variant of 卒

soldier; servant; to finish; to die; finally; at last; pawn in Chinese chess

variant of 猝

strokes 8
strokes after radical 6
暴卒 暴卒 bao4 zu2
die of sudden illness; die suddenly

兵卒 兵卒 bing1 zu2
soldiers; troops

仓卒 倉卒 cang1 cu4
variant of 倉促|仓促

匆卒 匆卒 cong1 cu4
old variant of 匆猝

卒中 卒中 cu4 zhong4
stroke; cerebral hemorrhage

贩夫走卒 販夫走卒 fan4 fu1 zou3 zu2
lit. peddlers and carriers; common people; lower class

更卒 更卒 geng1 zu2
soldier (serving alternate watch)

劲卒 勁卒 jing4 zu2
elite soldiers; a crack force

马前卒 馬前卒 ma3 qian2 zu2
lackey; errand boy; lit. runner before a carriage

脑卒中 腦卒中 nao3 cu4 zhong4
stroke; cerebral hemorrhage

身先士卒 身先士卒 shen1 xian1 shi4 zu2
to fight at the head of one's troops; (fig.) to take the lead

生卒年 生卒年 sheng1 zu2 nian2
dates of birth and death (of historical figure)

生卒年月 生卒年月 sheng1 zu2 nian2 yue4
dates of birth and death (of historical figure)

士卒 士卒 shi4 zu2
soldier; private (army)

戍卒 戍卒 shu4 zu2
garrison soldier

为德不卒 為德不卒 wei2 de2 bu4 zu2
to start on virtue but give up (idiom); to fail to carry things through; lack of sticking power; short attention span

无名小卒 無名小卒 wu2 ming2 xiao3 zu2
insignificant soldier (idiom); a nobody; nonentity

小卒 小卒 xiao3 zu2
foot soldier; minor figure; a nobody; (chess) pawn

郁卒 鬱卒 yu4 zu2
depressed and frustrated (Taiwanese)

狱卒 獄卒 yu4 zu2
jailer (old)

走卒 走卒 zou3 zu2
pawn (i.e. foot soldier); servant; lackey (of malefactor)

卒业 卒業 zu2 ye4
to complete a course of study (old); to graduate