(of a woman) to adorn oneself; makeup; adornment; trousseau; stage makeup and costume

variant of 妝|妆

strokes 6
strokes after radical 3
彩妆 彩妝 cai3 zhuang1
makeup; cosmetics

淡妆 淡妝 dan4 zhuang1
light makeup

淡妆浓抹 淡妝濃抹 dan4 zhuang1 nong2 mo3
in light or heavy makeup (idiom)

红妆 紅妝 hong2 zhuang1
splendid gay female clothing

化妆 化妝 hua4 zhuang1
to put on makeup

化妆品 化妝品 hua4 zhuang1 pin3
cosmetic; makeup product

化妆室 化妝室 hua4 zhuang1 shi4
dressing room; powder room; (Taiwan) toilets

化妆舞会 化妝舞會 hua4 zhuang1 wu3 hui4

嫁妆 嫁妝 jia4 zhuang5

减妆 減妝 jian3 zhuang1
makeup box (old)

靓妆 靚妝 jing4 zhuang1
to make up; elaborately made up woman

浓妆 濃妝 nong2 zhuang1
heavy makeup and gaudy dress

浓妆艳抹 濃妝艷抹 nong2 zhuang1 yan4 mo3
to apply makeup conspicuously (idiom); dressed to the nines and wearing makeup

盛妆 盛妝 sheng4 zhuang1
vigorous; strong and healthy

梳妆 梳妝 shu1 zhuang1
to dress and groom oneself

梳妆室 梳妝室 shu1 zhuang1 shi4
boudoir; lady's dressing room

梳妆台 梳妝檯 shu1 zhuang1 tai2
dressing table

卸妆 卸妝 xie4 zhuang1
to remove makeup; (old) to take off formal dress and ornaments

烟熏妆 煙熏妝 yan1 xun1 zhuang1
smoky-effect makeup around the eyes

咬唇妆 咬唇妝 yao3 chun2 zhuang1
bitten-lips look (darker lipstick applied on the inner part of the lips, and lighter on the outer part)

整妆 整妝 zheng3 zhuang1
same as 整裝|整装; to get ready (for a journey)

妆扮 妝扮 zhuang1 ban4
variant of 裝扮|装扮

妆点 妝點 zhuang1 dian3
to decorate

妆奁 妝奩 zhuang1 lian2
trousseau; lady's dressing case

妆容 妝容 zhuang1 rong2
a look (achieved by applying makeup)

妆饰 妝飾 zhuang1 shi4
to dress up