old variant of 姊

older sister; Taiwan pr.

strokes 7
strokes after radical 5
表姊妹 表姊妹 biao3 zi3 mei4
father's sister's daughters; maternal female cousin

家姊 家姊 jia1 zi3
my sister

七姊妹星团 七姊妹星團 qi1 zi3 mei4 xing1 tuan2
Pleiades M45

堂姊妹 堂姊妹 tang2 zi3 mei4
father's brother's daughters; paternal female cousin

长姊 長姊 zhang3 zi3
older sister

姊夫 姊夫 zi3 fu5
older sister's husband

姊归县 姊歸縣 zi3 gui1 xian4
Zigui county in Hubei province

姊妹 姊妹 zi3 mei4
(older and younger) sisters; sister (school, city etc)

姊丈 姊丈 zi3 zhang4
older sister's husband

姊姊 姊姊 zi3 zi3
older sister; Taiwan pr.