thick; deep or profound; kind; generous; rich or strong in flavor; to favor; to stress

strokes 9
strokes after radical 7
卑辞厚币 卑辭厚幣 bei1 ci2 hou4 bi4
humble expression for generous donation

卑辞厚礼 卑辭厚禮 bei1 ci2 hou4 li3
humble expression for generous gift

变厚 變厚 bian4 hou4
to thicken

薄厚 薄厚 bo2 hou4
meanness and generosity; intimacy and alienation

薄养厚葬 薄養厚葬 bo2 yang3 hou4 zang4
to neglect one's parents but give them a rich funeral; hypocrisy in arranging a lavish funeral after treating one's parents meanly

不知天高地厚 不知天高地厚 bu4 zhi1 tian1 gao1 di4 hou4
not to know the immensity of heaven and earth; an exaggerated opinion of one's own abilities

陈厚 陳厚 chen2 hou4
Peter Chen Ho (1931-1970), Chinese actor

醇厚 醇厚 chun2 hou4
mellow and rich; simple and kind

淳厚 淳厚 chun2 hou4
pure and honest; simple and kind

得天独厚 得天獨厚 de2 tian1 du2 hou4
blessed by heaven (idiom); enjoying exceptional advantages; favored by nature

笃厚 篤厚 du3 hou4
honest and generous; magnanimous

敦厚 敦厚 dun1 hou4
genuine; honest and sincere

肥厚 肥厚 fei2 hou4
plump; fleshy; fertile

丰厚 豐厚 feng1 hou4
generous; ample

高官厚禄 高官厚祿 gao1 guan1 hou4 lu4
high post and generous salary (idiom); promotion to a high official position

高薪厚禄 高薪厚祿 gao1 xin1 hou4 lu4
high salary, generous remuneration

骨肥厚 骨肥厚 gu3 fei2 hou4
hyperostosis (abnormal thickening of bone)

憨厚 憨厚 han1 hou5
simple and honest; straightforward

何厚铧 何厚鏵 he2 hou4 hua2
He Houhua (1955-), Macau financier and politician, first magistrate from 1999

厚薄 厚薄 hou4 bao2
thickness; also pr.

厚报 厚報 hou4 bao4
generous reward

厚薄 厚薄 hou4 bo2
to favor one and discriminate against the other (abbr. for 厚此薄彼)

厚此薄彼 厚此薄彼 hou4 ci3 bo2 bi3
to favour one and discriminate against the other

厚待 厚待 hou4 dai4
generous treatment

厚道 厚道 hou4 dao5
kind and honest; generous; sincere

厚德载物 厚德載物 hou4 de2 zai4 wu4
with great virtue one can take charge of the world (idiom)

厚底鞋 厚底鞋 hou4 di3 xie2
platform shoes

厚度 厚度 hou4 du4

厚古薄今 厚古薄今 hou4 gu3 bo2 jin1
to revere the past and neglect the present (idiom)

厚积薄发 厚積薄發 hou4 ji1 bo2 fa1
lit. to have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly (idiom); good preparation is the key to success; to be well prepared

厚礼 厚禮 hou4 li3
generous gifts

厚脸皮 厚臉皮 hou4 lian3 pi2
brazen; shameless; impudent; cheek; thick-skinned

厚朴 厚朴 hou4 po4
magnolia bark (bark of Magnolia officinalis)

厚生劳动省 厚生勞動省 hou4 sheng1 lao2 dong4 sheng3
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (Japan)

厚生省 厚生省 hou4 sheng1 sheng3
Ministry of Health and Welfare (Japan) (replaced in 2001 by 厚生勞動省|厚生劳动省)

厚生相 厚生相 hou4 sheng1 xiang4
minister of health (of Japan, UK etc)

厚实 厚實 hou4 shi5
thick; substantial; sturdy; solid

厚死薄生 厚死薄生 hou4 si3 bo2 sheng1
lit. to praise the dead and revile the living; fig. to live in the past (idiom)

厚望 厚望 hou4 wang4
great hopes; great expectations

厚颜 厚顏 hou4 yan2

厚颜无耻 厚顏無恥 hou4 yan2 wu2 chi3

厚养薄葬 厚養薄葬 hou4 yang3 bo2 zang4
generous care but a thrifty funeral; to look after one's parents generously, but not waste money on a lavish funeral

厚谊 厚誼 hou4 yi4
generous friendship

厚重 厚重 hou4 zhong4
thick; heavy; thickset (body); massive; generous; extravagant; profound; dignified

厚嘴绿鸠 厚嘴綠鳩 hou4 zui3 lv4 jiu1
(bird species of China) thick-billed green pigeon (Treron curvirostra)

厚嘴苇莺 厚嘴葦鶯 hou4 zui3 wei3 ying1
(bird species of China) thick-billed warbler (Phragamaticola aedon)

厚嘴啄花鸟 厚嘴啄花鳥 hou4 zui3 zhuo2 hua1 niao3
(bird species of China) thick-billed flowerpecker (Dicaeum agile)

浑厚 渾厚 hun2 hou4
simple and honest; unsophisticated; (music etc) deep and resounding

积厚流广 積厚流廣 ji1 hou4 liu2 guang3
deep rooted and influential

寄予厚望 寄予厚望 ji4 yu3 hou4 wang4
to place high hopes

宽厚 寬厚 kuan1 hou4
tolerant; generous; magnanimous; thick and broad (build); thick and deep (voice)

脸厚 臉厚 lian3 hou4
thick-skinned; brazen

脸皮厚 臉皮厚 lian3 pi2 hou4

刘厚总 劉厚總 liu2 hou4 zong3
Liu Houzong (1904-1949), originally Hunan guerilla leader, rewarded by Chiang Kaishek for killing Xiang Ying 項英|项英 during the 1941 New Fourth Army incident 皖南事变

隆情厚谊 隆情厚誼 long2 qing2 hou4 yi4
profound love, generous friendship (idiom)

浓厚 濃厚 nong2 hou4
dense; thick (fog, clouds etc); to have a strong interest in; deep; fully saturated (color)

仁厚 仁厚 ren2 hou4
kindhearted; tolerant; honest and generous

深厚 深厚 shen1 hou4
deep; profound

深情厚意 深情厚意 shen1 qing2 hou4 yi4
profound love, generous friendship (idiom)

深情厚谊 深情厚誼 shen1 qing2 hou4 yi4
deep friendship

未可厚非 未可厚非 wei4 ke3 hou4 fei1
not to be censured too strictly (idiom); not altogether inexcusable; understandable

温厚 溫厚 wen1 hou4
good-natured; warm and generous; gentle

稳厚 穩厚 wen3 hou4
steady and honest

无可厚非 無可厚非 wu2 ke3 hou4 fei1
see 未可厚非

雄厚 雄厚 xiong2 hou4
robust; strong and solid

颜厚 顏厚 yan2 hou4

颜厚有忸怩 顏厚有忸怩 yan2 hou4 you3 niu3 ni2
even the most brazen person will sometimes feel shame (idiom)

优厚 優厚 you1 hou4
generous, liberal (pay, compensation)

有失厚道 有失厚道 you3 shi1 hou4 dao5
to be ungenerous

忠厚 忠厚 zhong1 hou4
honest and considerate

朱厚照 朱厚照 zhu1 hou4 zhao4
Zhu Houzhao, personal name of tenth Ming emperor 正德 (1491-1521), reigned 1505-1521