name; noun (part of speech); place (e.g. among winners); famous; classifier for people

strokes 6
strokes after radical 3
报名 報名 bao4 ming2
to sign up; to enter one's name; to apply; to register; to enroll; to enlist

报名表 報名表 bao4 ming2 biao3
application form; registration form

报名费 報名費 bao4 ming2 fei4
registration fee

本名 本名 ben3 ming2
original name; real name; personal name

笔名 筆名 bi3 ming2
pen name; pseudonym

别名 別名 bie2 ming2
alias; alternative name

不记名 不記名 bu4 ji4 ming2
see 無記名|无记名

不记名投票 不記名投票 bu4 ji4 ming2 tou2 piao4
secret ballot

不可名状 不可名狀 bu4 ke3 ming2 zhuang4
indescribable; beyond description

不可数名词 不可數名詞 bu4 ke3 shu3 ming2 ci2
uncountable noun (in grammar of European languages)

不名数 不名數 bu4 ming2 shu4
abstract number

不名一文 不名一文 bu4 ming2 yi1 wen2
without a penny to one's name; penniless; stony-broke

不名誉 不名譽 bu4 ming2 yu4
disreputable; disgraceful

唱名 唱名 chang4 ming2

成名 成名 cheng2 ming2
to make one's name; to become famous

成名作 成名作 cheng2 ming2 zuo4
work that makes one's name

驰名 馳名 chi2 ming2

臭名远扬 臭名遠揚 chou4 ming2 yuan3 yang2
stinking reputation; notorious far and wide

臭名昭彰 臭名昭彰 chou4 ming2 zhao1 zhang1
notorious for his misdeeds (idiom); infamous

臭名昭著 臭名昭著 chou4 ming2 zhao1 zhu4
notorious; infamous; egregious (bandits)

出名 出名 chu1 ming2
well-known for sth; to become well known; to make one's mark

除名 除名 chu2 ming2
to strike off (the rolls); to remove from a list; to expunge; to expel

传名 傳名 chuan2 ming2
spreading fame

闯出名堂 闖出名堂 chuang3 chu1 ming2 tang5
to make a name for oneself

打响名号 打響名號 da3 xiang3 ming2 hao4
to become well-known

大名 大名 da4 ming2
Daming county in Handan 邯鄲|邯郸, Hebei

大名 大名 da4 ming2
famous name; your distinguished name; one's formal personal name

大名鼎鼎 大名鼎鼎 da4 ming2 ding3 ding3
grand reputation; renowned; famous

大名县 大名縣 da4 ming2 xian4
Daming county in Handan 邯鄲|邯郸, Hebei

代名词 代名詞 dai4 ming2 ci2
pronoun; synonym; byword

戴名世 戴名世 dai4 ming2 shi4
Dai Mingshi (1653-1713), early Qing writer

淡泊名利 淡泊名利 dan4 bo2 ming2 li4
not caring about fame and fortune (idiom); indifferent to worldly rewards

得名 得名 de2 ming2
to get one's name; named (after sth)

登记名 登記名 deng1 ji4 ming2
to register one's name; account name (on a computer)

地名 地名 di4 ming2
place name; toponym

点名 點名 dian3 ming2
roll call; to mention sb by name; (to call or praise or criticize sb) by name

点名册 點名冊 dian3 ming2 ce4
register of names; attendance roll book

点名羞辱 點名羞辱 dian3 ming2 xiu1 ru3
to attack publicly; to stage a denunciation campaign

鼎鼎大名 鼎鼎大名 ding3 ding3 da4 ming2
famous; celebrated

顶名冒姓 頂名冒姓 ding3 ming2 mao4 xing4
to pretend to be sb else

动名词 動名詞 dong4 ming2 ci2

动物性名词 動物性名詞 dong4 wu4 xing4 ming2 ci2
animate noun

毒草名 毒草名 du2 cao3 ming2

对证命名 對證命名 dui4 zheng4 ming4 ming2
confrontation naming

恶名 惡名 e4 ming2
bad name; evil reputation

恶名儿 惡名兒 e4 ming2 er5
erhua variant of 惡名|恶名

恶名昭彰 惡名昭彰 e4 ming2 zhao1 zhang1
infamous; notorious

恶名昭著 惡名昭著 e4 ming2 zhao1 zhu4
notorious (idiom); infamous

二名法 二名法 er4 ming2 fa3
binomial nomenclature (taxonomy); same as 雙名法|双名法

法名 法名 fa3 ming2
name in religion (of Buddhist or Daoist within monastery); same as 法號|法号

非动物性名词 非動物性名詞 fei1 dong4 wu4 xing4 ming2 ci2
inanimate noun

改名 改名 gai3 ming2
to change one's name

高名 高名 gao1 ming2
renown; fame

更名 更名 geng1 ming2
to change name

功成名就 功成名就 gong1 cheng2 ming2 jiu4
to win success and recognition (idiom)

功名 功名 gong1 ming2
scholarly honor (in imperial exams); rank; achievement; fame; glory

功名利禄 功名利祿 gong1 ming2 li4 lu4
position and wealth (idiom); rank, fame and fortune

沽名钓誉 沽名釣譽 gu1 ming2 diao4 yu4
to angle for fame (idiom); to fish for compliments

股东名册 股東名冊 gu3 dong1 ming2 ce4
register of shareholders

顾名思义 顧名思義 gu4 ming2 si1 yi4
as the name implies

固有名词 固有名詞 gu4 you3 ming2 ci2
proper noun

官名 官名 guan1 ming2
name of job in Imperial bureaucracy; official position

关系代名词 關係代名詞 guan1 xi5 dai4 ming2 ci2
relative pronoun

鬼名堂 鬼名堂 gui3 ming2 tang5
dirty trick; monkey business

国名 國名 guo2 ming2
name of country

黑名单 黑名單 hei1 ming2 dan1
blacklist; list of proscribed people (books etc)

候补名单 候補名單 hou4 bu3 ming2 dan1
waiting list

糊名 糊名 hu2 ming2
(old) to seal an examinee's name on the examination paper to prevent fraud

花名 花名 hua1 ming2
name of a person on the household register (old); name on a roster; professional name of a prostitute; pseudonym; nickname

化名 化名 hua4 ming2
to use an alias; assumed name; pseudonym

恢复名誉 恢復名譽 hui1 fu4 ming2 yu4
to rehabilitate; to regain one's good name

讳名 諱名 hui4 ming2
taboo name; name of deceased

混出名堂 混出名堂 hun4 chu1 ming2 tang5
to make it; to be somebody

混名 混名 hun4 ming2

混名儿 混名兒 hun4 ming2 er5
erhua variant of 混名

集合名词 集合名詞 ji2 he2 ming2 ci2
collective noun (linguistics)

寄名 寄名 ji4 ming2
adopted name; to take a name (of one's adoptive family)

假名 假名 jia3 ming2
false name; pseudonym; alias; pen name; the Japanese kana scripts; hiragana 平假名 and katakana 片假名

金榜题名 金榜題名 jin1 bang3 ti2 ming2
to win top marks in the imperial examinations

久负盛名 久負盛名 jiu3 fu4 sheng4 ming2
seasoned; honed to perfection over centuries; special reserve

久慕盛名 久慕盛名 jiu3 mu4 sheng4 ming2
I've admired your reputation for a long time (idiom); I've been looking forward to meeting you.; It's an honor to meet you at last.

久闻大名 久聞大名 jiu3 wen2 da4 ming2
your name has been known to me for a long time (polite)

久仰大名 久仰大名 jiu3 yang3 da4 ming2
I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time (idiom)

九寨沟风景名胜区 九寨溝風景名勝區 jiu3 zhai4 gou1 feng1 jing3 ming2 sheng4 qu1
Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historical Interest Area, Sichuan

旧名 舊名 jiu4 ming2
former name

举世闻名 舉世聞名 ju3 shi4 wen2 ming2
world-famous (idiom)

具名 具名 ju4 ming2
to sign; to put one's name to

决选名单 決選名單 jue2 xuan3 ming2 dan1
short list

科名 科名 ke1 ming2
rank obtained in the imperial examinations; scholarly honors

可数名词 可數名詞 ke3 shu3 ming2 ci2
countable noun (in grammar of European languages)

空名 空名 kong1 ming2
vacuous reputation; name without substance; in name only; so-called

浪得虚名 浪得虛名 lang4 de2 xu1 ming2
to have an undeserved reputation (idiom)

联名 聯名 lian2 ming2
jointly (signed, declared, sponsored)

令名 令名 ling4 ming2
good name; reputation

骂名 罵名 ma4 ming2
infamy; blackened name

埋名 埋名 mai2 ming2
to conceal one's identity; to live incognito

冒名 冒名 mao4 ming2
an impostor; to impersonate

茂名 茂名 mao4 ming2
Maoming prefecture level city in Guangdong

冒名顶替 冒名頂替 mao4 ming2 ding3 ti4
to assume sb's name and take his place (idiom); to impersonate; to pose under a false name

冒名顶替者 冒名頂替者 mao4 ming2 ding3 ti4 zhe3
impersonator; impostor

茂名市 茂名市 mao4 ming2 shi4
Maoming prefecture level city in Guangdong province

美名 美名 mei3 ming2
good name or reputation

美其名曰 美其名曰 mei3 qi2 ming2 yue1
to call by the glorified name of (idiom)

名表 名錶 ming2 biao3
famous watch (i.e. expensive brand of wristwatch)

名不符实 名不符實 ming2 bu4 fu2 shi2
the name does not correspond to reality (idiom); it doesn't live up to its reputation

名不副实 名不副實 ming2 bu4 fu4 shi2
the name does not reflect the reality (idiom); more in name than in fact; Reality does not live up to the name.; Excellent theory, but the practice does not bear it out.

名不见经传 名不見經傳 ming2 bu4 jian4 jing1 zhuan4
(lit.) name not encountered in the classics; unknown (person); nobody

名不虚传 名不虛傳 ming2 bu4 xu1 chuan2
lit. name is not in vain (idiom); a fully justified reputation; enjoys a well-deserved reputation

名不正言不顺 名不正言不順 ming2 bu5 zheng4 yan2 bu5 shun4
(of a title, degree etc) illegitimately conferred

名菜 名菜 ming2 cai4
famous dishes; specialty dishes

名册 名冊 ming2 ce4
roll (of names); register

名产 名產 ming2 chan3
staple; name-brand product

名臣 名臣 ming2 chen2
important official or statesman (in feudal China)

名称 名稱 ming2 cheng1
name (of a thing); name (of an organization)

名称标签 名稱標籤 ming2 cheng1 biao1 qian1
name tag

名称权 名稱權 ming2 cheng1 quan2
copyright; rights to a trademark

名城 名城 ming2 cheng2
famous city

名驰遐迩 名馳遐邇 ming2 chi2 xia2 er3
To have one's fame spread far and wide. (idiom)

名垂青史 名垂青史 ming2 chui2 qing1 shi3
lit. reputation will go down in history (idiom); fig. achievements will earn eternal glory

名词 名詞 ming2 ci2

名次 名次 ming2 ci4
position in a ranking of names; place; rank

名刺 名刺 ming2 ci4
visiting card; name card

名从主人 名從主人 ming2 cong2 zhu3 ren2
named after (the original owner)

名存实亡 名存實亡 ming2 cun2 shi2 wang2
the name remains, but the reality is gone (idiom)

名单 名單 ming2 dan1
list (of names)

名额 名額 ming2 e2
quota; number of places; place (in an institution, a group etc)

名儿 名兒 ming2 er5
name; fame

名分 名分 ming2 fen4
a person's status

名副其实 名副其實 ming2 fu4 qi2 shi2
not just in name only, but also in reality (idiom)

名古屋 名古屋 ming2 gu3 wu1
Nagoya, city in Japan

名贵 名貴 ming2 gui4
famous and valuable; rare; precious

名号 名號 ming2 hao4
name; good reputation; title

名花有主 名花有主 ming2 hua1 you3 zhu3
the girl is already taken (idiom)

名画 名畫 ming2 hua4
famous painting

名画家 名畫家 ming2 hua4 jia1
famous painter

名讳 名諱 ming2 hui4
taboo name (e.g. of emperor)

名妓 名妓 ming2 ji4
famous courtesan

名家 名家 ming2 jia1
School of Logicians of the Warring States Period (475-220 BC), also called the School of Names

名家 名家 ming2 jia1
renowned expert; master (of an art or craft)

名间 名間 ming2 jian1
Mingjian or Mingchien township in Nantou county 南投縣|南投县, central Taiwan

名间乡 名間鄉 ming2 jian1 xiang1
Mingjian or Mingchien township in Nantou county 南投縣|南投县, central Taiwan

名缰利锁 名韁利鎖 ming2 jiang1 li4 suo3
lit. fettered by fame and locked up by riches (idiom); tied down by reputation and wealth; the victim of one's own success

名将 名將 ming2 jiang4
famous general

名叫 名叫 ming2 jiao4
called; named

名节 名節 ming2 jie2
reputation and integrity

名酒 名酒 ming2 jiu3
a famous wine

名句 名句 ming2 ju4
famous saying; celebrated phrase

名角 名角 ming2 jue2
famous actor

名爵 名爵 ming2 jue2
MG Motor (car manufacturer)

名角儿 名角兒 ming2 jue2 er5
erhua variant of 名角

名利 名利 ming2 li4
fame and profit

名利场 名利場 ming2 li4 chang3
Vanity Fair (novel and magazine title)

名利双收 名利雙收 ming2 li4 shuang1 shou1
both fame and fortune (idiom); both virtue and reward

名量词 名量詞 ming2 liang4 ci2
nominal classifier (in Chinese grammar); measure word applying mainly to nouns

名列 名列 ming2 lie4
to rank (number 1, or third last etc); to be among (those who are in a particular group)

名列前茅 名列前茅 ming2 lie4 qian2 mao2
to rank among the best

名伶 名伶 ming2 ling2
famous actor or actress (Chinese opera)

名流 名流 ming2 liu2
gentry; celebrities

名录 名錄 ming2 lu4

名录服务 名錄服務 ming2 lu4 fu2 wu4
name service

名落孙山 名落孫山 ming2 luo4 sun1 shan1
lit. to fall behind Sun Shan 孫山|孙山 (who came last in the imperial examination) (idiom); fig. to fail an exam; to fall behind (in a competition)

名满天下 名滿天下 ming2 man3 tian1 xia4
world famous

名门 名門 ming2 men2
famous family; prestigious house

名门望族 名門望族 ming2 men2 wang4 zu2
offspring a famous family (idiom); good breeding; blue blood

名模 名模 ming2 mo2
top model

名目 名目 ming2 mu4
name; designation; item; rubric; (formal usage) fame

名目繁多 名目繁多 ming2 mu4 fan2 duo1
names of many kinds (idiom); items of every description

名牌 名牌 ming2 pai2
famous brand

名篇 名篇 ming2 pian1
famous piece of writing

名片 名片 ming2 pian4
(business) card

名气 名氣 ming2 qi4
reputation; fame

名签 名籤 ming2 qian1
name tag

名曲 名曲 ming2 qu3
famous song; well-known piece of music

名人 名人 ming2 ren2
personage; celebrity

名人录 名人錄 ming2 ren2 lu4
record of famous men; anthology of biographies

名山 名山 ming2 shan1
famous mountain; Mingshan county in Ya'an 雅安, Sichuan

名山大川 名山大川 ming2 shan1 da4 chuan1
famous mountains and great rivers

名山县 名山縣 ming2 shan1 xian4
Mingshan county in Ya'an 雅安, Sichuan

名声 名聲 ming2 sheng1

名胜 名勝 ming2 sheng4
a place famous for its scenery or historical relics; scenic spot

名胜古迹 名勝古跡 ming2 sheng4 gu3 ji4
historical sites and scenic spots

名师 名師 ming2 shi1
famous master; great teacher

名师出高徒 名師出高徒 ming2 shi1 chu1 gao1 tu2
A famous teacher trains a fine student (idiom). A cultured man will have a deep influence on his successors.

名实 名實 ming2 shi2
name and reality; whether reality lives up to its reputation

名士 名士 ming2 shi4
famous scholar; worthy; celebrity, esp. distinguished literary person having no official post

名手 名手 ming2 shou3
master; famous artist or sportsman

名数 名數 ming2 shu4
(grammar) number plus classifier; household (in census)

名堂 名堂 ming2 tang5
item (in a program of entertainments); trick (act of mischief); worthwhile result; accomplishment; sth significant but not immediately apparent; sth more than meets the eye

名帖 名帖 ming2 tie3
name card; business card

名望 名望 ming2 wang4
renown; prestige

名为 名為 ming2 wei2
to be called; to be known as

名位 名位 ming2 wei4
fame and position; official rank

名闻 名聞 ming2 wen2
famous; of good reputation

名下 名下 ming2 xia4
under sb's name

名衔 名銜 ming2 xian2
rank; title

名相 名相 ming2 xiang4
famous prime minister (in ancient China); names and appearances (Buddhism)

名校 名校 ming2 xiao4
famous school

名学 名學 ming2 xue2
(archaic term) logic

名言 名言 ming2 yan2
saying; famous remark

名扬四海 名揚四海 ming2 yang2 si4 hai3
to become known far and wide (idiom); famous

名医 名醫 ming2 yi1
famous doctor

名义 名義 ming2 yi4
name; titular; nominal; in name; ostensible purpose

名义价值 名義價值 ming2 yi4 jia4 zhi2
nominal value

名义上 名義上 ming2 yi4 shang4

名义账户 名義賬戶 ming2 yi4 zhang4 hu4
nominal bank account

名优 名優 ming2 you1
excellent quality; outstanding (product); abbr. for 名牌優質|名牌优质; (old) famous actor or actress

名誉 名譽 ming2 yu4
fame; reputation; honor; honorary; emeritus (of retired professor)

名誉博士 名譽博士 ming2 yu4 bo2 shi4
honorary doctorate; Doctor Honoris Causae

名誉博士学位 名譽博士學位 ming2 yu4 bo2 shi4 xue2 wei4
honorary doctorate; Doctor Honoris Causae

名誉扫地 名譽掃地 ming2 yu4 sao3 di4
to be thoroughly discredited; to fall into disrepute

名誉学位 名譽學位 ming2 yu4 xue2 wei4
honorary degree; academic degree Honoris Causa

名媛 名媛 ming2 yuan2
young lady of note; debutante

名源 名源 ming2 yuan2
origin of names; etymology

名噪一时 名噪一時 ming2 zao4 yi1 shi2
to achieve fame among one's contemporaries (idiom); temporary or local celebrity

名正言顺 名正言順 ming2 zheng4 yan2 shun4
in a way that justifies the use of the term; genuine; proper; in a way that conforms to logic; justifiable; appropriate; perfectly legitimate

名重识暗 名重識暗 ming2 zhong4 shi2 an4
of great reputation but shallow in knowledge (idiom)

名著 名著 ming2 zhu4

名状 名狀 ming2 zhuang4
to express; to describe

名字 名字 ming2 zi5
name (of a person or thing)

名嘴 名嘴 ming2 zui3
popular TV or radio host

名作 名作 ming2 zuo4
masterpiece; famous work

命名 命名 ming4 ming2
to give a name to; to dub; to christen; to designate; named after; naming

命名法 命名法 ming4 ming2 fa3

命名日 命名日 ming4 ming2 ri4
name day (tradition of celebrating a given name on a certain day of the year)

命名系统 命名系統 ming4 ming2 xi4 tong3
system of nomenclature

命名作业 命名作業 ming4 ming2 zuo4 ye4
naming task

莫可名状 莫可名狀 mo4 ke3 ming2 zhuang4
indescribable (joy); inexpressible (pleasure)

莫名 莫名 mo4 ming2
indescribable; ineffable

末名奖品 末名獎品 mo4 ming2 jiang3 pin3
booby prize; wooden spoon

莫名其妙 莫名其妙 mo4 ming2 qi2 miao4
unfathomable mystery (idiom); subtle and ineffable; unable to make head or tail of it; boring (e.g. movie)

慕名 慕名 mu4 ming2
to admire sb's reputation; to seek out famous person or location

慕名而来 慕名而來 mu4 ming2 er2 lai2
to come to a place on account of its reputation (idiom); attracted to visit a famous location

奶名 奶名 nai3 ming2
pet name for a child; infant name

匿名 匿名 ni4 ming2

排名 排名 pai2 ming2
to rank (1st, 2nd etc); ranking

排名榜 排名榜 pai2 ming2 bang3
ranking; ordered list; top 20; roll of honor; to come nth out of 100

排名表 排名表 pai2 ming2 biao3
league table; roll of honor

片名 片名 pian1 ming2
movie title

片假名 片假名 pian4 jia3 ming2
katakana (Japanese script)

品名 品名 pin3 ming2
name of product; brand name

平假名 平假名 ping2 jia3 ming2
hiragana (Japanese script)

普通名词 普通名詞 pu3 tong1 ming2 ci2
common noun (grammar)

齐名 齊名 qi2 ming2
equally famous

起名 起名 qi3 ming2
to name; to christen; to take a name

起名儿 起名兒 qi3 ming2 er5
erhua variant of 起名

签名 簽名 qian1 ming2
to sign (one's name with a pen etc); to autograph; signature

巧立名目 巧立名目 qiao3 li4 ming2 mu4
to fabricate excuses (idiom); to concoct various items (e.g. to pad an expense account)

取名 取名 qu3 ming2
to name; to be named; to christen; to seek fame

人名 人名 ren2 ming2
personal name

人怕出名猪怕肥 人怕出名豬怕肥 ren2 pa4 chu1 ming2 zhu1 pa4 fei2
lit. people fear getting famous like pigs fear fattening up (for the slaughter); fig. fame has its price

人怕出名猪怕壮 人怕出名豬怕壯 ren2 pa4 chu1 ming2 zhu1 pa4 zhuang4
lit. people fear getting famous like pigs fear fattening up (for the slaughter); fig. fame has its price

乳名 乳名 ru3 ming2
pet name for a child; infant name

社会名流 社會名流 she4 hui4 ming2 liu2
celebrity; public figure

身败名裂 身敗名裂 shen1 bai4 ming2 lie4
to lose one's standing; to have one's reputation swept away; a complete defeat and fall from grace

声名 聲名 sheng1 ming2
reputation; declaration

声名大噪 聲名大噪 sheng1 ming2 da4 zao4
to rise to fame

声名大震 聲名大震 sheng1 ming2 da4 zhen4
to create a sensation

声名狼藉 聲名狼藉 sheng1 ming2 lang2 ji2
to have a bad reputation

盛名 盛名 sheng4 ming2
famous reputation

师出无名 師出無名 shi1 chu1 wu2 ming2
lit. to go to war without just cause (idiom); to act without justification

师出有名 師出有名 shi1 chu1 you3 ming2
lit. to have sufficient reason to send troops (idiom); to do something with good reason; to have just cause

实名 實名 shi2 ming2
real-name (registration etc); non-anonymous

实名制 實名制 shi2 ming2 zhi4
system for identifying users (on a rail network, the Internet etc)

实至名归 實至名歸 shi2 zhi4 ming2 gui1
fame follows merit (idiom)

世界闻名 世界聞名 shi4 jie4 wen2 ming2
world famous

世界知名 世界知名 shi4 jie4 zhi1 ming2
world famous

释名 釋名 shi4 ming2
"Shiming", late Han dictionary, containing 1502 entries, using puns on the pronunciation of headwords to explain their meaning

受洗命名 受洗命名 shou4 xi3 ming4 ming2
to be christened

书名 書名 shu1 ming2
name of a book; reputation as calligrapher

书名号 書名號 shu1 ming2 hao4
Chinese guillemet 《》(punct. used for names of books etc)

署名 署名 shu3 ming2
to sign (a signature)

双名法 雙名法 shuang1 ming2 fa3
binomial nomenclature (taxonomy)

四大佛教名山 四大佛教名山 si4 da4 fo2 jiao4 ming2 shan1
Four Sacred Mountains of Buddhism, namely: Mt Wutai 五臺山|五台山 in Shanxi, Mt Emei 峨眉山 in Sichuan, Mt Jiuhua 九華山|九华山 in Anhui, Mt Potala 普陀山 in Zhejiang

四大名著 四大名著 si4 da4 ming2 zhu4
the Four Classic Novels of Chinese literature, namely: A Dream of Red Mansions 紅樓夢|红楼梦, Romance of Three Kingdoms 三國演義|三国演义, Water Margin 水滸傳|水浒传, Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记

俗名 俗名 su2 ming2
vernacular name; lay name (of a priest)

提名 提名 ti2 ming2
to nominate

题名 題名 ti2 ming2
autograph; to sign one's name

通名 通名 tong1 ming2
common noun; generic term; to introduce oneself

同名 同名 tong2 ming2
of the same name; homonymous; self-titled (album)

同名同姓 同名同姓 tong2 ming2 tong2 xing4
having same given name and family name

头名 頭名 tou2 ming2
first place; leader (of a race)

徒拥虚名 徒擁虛名 tu2 yong1 xu1 ming2
to possess an undeserved reputation (idiom)

徒有其名 徒有其名 tu2 you3 qi2 ming2
with an undeserved reputation (idiom); unwarranted fame; nowhere near as good as he's made out to be

徒有虚名 徒有虛名 tu2 you3 xu1 ming2
with an undeserved reputation (idiom); unwarranted fame; nowhere near as good as he's made out to be

万名 萬名 wan4 ming2
all names

威名 威名 wei1 ming2
fame for fighting prowess; military glory

违利赴名 違利赴名 wei2 li4 fu4 ming2
to renounce profit and seek fame (idiom); to abandon greed for reputation; to choose fame over fortune

未名 未名 wei4 ming2
unnamed; unidentified

未命名 未命名 wei4 ming4 ming2
untitled; unnamed; no name; nameless; unknown name

闻名 聞名 wen2 ming2
well-known; famous; renowned; eminent

闻名不如见面 聞名不如見面 wen2 ming2 bu4 ru2 jian4 mian4
knowing sb by their reputation can't compare to meeting them in person (idiom)

闻名遐迩 聞名遐邇 wen2 ming2 xia2 er3
to be famous far and wide (idiom)

闻名于世 聞名於世 wen2 ming2 yu2 shi4

问名 問名 wen4 ming2
to enquire, according to custom, after the name and horoscope of intended bride; one of a set of six traditional marriage protocols (六禮|六礼), in which name as well as date and time of birth (for horoscope) are formally requested of the prospective bride's

污名 污名 wu1 ming2
bad reputation; stigma

无记名 無記名 wu2 ji4 ming2
(of a document) not bearing a name; unregistered (financial securities etc); bearer (bond); secret (ballot etc); anonymous; unattributed (remarks); (of a check) payable to the bearer

无名 無名 wu2 ming2
nameless; obscure

无名烈士墓 無名烈士墓 wu2 ming2 lie4 shi4 mu4
tomb of the unknown soldier

无名氏 無名氏 wu2 ming2 shi4
anonymous (e.g. author, donor etc)

无名小卒 無名小卒 wu2 ming2 xiao3 zu2
insignificant soldier (idiom); a nobody; nonentity

无名英雄 無名英雄 wu2 ming2 ying1 xiong2
unnamed hero

无名战士墓 無名戰士墓 wu2 ming2 zhan4 shi4 mu4
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

无名战死 無名戰死 wu2 ming2 zhan4 si3
the unknown soldier (symbolizing war dead)

无名指 無名指 wu2 ming2 zhi3
ring finger

五大名山 五大名山 wu3 da4 ming2 shan1
Five Sacred Mountains of the Daoists, namely: Mt Tai 泰山 in Shandong, Mt Hua 華山|华山 in Shaanxi, Mt Heng 衡山 in Hunan, Mt Heng 恆山|恒山 in Shanxi, Mt Song 嵩山 in Henan

系出名门 系出名門 xi4 chu1 ming2 men2
to come from a distinguished family

遐迩闻名 遐邇聞名 xia2 er3 wen2 ming2
famous everywhere

县名 縣名 xian4 ming2
name of county

相同名字 相同名字 xiang1 tong2 ming2 zi4
like-named; having the same name

享名 享名 xiang3 ming2
to enjoy a reputation

小名 小名 xiao3 ming2
pet name for a child; childhood name

星名 星名 xing1 ming2
star name

行不改姓,坐不改名 行不改姓,坐不改名 xing2 bu4 gai3 xing4 - zuo4 bu4 gai3 ming2
see 行不更名,坐不改姓

行不更名,坐不改姓 行不更名,坐不改姓 xing2 bu4 geng1 ming2 - zuo4 bu4 gai3 xing4
I am who I am (and I'm not ashamed); fig. to be proud of one's name and stand by one's actions

刑名 刑名 xing2 ming2
criminal law (abbr. for pre-Han legalist school 刑名之学); name of crime

刑名之学 刑名之學 xing2 ming2 zhi1 xue2
criminal law, pre-Han legalist school

姓名 姓名 xing4 ming2
name and surname

虚名 虛名 xu1 ming2
false reputation

学名 學名 xue2 ming2
scientific name; Latin name (of plant or animal); (according to an old system of nomenclature) on entering school life, a formal personal name given to new students

扬名 揚名 yang2 ming2
to become famous; to become notorious

扬名四海 揚名四海 yang2 ming2 si4 hai3
known throughout the country (idiom); world-famous

一文不名 一文不名 yi1 wen2 bu4 ming2
to be penniless

以本人名 以本人名 yi3 ben3 ren2 ming2
under one's own name; named after oneself

以人名命名 以人名命名 yi3 ren2 ming2 ming4 ming2
to name sth after a person; named after; eponymous

译名 譯名 yi4 ming2
translated names; transliteration

佚名 佚名 yi4 ming2
anonymous (author)

艺名 藝名 yi4 ming2
stage name (of an actor or actress)

因父之名 因父之名 yin1 fu4 zhi1 ming2
in the Name of the Father (in Christian worship)

音名 音名 yin1 ming2
name of pitch (e.g. C, D, E or do, re, mi)

隐迹埋名 隱跡埋名 yin3 ji4 mai2 ming2
to live incognito

隐名埋姓 隱名埋姓 yin3 ming2 mai2 xing4
to conceal one's identity; living incognito

隐姓埋名 隱姓埋名 yin3 xing4 mai2 ming2
to conceal one's identity; living incognito

应名 應名 ying1 ming2
nominally; in name only

英名 英名 ying1 ming2
illustrious name; legendary reputation

应名儿 應名兒 ying1 ming2 er5
erhua variant of 應名|应名

用户名 用戶名 yong4 hu4 ming2
username; user ID

有不少名堂 有不少名堂 you3 bu4 shao3 ming2 tang5
there is a lot to it; not a straightforward matter

有名 有名 you3 ming2
famous; well-known

有名亡实 有名亡實 you3 ming2 wang2 shi2
lit. has a name but no reality (idiom); exists only in name; nominal

有名无实 有名無實 you3 ming2 wu2 shi2
lit. has a name but no reality (idiom); exists only in name; nominal

又名 又名 you4 ming2
also known as; alternative name; to also be called

域名 域名 yu4 ming2
domain name (computing)

域名服务器 域名服務器 yu4 ming2 fu2 wu4 qi4
domain name server

域名抢注 域名搶注 yu4 ming2 qiang3 zhu4
cybersquatting; domain squatting

域名注册 域名註冊 yu4 ming2 zhu4 ce4
domain name registration

原名 原名 yuan2 ming2
original name

长子的名份 長子的名份 zhang3 zi3 de5 ming2 fen4

争名夺利 爭名奪利 zheng1 ming2 duo2 li4
to fight for fame, grab profit (idiom); scrambling for fame and wealth; only interested in personal gain

征名责实 徵名責實 zheng1 ming2 ze2 shi2
to seek out the real nature based on the name (idiom); to judge sth at face value

正名 正名 zheng4 ming2
to replace the current name or title of sth with a new one that reflects its true nature; rectification of names (a tenet of Confucian philosophy)

知名 知名 zhi1 ming2
well-known; famous

知名度 知名度 zhi1 ming2 du4
reputation; profile; familiarity in the public consciousness

知名人士 知名人士 zhi1 ming2 ren2 shi4
public figure; celebrity

直呼其名 直呼其名 zhi2 hu1 qi2 ming2
to address sb directly by name (idiom); to address sb by name without using an honorific title (indicating either familiarity or overfamiliarity)

指令名字 指令名字 zhi3 ling4 ming2 zi4
command name

指名 指名 zhi3 ming2
to mention by name; to designate; designated

至理名言 至理名言 zhi4 li3 ming2 yan2
wise saying; words of wisdom

中间名 中間名 zhong1 jian1 ming2
middle name; second given name

重名 重名 zhong4 ming2
renowned; a great name

主机名 主機名 zhu3 ji1 ming2
hostname (of a networked computer)

著名 著名 zhu4 ming2
famous; noted; well-known; celebrated

专名 專名 zhuan1 ming2
proper noun

专名词 專名詞 zhuan1 ming2 ci2
proper noun

专有名词 專有名詞 zhuan1 you3 ming2 ci2
proper noun

罪名 罪名 zui4 ming2
criminal charge; accusation