infant; baby

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
反圣婴 反聖嬰 fan3 sheng4 ying1
La Niña (counterpart of El Niño in meteorology)

贩婴 販嬰 fan4 ying1
child trafficking

连体婴 連體嬰 lian2 ti3 ying1
conjoined twins

连体婴儿 連體嬰兒 lian2 ti3 ying1 er2
conjoined twins; Siamese twins

男婴 男嬰 nan2 ying1
male baby

溺婴 溺嬰 ni4 ying1
to drown a newborn baby (as method of infanticide)

女婴 女嬰 nv3 ying1
female baby

弃婴 棄嬰 qi4 ying1
to abandon an infant; abandoned baby

杀婴 殺嬰 sha1 ying1

圣婴 聖嬰 sheng4 ying1
El Niño (meteorology); Holy Infant (cf biblical nativity story)

试管婴儿 試管嬰兒 shi4 guan3 ying1 er2
test tube baby

晏婴 晏嬰 yan4 ying1
Yanzi (-c 500 BC), famous statesman from Qi of the Warring States, also known as 晏子, hero of book 晏子春秋

婴儿 嬰兒 ying1 er2
infant; baby; lead (Pb)

婴儿潮 嬰兒潮 ying1 er2 chao2
baby boom

婴儿车 嬰兒車 ying1 er2 che1
baby carriage; pram; stroller

婴儿猝死综合症 嬰兒猝死綜合症 ying1 er2 cu4 si3 zong1 he2 zheng4
sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS); crib death

婴儿期 嬰兒期 ying1 er2 qi1

婴儿手推车 嬰兒手推車 ying1 er2 shou3 tui1 che1
baby buggy

婴孩 嬰孩 ying1 hai2

婴幼儿 嬰幼兒 ying1 you4 er2