strokes 11
strokes after radical 9
豪奢 豪奢 hao2 she1
extravagant; luxurious

骄奢淫佚 驕奢淫佚 jiao1 she1 yin2 yi4
variant of 驕奢淫逸|骄奢淫逸

骄奢淫逸 驕奢淫逸 jiao1 she1 yin2 yi4
extravagant and dissipated; decadent

戒奢崇俭 戒奢崇儉 jie4 she1 chong2 jian3
to refrain from high standard of living (idiom)

穷奢极侈 窮奢極侈 qiong2 she1 ji2 chi3
extravagant in the extreme (idiom)

穷奢极欲 窮奢極欲 qiong2 she1 ji2 yu4
to indulge in a life of luxury (idiom); extreme extravagance

奢侈 奢侈 she1 chi3
luxurious; extravagant

奢侈品 奢侈品 she1 chi3 pin3
luxury good

奢华 奢華 she1 hua2
luxurious; sumptuous; lavish

奢丽 奢麗 she1 li4
sumptuous; a luxury

奢糜 奢糜 she1 mi2
variant of 奢靡

奢靡 奢靡 she1 mi2

奢盼 奢盼 she1 pan4
an extravagant hope; to have unrealistic expectations

奢求 奢求 she1 qiu2
to make extravagant demands; an unreasonable request

奢入俭难 奢入儉難 she1 ru4 jian3 nan2
it is hard to become frugal after becoming accustomed to luxury (idiom)

奢泰 奢泰 she1 tai4
extravagant; sumptuous; wasteful

奢望 奢望 she1 wang4
an extravagant hope; to have excessive expectations

奢香 奢香 she1 xiang1
She Xiang (c. 1361-1396), lady who served as Yi ethnic group leader in Yunnan in early Ming times

奢易俭难 奢易儉難 she1 yi4 jian3 nan2
easy to become accustomed to luxury, hard to become accustomed to frugality (idiom)

伍奢 伍奢 wu3 she1
Wu She (-522 BC), powerful minister of Chu and father of Wu Zixu 伍子胥