breast; milk; to breastfeed

variant of 嬭|奶

mother; variant of 奶

strokes 5
strokes after radical 2
阿奶 阿奶 a1 nai3

安抚奶嘴 安撫奶嘴 an1 fu3 nai3 zui3
(baby's) pacifier

包二奶 包二奶 bao1 er4 nai3
to cohabit with and financially support a mistress

波霸奶茶 波霸奶茶 bo1 ba4 nai3 cha2
bubble milk tea (Taiwan); Boba milk tea; tapioca milk tea; see also 珍珠奶茶

不加牛奶 不加牛奶 bu4 jia1 niu2 nai3
without milk; black (of tea, coffee etc)

吃奶 吃奶 chi1 nai3
to suck the breast (for milk)

吃奶的力气 吃奶的力氣 chi1 nai3 de5 li4 qi5
all one's strength

吃奶的气力 吃奶的氣力 chi1 nai3 de5 qi4 li4
utmost effort

吃奶之力 吃奶之力 chi1 nai3 zhi1 li4
all one's strength

纯牛奶 純牛奶 chun2 niu2 nai3
pure milk

催奶 催奶 cui1 nai3
to promote lactation; to stimulate lactation (e.g. with drug)

打奶 打奶 da3 nai3
lit. to beat milk; to churn (to make butter); milk foamer (for cappuccino)

蛋奶酥 蛋奶酥 dan4 nai3 su1

豆奶 豆奶 dou4 nai3
soy milk

毒奶 毒奶 du2 nai3
poisoned milk; contaminated milk; refers to 2008 PRC scandal involving milk products adulterated with melamine 三聚氰胺

毒奶粉 毒奶粉 du2 nai3 fen3
poisoned milk powder; refers to 2008 PRC scandal involving milk powder adulterated with melamine 三聚氰胺

断奶 斷奶 duan4 nai3
to wean

二奶 二奶 er4 nai3
mistress; second wife; lover

二奶专家 二奶專家 er4 nai3 zhuan1 jia1
"mercenary expert", a person who is supposedly an independent expert, but receives payment for making comments favorable to a particular entity

姑奶奶 姑奶奶 gu1 nai3 nai5
(coll.) father's father's sister; great aunt

挤奶 擠奶 ji3 nai3
to milk

老奶奶 老奶奶 lao3 nai3 nai5
(coll.) father's father's mother; paternal great-grandmother; respectful form of address for an old woman

炼奶 煉奶 lian4 nai3
condensed milk

马奶酒 馬奶酒 ma3 nai3 jiu3
kumis; horse milk wine

母乳化奶粉 母乳化奶粉 mu3 ru3 hua4 nai3 fen3
infant formula

奶爸 奶爸 nai3 ba4
stay-at-home dad

奶茶 奶茶 nai3 cha2
milk tea

奶粉 奶粉 nai3 fen3
powdered milk

奶黄包 奶黃包 nai3 huang2 bao1
custard bun

奶精 奶精 nai3 jing1
non-dairy creamer

奶酪 奶酪 nai3 lao4

奶酪火锅 奶酪火鍋 nai3 lao4 huo3 guo1

奶妈 奶媽 nai3 ma1
wet nurse

奶名 奶名 nai3 ming2
pet name for a child; infant name

奶母 奶母 nai3 mu3
wet nurse

奶奶 奶奶 nai3 nai5
(informal) grandma (paternal grandmother); (respectful) mistress of the house; (coll.) boobies; breasts

奶奶的 奶奶的 nai3 nai5 de5
damn it!; blast it!

奶娘 奶娘 nai3 niang2
(dialect) wet nurse

奶牛 奶牛 nai3 niu2
milk cow; dairy cow

奶牛场 奶牛場 nai3 niu2 chang3
dairy farm

奶农 奶農 nai3 nong2
dairy farming

奶品 奶品 nai3 pin3
dairy product

奶瓶 奶瓶 nai3 ping2
baby's feeding bottle

奶水 奶水 nai3 shui3
mother's milk

奶酥 奶酥 nai3 su1
butter biscuit; butter bun

奶汤 奶湯 nai3 tang1
white broth, or milky broth: an unctuous, milky white pork broth of Chinese cuisine

奶头 奶頭 nai3 tou2
nipple; teat (on baby's bottle)

奶昔 奶昔 nai3 xi1
milkshake (loanword)

奶油 奶油 nai3 you2
cream; butter

奶油菜花 奶油菜花 nai3 you2 cai4 hua1
creamed cauliflower

奶油鸡蛋 奶油雞蛋 nai3 you2 ji1 dan4
cream sponge

奶油小生 奶油小生 nai3 you2 xiao3 sheng1
handsome but effeminate man; pretty boy

奶站 奶站 nai3 zhan4

奶罩 奶罩 nai3 zhao4
bra; brassière

奶汁 奶汁 nai3 zhi1
milk from a woman's breast; milk (used in the names of dishes to indicate white sauce)

奶汁烤 奶汁烤 nai3 zhi1 kao3

奶制品 奶製品 nai3 zhi4 pin3
dairy product

奶子 奶子 nai3 zi5
breast; milk

奶嘴 奶嘴 nai3 zui3
nipple (on a baby's bottle); pacifier

奶嘴儿 奶嘴兒 nai3 zui3 er5
erhua variant of 奶嘴

牛奶 牛奶 niu2 nai3
cow's milk

人造奶油 人造奶油 ren2 zao4 nai3 you2

少奶奶 少奶奶 shao4 nai3 nai5
young lady of the house; wife of the young master

生奶油 生奶油 sheng1 nai3 you2
cream; whipped cream

师奶 師奶 shi1 nai3
married woman of mature age

酸奶 酸奶 suan1 nai3

酸奶节 酸奶節 suan1 nai3 jie2
Lhasa Shoton festival or yogurt banquet, from first of July of Tibetan calendar

喂奶 喂奶 wei4 nai3
to breast-feed

洗面奶 洗面奶 xi3 mian4 nai3
cleansing lotion

鲜奶 鮮奶 xian1 nai3
fresh milk

鲜奶油 鮮奶油 xian1 nai3 you2
cream; whipped cream

乡村奶酪 鄉村奶酪 xiang1 cun1 nai3 lao4
cottage cheese

羊奶 羊奶 yang2 nai3
sheep's milk

要加牛奶 要加牛奶 yao4 jia1 niu2 nai3
with milk; white (of tea, coffee etc)

椰奶 椰奶 ye1 nai3
coconut milk

液态奶 液態奶 ye4 tai4 nai3
general term for milk packaged for the consumer, including long-life (UHT) milk, pasteurized milk and reconstituted milk

姨奶奶 姨奶奶 yi2 nai3 nai5
father's mother's sister (coll.); great aunt

有奶便是娘 有奶便是娘 you3 nai3 bian4 shi4 niang2
lit. whoever provides milk is your mother (idiom); fig. to follow whoever is feeding you; to put one's loyalties where one's interests lie

有奶就是娘 有奶就是娘 you3 nai3 jiu4 shi4 niang2
see 有奶便是娘

珍奶 珍奶 zhen1 nai3
abbr. for pearl milk tea 珍珠奶茶

珍珠奶茶 珍珠奶茶 zhen1 zhu1 nai3 cha2
pearl milk tea; tapioca milk tea; bubble milk tea