imperial concubine

strokes 6
strokes after radical 3
戴安娜王妃 戴安娜王妃 dai4 an1 na4 wang2 fei1
Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-1997)

妃嫔 妃嬪 fei1 pin2
imperial concubine

妃子 妃子 fei1 zi5
imperial concubine

妃子笑 妃子笑 fei1 zi5 xiao4
concubine's smile, a cultivar of lychee

贵妃 貴妃 gui4 fei1
senior concubine; imperial consort

贵妃床 貴妃床 gui4 fei1 chuang2
chaise longue

贵妃醉酒 貴妃醉酒 gui4 fei1 zui4 jiu3
The Drunken Beauty, Qing Dynasty Beijing opera

后妃 后妃 hou4 fei1
imperial wives and concubines

嫔妃 嬪妃 pin2 fei1
imperial concubine

太妃糖 太妃糖 tai4 fei1 tang2
toffee (loanword)

王妃 王妃 wang2 fei1
princess (in Europe)

杨妃 楊妃 yang2 fei1
see 楊貴妃|杨贵妃

杨贵妃 楊貴妃 yang2 gui4 fei1
Yang Yuhuan 楊玉環|杨玉环 or Yang Guifei (719-756), famous Tang beauty, consort of Emperor Xuanzhong 唐玄宗, blamed for extravagance and killed as a scapegoat during the An-Shi Rebellion 安史之亂|安史之乱