lovable; pampered; tender; delicate; frail

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
陈娇 陳嬌 chen2 jiao1
Chen Jiao, first wife of emperor 漢武帝|汉武帝, died c. 110 BC

娇嗔 嬌嗔 jiao1 chen1
to protest coquettishly; to pout playfully

娇痴 嬌痴 jiao1 chi1
spoilt and naive

娇宠 嬌寵 jiao1 chong3
to indulge; to spoil

娇喘 嬌喘 jiao1 chuan3
faint breathing

娇翠 嬌翠 jiao1 cui4
tender green (shoots)

娇滴滴 嬌滴滴 jiao1 di1 di1
sweet; cute; delicately pretty

娇惰 嬌惰 jiao1 duo4
spoilt and slovenly

娇儿 嬌兒 jiao1 er2
beloved son

娇惯 嬌慣 jiao1 guan4
to pamper; to coddle; to spoil

娇贵 嬌貴 jiao1 gui4
pampered; fragile; finicky

娇红 嬌紅 jiao1 hong2
tender pink

娇黄 嬌黃 jiao1 huang2
tender yellow

娇美 嬌美 jiao1 mei3

娇媚 嬌媚 jiao1 mei4
flirtatious; coquettish; sweet and charming; beautiful young woman (old)

娇嫩 嬌嫩 jiao1 nen5
tender and lovely; fragile; delicate

娇气 嬌氣 jiao1 qi4
delicate; squeamish; finicky

娇弱 嬌弱 jiao1 ruo4

娇生惯养 嬌生慣養 jiao1 sheng1 guan4 yang3
pampered and spoiled since childhood

娇态 嬌態 jiao1 tai4
charming attitude; lascivious pose

娇小 嬌小 jiao1 xiao3
petite; delicate; dainty

娇羞 嬌羞 jiao1 xiu1
bashful; shy; shyness; modesty

娇艳 嬌豔 jiao1 yan4
tender and beautiful; also written 嬌艷|娇艳

娇纵 嬌縱 jiao1 zong4
to indulge (a child); to pamper; to spoil

金屋藏娇 金屋藏嬌 jin1 wu1 cang2 jiao1
a golden house to keep one's mistress (idiom); a magnificent house built for a beloved woman

力娇酒 力嬌酒 li4 jiao1 jiu3
liquor (loanword)

撒娇 撒嬌 sa1 jiao1
to act like a spoiled child; to throw a tantrum; to act coquettishly

桑娇维塞 桑嬌維塞 sang1 jiao1 wei2 sai1
Sangiovese (grape type)

吴侬娇语 吳儂嬌語 wu2 nong2 jiao1 yu3
pleasant-sounding Wu dialect; also written 吳儂軟語|吴侬软语

香娇玉嫩 香嬌玉嫩 xiang1 jiao1 yu4 nen4
a beautiful woman

野格力娇酒 野格力嬌酒 ye3 ge2 li4 jiao1 jiu3
Jägermeister (alcoholic drink)