younger sister

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
阿妹 阿妹 a1 mei4
younger sister

把妹 把妹 ba3 mei4
to pick up a girl; to get a girl

表姐妹 表姐妹 biao3 jie3 mei4
female cousins via female line

表妹 表妹 biao3 mei4
younger female cousin via female line

表姊妹 表姊妹 biao3 zi3 mei4
father's sister's daughters; maternal female cousin

打工妹 打工妹 da3 gong1 mei4
young female worker

弟妹 弟妹 di4 mei4
younger sibling; younger brother's wife

姐妹 姐妹 jie3 mei4
sisters; siblings; sister (school, city etc)

姐妹花 姐妹花 jie3 mei4 hua1
beautiful sisters

恐龙妹 恐龍妹 kong3 long2 mei4
ugly girl (slang)

辣妹 辣妹 la4 mei4
Spice Girls (1990s UK pop group)

辣妹 辣妹 la4 mei4
hot chick; sexy girl; abbr. LM

辣妹子 辣妹子 la4 mei4 zi5
sassy young woman or pretty girl (esp. one from China's spice belt: Guizhou, Hunan, Jiangxi, Sichuan and Yunnan)

靓妹 靚妹 liang4 mei4
pretty girl

撩妹 撩妹 liao2 mei4
(coll.) to flirt; to hit on girls

妹夫 妹夫 mei4 fu5
younger sister's husband

妹妹 妹妹 mei4 mei5
younger sister; young woman

妹妹头 妹妹頭 mei4 mei5 tou2
bob (hairstyle)

妹纸 妹紙 mei4 zhi3
(Internet slang) (pun on 妹子)

妹子 妹子 mei4 zi5
(dialect) younger sister; girl

七姊妹星团 七姊妹星團 qi1 zi3 mei4 xing1 tuan2
Pleiades M45

师妹 師妹 shi1 mei4
junior female student or apprentice; daughter (younger than oneself) of one's teacher

台妹 台妹 tai2 mei4
local girl (referring to a Taiwanese benshengren 本省人)

太妹 太妹 tai4 mei4
girl delinquent; tomboy; schoolgirl tough

堂妹 堂妹 tang2 mei4
younger female patrilineal cousin

堂姊妹 堂姊妹 tang2 zi3 mei4
father's brother's daughters; paternal female cousin

同胞兄妹 同胞兄妹 tong2 bao1 xiong1 mei4

咸水妹 鹹水妹 xian2 shui3 mei4
(dialect) prostitute from Guangdong (esp. one in Shanghai before the Revolution) (loanword from "handsome maid")

小妹 小妹 xiao3 mei4
little sister; girl; (Tw) young female employee working in a low-level role dealing with the public (assistant, waitress, attendant etc)

小妹妹 小妹妹 xiao3 mei4 mei5
little sister; little girl; (coll.) vulva

兄妹 兄妹 xiong1 mei4
brother(s) and sister(s)

学妹 學妹 xue2 mei4
junior or younger female schoolmate

伊妹儿 伊妹兒 yi1 mei4 er5
email (loanword); see 電子郵件|电子邮件

姨妹 姨妹 yi2 mei4
wife's younger sister; sister-in-law

樱花妹 櫻花妹 ying1 hua1 mei4
(coll.) Japanese girl

幼妹 幼妹 you4 mei4
younger sister

援交妹 援交妹 yuan2 jiao1 mei4
prostitute (slang); see also 援助交際|援助交际

张惠妹 張惠妹 zhang1 hui4 mei4
A-Mei, aka Gulilai Amit (1972-), aboriginal Taiwanese pop singer

正妹 正妹 zheng4 mei4
(Tw) beautiful woman; sexy woman

姊妹 姊妹 zi3 mei4
(older and younger) sisters; sister (school, city etc)