to scrape the meat from bones; to pick (teeth etc); to weed out

strokes 10
strokes after radical 8
玲珑剔透 玲瓏剔透 ling2 long2 ti1 tou4
exquisitely made; very clever

剔除 剔除 ti1 chu2
to reject; to discard; to get rid of

剔透 剔透 ti1 tou4
pure and limpid; (of a person) quick-witted

剔牙 剔牙 ti1 ya2
to pick one's teeth

挑毛剔刺 挑毛剔刺 tiao1 mao2 ti1 ci4
to find fault; to carp; nitpicking

挑毛剔刺儿 挑毛剔刺兒 tiao1 mao2 ti1 ci4 er5
erhua variant of 挑毛剔刺

挑剔 挑剔 tiao1 ti5
picky; fussy