to marry; marriage; wedding; to take a wife

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
包办婚姻 包辦婚姻 bao1 ban4 hun1 yin1
forced marriage; arranged marriage (without the consent of the individuals)

毕婚 畢婚 bi4 hun1
to get married right after graduation

成婚 成婚 cheng2 hun1
to get married

重婚 重婚 chong2 hun1

重婚罪 重婚罪 chong2 hun1 zui4

订婚 訂婚 ding4 hun1
to get engaged

定婚 定婚 ding4 hun1
variant of 訂婚|订婚

二婚 二婚 er4 hun1
to marry for the second time; second marriage; second spouse

二婚头 二婚頭 er4 hun1 tou2
remarried lady (contemptuous term); lady who marries for a second time

非婚生 非婚生 fei1 hun1 sheng1
born out of wedlock; illegitimate

非婚生子女 非婚生子女 fei1 hun1 sheng1 zi3 nv3
an illegitimate child

奉子成婚 奉子成婚 feng4 zi3 cheng2 hun1
marriage arranged following a pregnancy; marriage necessitated by an unplanned pregnancy

复婚 復婚 fu4 hun1
to remarry (the same person)

合婚 合婚 he2 hun1
casting a couple's fortune based on their bithdates (old)

悔婚 悔婚 hui3 hun1
to break a promise of marriage

婚变 婚變 hun1 bian4
marriage upheaval (infidelity, divorce etc); marriage breakup

婚典 婚典 hun1 dian3
wedding; marriage celebration

婚嫁 婚嫁 hun1 jia4

婚介 婚介 hun1 jie4
matchmaking; abbr. for 婚姻介紹|婚姻介绍

婚礼 婚禮 hun1 li3
wedding ceremony; wedding

婚恋 婚戀 hun1 lian4
love and marriage

婚龄 婚齡 hun1 ling2
length of married life; marriageable age; actual marrying age

婚配 婚配 hun1 pei4
to marry

婚期 婚期 hun1 qi1
wedding day

婚前 婚前 hun1 qian2
premarital; prenuptial

婚前财产公证 婚前財產公證 hun1 qian2 cai2 chan3 gong1 zheng4
prenuptial agreement; dowry contract

婚前性行为 婚前性行為 hun1 qian2 xing4 xing2 wei2
premarital sex

婚庆 婚慶 hun1 qing4
wedding celebration

婚纱 婚紗 hun1 sha1
wedding dress

婚纱摄影 婚紗攝影 hun1 sha1 she4 ying3
wedding photos (done in studio, kit and caboodle taken care of by the studio)

婚神星 婚神星 hun1 shen2 xing1
Ceres, an asteroid

婚事 婚事 hun1 shi4
wedding; marriage

婚书 婚書 hun1 shu1
(old) marriage contract

婚外 婚外 hun1 wai4

婚外恋 婚外戀 hun1 wai4 lian4
see 婚外情

婚外情 婚外情 hun1 wai4 qing2
extramarital affair

婚筵 婚筵 hun1 yan2
wedding reception

婚宴 婚宴 hun1 yan4
wedding reception

婚姻 婚姻 hun1 yin1
matrimony; wedding; marriage

婚姻法 婚姻法 hun1 yin1 fa3
marriage law

婚姻介绍所 婚姻介紹所 hun1 yin1 jie4 shao4 suo3
marriage agency

婚姻调解 婚姻調解 hun1 yin1 tiao2 jie3
marriage counseling

婚友 婚友 hun1 you3
singles seeking marriage partners; in-laws and friends

婚约 婚約 hun1 yue1
engagement; wedding contract

急婚族 急婚族 ji2 hun1 zu2
(coll.) those who are in a rush to get married

结婚 結婚 jie2 hun1
to marry; to get married

结婚纪念日 結婚紀念日 jie2 hun1 ji4 nian4 ri4
wedding anniversary

结婚证 結婚證 jie2 hun1 zheng4
marriage certificate

举行婚礼 舉行婚禮 ju3 xing2 hun1 li3
to celebrate a wedding

赖婚 賴婚 lai4 hun1
to go back on a marriage contract; to repudiate an engagement

离婚 離婚 li2 hun1
to divorce; divorced from (one's spouse)

裸婚 裸婚 luo3 hun1
lit. naked wedding; no-frills civil wedding ceremony lacking a material foundation: no car, house, reception, rings, or honeymoon

冥婚 冥婚 ming2 hun1
posthumous or ghost marriage (in which at least one of the bride and groom is dead)

男婚女嫁 男婚女嫁 nan2 hun1 nv3 jia4
to celebrate a wedding

宁拆十座庙,不毁一桩婚 寧拆十座廟,不毀一樁婚 ning2 chai1 shi2 zuo4 miao4 - bu4 hui4 yi1 zhuang1 hun1
rather destroy ten temples than a single marriage (idiom)

聘娶婚 聘娶婚 pin4 qu3 hun1
formal betrothal (in which the boy's family sends presents to the girl's family)

抢婚 搶婚 qiang3 hun1
marriage by capture; bride kidnapping

求婚 求婚 qiu2 hun1
to propose marriage

闪电式结婚 閃電式結婚 shan3 dian4 shi4 jie2 hun1
lightning wedding; to get married on the spur of the moment; abbr. to 閃婚|闪婚

闪婚 閃婚 shan3 hun1
lightning wedding; to get married on the spur of the moment

少女露笑脸,婚事半成全 少女露笑臉,婚事半成全 shao4 nv3 lu4 xiao4 lian3 - hun1 shi4 ban4 cheng2 quan2
When the girl smiles, the matchmaker's job is half done. (idiom)

失婚 失婚 shi1 hun1
to lose one's spouse (through marriage failure or bereavement)

试婚 試婚 shi4 hun1
trial marriage; to live together before deciding whether to marry

适婚 適婚 shi4 hun1
of marriageable age; nubile

适婚期 適婚期 shi4 hun1 qi1
ages suitable for getting married

事实婚 事實婚 shi4 shi2 hun1
common-law marriage; de facto marriage

逃婚 逃婚 tao2 hun1
to flee to avoid an arranged marriage

提婚 提婚 ti2 hun1
to propose marriage

通婚 通婚 tong1 hun1
to intermarry

晚婚晚育 晚婚晚育 wan3 hun1 wan3 yu4
to marry and give birth late

未婚 未婚 wei4 hun1

未婚夫 未婚夫 wei4 hun1 fu1

未婚妻 未婚妻 wei4 hun1 qi1

锡婚 錫婚 xi1 hun1
tin anniversary; aluminum anniversary; 10th wedding anniversary

先有后婚 先有後婚 xian1 you3 hou4 hun1
marriage arranged following a pregnancy; marriage necessitated by an unplanned pregnancy

新婚 新婚 xin1 hun1
newly wed

新婚夫妇 新婚夫婦 xin1 hun1 fu1 fu4
newly married couple; newlyweds

新婚宴尔 新婚宴爾 xin1 hun1 yan4 er3
newlyweds; love birds

新婚燕尔 新婚燕爾 xin1 hun1 yan4 er3
newlyweds; love birds

形婚 形婚 xing2 hun1
sham marriage, esp. a marriage between a gay man and a lesbian arranged in response to parental expectations of a conventional marriage; abbr. for 形式婚姻

许婚 許婚 xu3 hun1
to become engaged; to affiance (a daughter)

已婚 已婚 yi3 hun1

因孕而婚 因孕而婚 yin1 yun4 er2 hun1
shotgun wedding (idiom)

银婚 銀婚 yin2 hun1
silver wedding (25th wedding anniversary)

杂婚 雜婚 za2 hun1
mixed marriage

再婚 再婚 zai4 hun1
to remarry

早婚 早婚 zao3 hun1
to marry too early

征婚 徵婚 zheng1 hun1
to look for a partner

证婚 證婚 zheng4 hun1
to be witness (at a wedding)

证婚人 證婚人 zheng4 hun1 ren2
wedding witness

纸婚 紙婚 zhi3 hun1
paper wedding (first year wedding anniversary)