older sister

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
唉姐 唉姐 ai1 jie3
granny (dialect)

娭姐 娭姐 ai1 jie3
father's mother; granny (dialect); respectful form of address for older lady

表姐 表姐 biao3 jie3
older female cousin via female line

表姐妹 表姐妹 biao3 jie3 mei4
female cousins via female line

大姐 大姐 da4 jie3
big sister; elder sister; older sister (also polite term of address for a girl or woman slightly older than the speaker)

大姐头 大姐頭 da4 jie3 tou2
(Tw) female gang leader; female boss; big sister

大小姐 大小姐 da4 xiao3 jie5
eldest daughter of an affluent family; (polite) your daughter; bossy or indulged young woman; Miss High and Mighty

的姐 的姐 di1 jie3
female taxi driver

嘎嘎小姐 嘎嘎小姐 ga1 ga1 xiao3 jie5
Lady Gaga (1986-), US pop singer

花大姐 花大姐 hua1 da4 jie3
common word for ladybug, more formally 瓢虫

家姐 家姐 jia1 jie3
(polite) my older sister

姐弟恋 姐弟戀 jie3 di4 lian4
love between an older woman and a younger man

姐夫 姐夫 jie3 fu5
(coll.) older sister's husband

姐姐 姐姐 jie3 jie5
older sister

姐妹 姐妹 jie3 mei4
sisters; siblings; sister (school, city etc)

姐妹花 姐妹花 jie3 mei4 hua1
beautiful sisters

姐丈 姐丈 jie3 zhang4
older sister's husband; brother-in-law

空姐 空姐 kong1 jie3
abbr. for 空中小姐; stewardess; air hostess; female flight attendant

空中小姐 空中小姐 kong1 zhong1 xiao3 jie3
stewardess; air hostess

陪唱小姐 陪唱小姐 pei2 chang4 xiao3 jie5
KTV hostess

人鱼小姐 人魚小姐 ren2 yu2 xiao3 jie5
mermaid; the Little Mermaid

三陪小姐 三陪小姐 san1 pei2 xiao3 jie5
female escort; bar girl

师姐 師姐 shi1 jie3
senior female fellow student or apprentice; daughter (older than oneself) of one's teacher

世界小姐选美 世界小姐選美 shi4 jie4 xiao3 jie5 xuan3 mei3
Miss World Beauty Pageant

堂姐 堂姐 tang2 jie3
older female patrilineal cousin

小姐 小姐 xiao3 jie5
young lady; miss; (slang) prostitute

学姐 學姐 xue2 jie3
senior or older female schoolmate

窑姐 窯姐 yao2 jie3
(dialect) prostitute

窑姐儿 窯姐兒 yao2 jie3 er5
erhua variant of 窯姐|窑姐

姨姐 姨姐 yi2 jie3
wife's elder sister; sister-in-law

援交小姐 援交小姐 yuan2 jiao1 xiao3 jie5
girl who engages in enjo-kōsai; see also 援助交際|援助交际

坐台小姐 坐台小姐 zuo4 tai2 xiao3 jie3
bar girl; professional escort