to remain; to be left; to have as remainder

strokes 12
strokes after radical 10
残茶剩饭 殘茶剩飯 can2 cha2 sheng4 fan4
spoilt tea, leftover food (idiom); remains after a meal; crumbs from the feast

残羹剩饭 殘羹剩飯 can2 geng1 sheng4 fan4
leftovers from a meal; fig. remnants handed down from others

超新星剩余 超新星剩餘 chao1 xin1 xing1 sheng4 yu2
supernova residue (a type of nebula)

过剩 過剩 guo4 sheng4
surplus; excess

剩菜 剩菜 sheng4 cai4
leftovers (food)

剩磁 剩磁 sheng4 ci2
residual magnetism

剩饭 剩飯 sheng4 fan4
leftover food

剩女 剩女 sheng4 nv3
"leftover woman" (successful career woman who has remained single)

剩钱 剩錢 sheng4 qian2
to have money left; remaining money

剩下 剩下 sheng4 xia4
to remain; left over

剩余 剩餘 sheng4 yu2
remainder; surplus

剩余定理 剩餘定理 sheng4 yu2 ding4 li3
the Remainder Theorem

剩余放射性 剩餘放射性 sheng4 yu2 fang4 she4 xing4
residual radioactivity

剩余辐射 剩餘輻射 sheng4 yu2 fu2 she4
residual radiation

剩余价值 剩餘價值 sheng4 yu2 jia4 zhi2
surplus value

所剩无几 所剩無幾 suo3 sheng4 wu2 ji3
there is not much left

余剩 餘剩 yu2 sheng4
surplus; remainder

中国剩余定理 中國剩餘定理 zhong1 guo2 sheng4 yu2 ding4 li3
Chinese remainder theorem (math.)