clever; wonderful

variant of 妙

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
奥妙 奧妙 ao4 miao4
marvelous; mysterious; profound; marvel; wonder

不妙 不妙 bu4 miao4
(of a turn of events) not too encouraging; far from good; anything but reassuring

高妙 高妙 gao1 miao4
masterly; subtle and clever (or artwork, writing etc)

佳妙 佳妙 jia1 miao4
wonderful; beautiful (calligraphy)

锦囊妙计 錦囊妙計 jin3 nang2 miao4 ji4
brocade sack of miracle plans (idiom); bag of tricks; fiendishly cunning masterplan (written out by strategic genius of fiction, and given to the local commander in a brocade bag)

精妙 精妙 jing1 miao4
exquisite; fine and delicate (usu. of works of art)

隽妙 雋妙 juan4 miao4
extremely elegant

绝妙 絕妙 jue2 miao4

灵丹妙药 靈丹妙藥 ling2 dan1 miao4 yao4
effective cure, miracle medicine (idiom); fig. wonder-cure for all problems; panacea; elixir

灵妙 靈妙 ling2 miao4
wonderful; ingenious

美妙 美妙 mei3 miao4
beautiful; wonderful; splendid

妙笔 妙筆 miao4 bi3
talented, gifted or ingenious writing

妙笔生花 妙筆生花 miao4 bi3 sheng1 hua1
gifted or skillful writing

妙不可言 妙不可言 miao4 bu4 ke3 yan2
too wonderful for words

妙处 妙處 miao4 chu4
ideal place; suitable location; merit; advantage

妙法莲华经 妙法蓮華經 miao4 fa3 lian2 hua2 jing1
The Lotus Sutra

妙计 妙計 miao4 ji4
excellent plan; brilliant scheme

妙龄 妙齡 miao4 ling2
(of a girl) in the prime of youth

妙妙熊历险记 妙妙熊歷險記 miao4 miao4 xiong2 li4 xian3 ji4
Adventures of the Gummi Bears (Disney animated series)

妙品 妙品 miao4 pin3
a fine work of art

妙趣 妙趣 miao4 qu4
witty; clever; amusing

妙趣横生 妙趣橫生 miao4 qu4 heng2 sheng1
endlessly interesting (idiom); very witty

妙手 妙手 miao4 shou3
miraculous hands of a healer; highly skilled person; brilliant move in chess or weiqi (go) 圍棋|围棋

妙手回春 妙手回春 miao4 shou3 hui2 chun1
magical hands bring the dying back to life (idiom); miracle cure; brilliant doctor

妙手空空 妙手空空 miao4 shou3 kong1 kong1
petty thief (lit. quick fingered and vanish); empty-handed; having nothing

妙探寻凶 妙探尋兇 miao4 tan4 xun2 xiong1
Cluedo (board game)

妙语横生 妙語橫生 miao4 yu3 heng2 sheng1
to be full of wit and humor

妙语如珠 妙語如珠 miao4 yu3 ru2 zhu1
smart words like a string of pearl; scintillating witticisms

妙在不言中 妙在不言中 miao4 zai4 bu4 yan2 zhong1
the charm lies in what is left unsaid (idiom)

妙智慧 妙智慧 miao4 zhi4 hui4
wondrous wisdom and knowledge (Buddhism)

莫明其妙 莫明其妙 mo4 ming2 qi2 miao4
variant of 莫名其妙

莫名其妙 莫名其妙 mo4 ming2 qi2 miao4
unfathomable mystery (idiom); subtle and ineffable; unable to make head or tail of it; boring (e.g. movie)

奇妙 奇妙 qi2 miao4
fantastic; wonderful

巧妙 巧妙 qiao3 miao4
ingenious; clever; ingenuity; artifice

神机妙算 神機妙算 shen2 ji1 miao4 suan4
divine strategy and wonderful planning (idiom); clever scheme; supremely clever in his schemes

神妙 神妙 shen2 miao4
marvelous; wondrous

神妙隽美 神妙雋美 shen2 miao4 juan4 mei3
outstanding and elegant; remarkable and refined

生花妙笔 生花妙筆 sheng1 hua1 miao4 bi3
beautiful or talented writing

婉妙 婉妙 wan3 miao4
sweet; soft; lovely (of sounds and voices)

微妙 微妙 wei1 miao4

惟妙惟肖 惟妙惟肖 wei2 miao4 wei2 xiao4
to imitate to perfection; to be remarkably true to life

维妙维肖 維妙維肖 wei2 miao4 wei2 xiao4
to imitate to perfection; to be remarkably true to life

玄妙 玄妙 xuan2 miao4
mysterious; profound; abstruse