mother; young lady; (coll.) effeminate

variant of 娘

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
峇峇娘惹 峇峇娘惹 ba1 ba1 niang2 re3
Peranakan Chinese (Baba-Nyonya), an ethnic group of Chinese residing in the Malay peninsula (also known as Straits Chinese)

半老徐娘 半老徐娘 ban4 lao3 xu2 niang2
middle-aged but still attractive woman; lady of a certain age

伴娘 伴娘 ban4 niang2
bridesmaid; maid of honor; matron of honor

大娘 大娘 da4 niang2
(coll.) father's older brother's wife; aunt (polite address)

爹娘 爹娘 die1 niang2
(dialect) parents

度娘 度娘 du4 niang2
alternative name for Baidu 百度

杜秋娘歌 杜秋娘歌 du4 qiu1 niang2 ge1
song of lady Du Qiu, poem by Du Mu 杜牧

纺织娘 紡織孃 fang3 zhi1 niang2
katydid; long-horned grasshopper

干娘 乾娘 gan1 niang2
adoptive mother (traditional adoption, i.e. without legal ramifications)

狗娘养的 狗娘養的 gou3 niang2 yang3 de5
son of a bitch

姑娘 姑娘 gu1 niang5
girl; young woman; young lady; daughter; paternal aunt (old)

红姑娘 紅姑娘 hong2 gu1 niang5
Chinese lantern plant; winter cherry; strawberry ground-cherry; Physalis alkekengi

红娘 紅娘 hong2 niang2

红色娘子军 紅色孃子軍 hong2 se4 niang2 zi5 jun1
Red Detachment of Women

后娘 後娘 hou4 niang2
stepmother (coll.)

黄花姑娘 黃花姑娘 huang2 hua1 gu1 niang5
maiden; virgin girl

灰姑娘 灰姑娘 hui1 gu1 niang5
Cinderella; a sudden rags-to-riches celebrity

回娘家 回娘家 hui2 niang2 jia1
(of a wife) to return to her parental home; (fig.) to return to one's old place, job, school etc

家娘 家娘 jia1 niang2
(dialect) husband's mother

老板娘 老闆娘 lao3 ban3 niang2
female proprietor; lady boss; boss's wife

老大娘 老大娘 lao3 da4 niang2
old lady; Madam (polite address)

姥娘 姥娘 lao3 niang2
maternal grandmother (dialectal)

老娘 老娘 lao3 niang2
my old mother; I, this old woman; my old lady (colloquial); maternal grandmother; midwife

骂娘 罵娘 ma4 niang2
to curse (at sb); to call sb names

奶娘 奶娘 nai3 niang2
(dialect) wet nurse

娘的 娘的 niang2 de5
same as 媽的|妈的

娘儿们 娘兒們 niang2 er5 men5
(dialect) woman; wife

娘家 娘家 niang2 jia5
married woman's parents' home

娘家姓 娘家姓 niang2 jia5 xing4
maiden name (of married woman)

娘妈 娘媽 niang2 ma1
(coll.) woman

娘娘庙 娘娘廟 niang2 niang2 miao4
temple of Goddess of Fertility

娘娘 娘娘 niang2 niang5
queen; empress; imperial concubine; Goddess, esp. Xi Wangmu 王母娘娘 or 西王母, Queen Mother of the West; mother; aunt

娘娘腔 娘娘腔 niang2 niang5 qiang1
sissy; effeminate

娘泡 娘泡 niang2 pao4
variant of 娘炮

娘炮 娘炮 niang2 pao4
(slang) effeminate man; sissy; effeminate

娘惹 娘惹 niang2 re3
Nyonya; see 峇峇娘惹

娘胎 娘胎 niang2 tai1

娘希匹 娘希匹 niang2 xi1 pi3
(dialect) fuck!

娘子 娘子 niang2 zi3
(dialect) form of address for one's wife; polite form of address for a woman

婆娘 婆娘 po2 niang2
woman (derog.)

他娘的 他娘的 ta1 niang2 de5
same as 他媽的|他妈的

桃金娘 桃金娘 tao2 jin1 niang2
rose myrtle (Myrtus communis)

桃金娘科 桃金娘科 tao2 jin1 niang2 ke1
Myrtaceae (family including myrtle, rosemary, oregano etc)

天孙娘娘 天孫娘娘 tian1 sun1 niang2 niang2
Goddess of Fertility

天要落雨,娘要嫁人 天要落雨,娘要嫁人 tian1 yao4 luo4 yu3 - niang2 yao4 jia4 ren2
the rain will fall, the womenfolk will marry (idiom); fig. the natural order of things; something you can't go against

王母娘娘 王母娘娘 wang2 mu3 niang2 niang2
another name for Xi Wangmu 西王母, Queen Mother of the West

舞娘 舞孃 wu3 niang2
female dancer

喜娘 喜娘 xi3 niang2
matron of honor (old)

新嫁娘 新嫁娘 xin1 jia4 niang2

新娘 新娘 xin1 niang2

新娘子 新娘子 xin1 niang2 zi5
see 新娘

徐娘半老 徐娘半老 xu2 niang2 ban4 lao3
middle-aged but still attractive woman; lady of a certain age

姨娘 姨娘 yi2 niang2
maternal aunt; father's concubine (old)

有奶便是娘 有奶便是娘 you3 nai3 bian4 shi4 niang2
lit. whoever provides milk is your mother (idiom); fig. to follow whoever is feeding you; to put one's loyalties where one's interests lie

有奶就是娘 有奶就是娘 you3 nai3 jiu4 shi4 niang2
see 有奶便是娘

丈母娘 丈母娘 zhang4 mu3 niang2
wife's mother; mother-in-law; same as 丈母

正宫娘娘 正宮娘娘 zheng4 gong1 niang2 niang2

子孙娘娘 子孫娘娘 zi3 sun1 niang2 niang5
goddess of fertility

走娘家 走娘家 zou3 niang2 jia1
(of a wife) to visit one's parental home