uncle; father's younger brother; husband's younger brother; Taiwan pr.

strokes 8
strokes after radical 6
阿布叔醇 阿布叔醇 a1 bu4 shu1 chun2
albuterol, chemical used in treating asthma

表叔 表叔 biao3 shu1
son of grandfather's sister; son of grandmother's brother or sister; father's younger male cousin; (Hong Kong slang) mainlander

伯叔 伯叔 bo2 shu1
father's brother (uncle); husband's brother (brother-in-law)

伯叔祖父 伯叔祖父 bo2 shu1 zu3 fu4
father's father's brother; great uncle

伯叔祖母 伯叔祖母 bo2 shu1 zu3 mu3
father's father's brother's wife; great aunt

伯仲叔季 伯仲叔季 bo2 zhong4 shu1 ji4
eldest; second; third and youngest of brothers; order of seniority among brothers

大叔 大叔 da4 shu1
eldest of father's younger brothers; uncle (term used to address a man about the age of one's father)

怪叔叔 怪叔叔 guai4 shu1 shu5
queer uncle, referring to a young to middle-aged male pedophile (Internet slang)

家叔 家叔 jia1 shu1
(polite) my uncle (father's younger brother)

李叔同 李叔同 li3 shu1 tong2
Liu Shutong (1880-1942), painter, Buddhist monk and distinguished figure in New Culture Movement 新文化運動|新文化运动 after the Xinhai Revolution 辛亥革命 of 1911

麦当劳叔叔 麥當勞叔叔 mai4 dang1 lao2 shu1 shu5
Ronald McDonald

鸟叔 鳥叔 niao3 shu1
nickname of Korean singer PSY

叔伯 叔伯 shu1 bai5
(of cousins) descending from the same grandfather or great-grandfather

叔本华 叔本華 shu1 ben3 hua2
Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860), German post-Kantian philosopher

叔父 叔父 shu1 fu4
father's younger brother; uncle

叔公 叔公 shu1 gong1
great uncle; grandfather's younger brother; husband's father's younger brother

叔母 叔母 shu1 mu3
aunt; wife of father's younger brother

叔婆 叔婆 shu1 po2
aunt by marriage; husband's aunt; husband's father's younger brother's wife

叔叔 叔叔 shu1 shu5
father's younger brother; uncle; Taiwan pr.

叔岳 叔岳 shu1 yue4
wife's uncle

叔丈母 叔丈母 shu1 zhang4 mu3
wife's aunt

叔丈人 叔丈人 shu1 zhang4 ren2
wife's uncle

叔子 叔子 shu1 zi5
brother-in-law; husband's younger brother

叔祖 叔祖 shu1 zu3
grandfather's younger brother

叔祖母 叔祖母 shu1 zu3 mu3
wife of paternal grandfather's younger brother

王叔文 王叔文 wang2 shu1 wen2
Wang Shuwen (735-806), famous Tang dynasty scholar, Go player and politician, a leader of failed Yongzhen Reform 永貞革新|永贞革新 of 805

小叔 小叔 xiao3 shu1
husband's younger brother; brother-in-law