to hinder; (in the negative or interrogative) (no) harm; (what) harm

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
不妨 不妨 bu4 fang2
there is no harm in; might as well

但说无妨 但說無妨 dan4 shuo1 wu2 fang2
there is no harm in saying what one thinks (idiom)

妨碍 妨礙 fang2 ai4
to hinder; to obstruct

妨碍球 妨礙球 fang2 ai4 qiu2
stymie (golf)

妨功害能 妨功害能 fang2 gong1 hai4 neng2
to constrain and limit successful, capable people

妨害 妨害 fang2 hai4
to impair; damaging; harmful; a nuisance

妨害公务 妨害公務 fang2 hai4 gong1 wu4
(law) obstructing government administration

何妨 何妨 he2 fang2
what harm is there in (doing sth)

无妨 無妨 wu2 fang2
no harm (in doing it); One might as well.; It won't hurt.; no matter; it's no bother