absurd; fantastic; presumptuous; rash

strokes 6
strokes after radical 3
痴心妄想 痴心妄想 chi1 xin1 wang4 xiang3
to be carried away by one's wishful thinking (idiom); to labor under a delusion; wishful thinking

胆大妄为 膽大妄為 dan3 da4 wang4 wei2
daring; presumptuous; daredevil

姑妄言之 姑妄言之 gu1 wang4 yan2 zhi1
to just talk for the sake of talking

狂妄 狂妄 kuang2 wang4
egotistical; arrogant; brassy

狂妄自大 狂妄自大 kuang2 wang4 zi4 da4
arrogant and conceited

轻举妄动 輕舉妄動 qing1 ju3 wang4 dong4
to act blindly without thinking (idiom)

肆意妄为 肆意妄為 si4 yi4 wang4 wei2
see 恣意妄為|恣意妄为

妄称 妄稱 wang4 cheng1
to make a false and unwarranted declaration

妄动 妄動 wang4 dong4
to rush indiscriminately into action

妄断 妄斷 wang4 duan4
to jump to an unfounded conclusion

妄念 妄念 wang4 nian4
wild fantasy; unwarranted thought

妄求 妄求 wang4 qiu2
inappropriate or presumptuous demands

妄取 妄取 wang4 qu3
to take sth without permission

妄人 妄人 wang4 ren2
presumptuous and ignorant person

妄生穿凿 妄生穿鑿 wang4 sheng1 chuan1 zao2
a forced analogy (idiom); to jump to an unwarranted conclusion

妄说 妄說 wang4 shuo1
to talk irresponsibly; ridiculous presumption talk

妄图 妄圖 wang4 tu2
to try in vain; futile attempt

妄为 妄為 wang4 wei2
to take rash action

妄下雌黄 妄下雌黃 wang4 xia4 ci2 huang2
to alter a text indiscriminately (idiom); to make irresponsible criticism

妄想 妄想 wang4 xiang3
to attempt vainly; a vain attempt; delusion

妄想狂 妄想狂 wang4 xiang3 kuang2
paranoia; megalomaniac

妄想症 妄想症 wang4 xiang3 zheng4
delusional disorder; (fig.) paranoia

妄言 妄言 wang4 yan2
lies; wild talk; to tell lies; to talk nonsense; fantasy (literature)

妄言妄听 妄言妄聽 wang4 yan2 wang4 ting1
unwarranted talk the listener can take or leave (idiom); sth not to be taken too seriously

妄语 妄語 wang4 yu3
to tell lies; to talk nonsense

妄自菲薄 妄自菲薄 wang4 zi4 fei3 bo2
to be unduly humble (idiom); to undervalue oneself

妄自尊大 妄自尊大 wang4 zi4 zun1 da4
ridiculous self-importance (idiom); arrogance

虚妄 虛妄 xu1 wang4

愚妄 愚妄 yu2 wang4
stupid and arrogant

谵妄 譫妄 zhan1 wang4

恣意妄为 恣意妄為 zi4 yi4 wang4 wei2
to behave unscrupulously