑事警察组织 國際刑事警察組織 guo2 ji4 xing2 shi4 jing3 cha2 zu3 zhi1
International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol)

缓刑 緩刑 huan3 xing2
suspended sentence; probation

火刑 火刑 huo3 xing2
execution by fire; burning at the stake

获刑 穫刑 huo4 xing2
to be punished

获刑 獲刑 huo4 xing2
to be punished

极刑 極刑 ji2 xing2
supreme penalty; execution

减刑 減刑 jian3 xing2
to reduce penalty; shortened or commuted (judicial) sentence

绞刑 絞刑 jiao3 xing2
to execute by hanging

绞刑架 絞刑架 jiao3 xing2 jia4
gibbet; hanging post

苦刑 苦刑 ku3 xing2
torture; corporal punishment (traditionally involving mutilation or amputation)

酷刑 酷刑 ku4 xing2
cruelty; torture

酷刑折磨 酷刑折磨 ku4 xing2 zhe2 mo2
torture and cruel treatment

滥刑 濫刑 lan4 xing2
indiscriminate punishment

量刑 量刑 liang4 xing2
to assess punishment; to determine the sentence (on a criminal)

临刑 臨刑 lin2 xing2
facing execution

流刑 流刑 liu2 xing2
exile (as form of punishment)

墨刑 墨刑 mo4 xing2
corporal punishment consisting of carving and inking characters on the victim's forehead

欧洲刑警组织 歐洲刑警組織 ou1 zhou1 xing2 jing3 zu3 zhi1
Europol (European Police Office)

判刑 判刑 pan4 xing2
to sentence (to prison etc)

肉刑 肉刑 rou4 xing2
corporal punishment (such as castration or amputation)

石刑 石刑 shi2 xing2
stoning (execution method)

十字架刑 十字架刑 shi2 zi4 jia4 xing2

受刑 受刑 shou4 xing2
beaten; tortured; executed

受刑人 受刑人 shou4 xing2 ren2
person being executed; victim of corporal punishment; person serving a sentence

水刑 水刑 shui3 xing2
water-boarding (torture)

水刑逼供 水刑逼供 shui3 xing2 bi1 gong4
water-boarding, interrogation technique used by CIA

死刑 死刑 si3 xing2
death penalty

死刑缓期执行 死刑緩期執行 si3 xing2 huan3 qi1 zhi2 xing2
deferred death sentence; abbr. to 死緩|死缓

体刑 體刑 ti3 xing2
corporal punishment

徒刑 徒刑 tu2 xing2
prison sentence

无期徒刑 無期徒刑 wu2 qi1 tu2 xing2
life imprisonment

五刑 五刑 wu3 xing2
imperial five punishments of feudal China, up to Han times: tattooing characters on the forehead 墨, cutting off the nose 劓, amputation of one or both feet 刖, castration 宮|宫, execution 大辟; Han dynasty onwards: whipping 笞, beating the legs and buttocks with

刑案 刑案 xing2 an4
criminal case

刑部 刑部 xing2 bu4
Ministry of Justice (in imperial China)

刑场 刑場 xing2 chang3
execution ground; gallows; scaffold

刑舂 刑舂 xing2 chong1
to be forced to grind grain as a punishment (old)

刑罚 刑罰 xing2 fa2
sentence; penalty; punishment

刑法 刑法 xing2 fa3
criminal law

刑房 刑房 xing2 fang2
office of punishment; torture chamber (esp. unofficial)

刑警 刑警 xing2 jing3
abbr. for 刑事警察; criminal police

刑拘 刑拘 xing2 ju1
to detain as criminal; criminal detention; abbr. for 刑事拘留

刑具 刑具 xing2 ju4
punishment equipment; torture instrument

刑戮 刑戮 xing2 lu4
executed; to suffer corporal punishment or execution

刑律 刑律 xing2 lv4
criminal law

刑满 刑滿 xing2 man3
to complete a prison sentence

刑名 刑名 xing2 ming2
criminal law (abbr. for pre-Han legalist school 刑名之学); name of crime

刑名之学 刑名之學 xing2 ming2 zhi1 xue2
criminal law, pre-Han legalist school

刑期 刑期 xing2 qi1
prison term

刑求 刑求 xing2 qiu2
to extort confession by torture

刑人 刑人 xing2 ren2
criminal to be executed; to execute a criminal

刑辱 刑辱 xing2 ru3
to humiliate and torture; to suffer mutilation and humiliation

刑事 刑事 xing2 shi4
criminal; penal

刑事法庭 刑事法庭 xing2 shi4 fa3 ting2
criminal court

刑事法院 刑事法院 xing2 shi4 fa3 yuan4
criminal court; judiciary court

刑事犯 刑事犯 xing2 shi4 fan4
a criminal

刑事警察 刑事警察 xing2 shi4 jing3 cha2
criminal police; member of the criminal police

刑事警察局 刑事警察局 xing2 shi4 jing3 cha2 ju2
Criminal Investigation Bureau

刑事拘留 刑事拘留 xing2 shi4 ju1 liu2
to detain as criminal; criminal detention

刑事局 刑事局 xing2 shi4 ju2
Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB)

刑事审判庭 刑事審判庭 xing2 shi4 shen3 pan4 ting2
criminal court

刑事诉讼法 刑事訴訟法 xing2 shi4 su4 song4 fa3
criminal procedure

刑诉法 刑訴法 xing2 su4 fa3
criminal procedure; abbr. for 刑事訴訟法|刑事诉讼法

刑堂 刑堂 xing2 tang2
torture chamber

刑天 刑天 xing2 tian1
Xingtian, headless giant hero of Chinese mythology decapitated by the Yellow Emperor 黃帝|黄帝

刑庭 刑庭 xing2 ting2
criminal court; abbr. for 刑事法庭

刑网 刑網 xing2 wang3
legal net; the long arm of the law

行刑 行刑 xing2 xing2
to carry out a (death) sentence; execution

行刑队 行刑隊 xing2 xing2 dui4
firing squad

刑讯 刑訊 xing2 xun4
interrogation under torture; inquisition

严刑 嚴刑 yan2 xing2
strict law; cruel punishment; to carry out cruel law rigorously

严刑拷打 嚴刑拷打 yan2 xing2 kao3 da3
torture; interrogation by torture

有期徒刑 有期徒刑 you3 qi1 tu2 xing2
limited term of imprisonment (i.e. anything less than life imprisonment)

拶刑 拶刑 zan3 xing2
squeezing the fingers between sticks (old form of torture)

杖刑 杖刑 zhang4 xing2
beating with wooden staves (as corporal punishment)

自由刑 自由刑 zi4 you2 xing2
(law) deprivation of freedom