old variant of 廚|厨


strokes 12
strokes after radical 10
帮厨 幫廚 bang1 chu2
help in the mess kitchen

厨房 廚房 chu2 fang2

厨工 廚工 chu2 gong1
kitchen helper; assistant cook

厨具 廚具 chu2 ju4
kitchen implements

厨师 廚師 chu2 shi1
cook; chef

厨师长 廚師長 chu2 shi1 zhang3
executive chef; head chef

厨司 廚司 chu2 si1
cook, chef

厨卫 廚衛 chu2 wei4
kitchens and bathrooms

厨艺 廚藝 chu2 yi4
cooking skills; culinary talent

厨余 廚餘 chu2 yu2
kitchen waste; food waste (recycling)

厨子 廚子 chu2 zi5

君子远庖厨 君子遠庖廚 jun1 zi3 yuan4 pao2 chu2
lit. a nobleman stays clear of the kitchen (idiom, from Mencius); fig. a nobleman who has seen a living animal cannot bear to see it die, hence he keeps away from the kitchen

庖厨 庖廚 pao2 chu2
kitchen; cook; chef

下厨 下廚 xia4 chu2
to go to the kitchen (to prepare a meal); to cook

行政总厨 行政總廚 xing2 zheng4 zong3 chu2
executive chef

掌厨 掌廚 zhang3 chu2
to prepare meals; chef

主厨 主廚 zhu3 chu2
chef; to be the chef