婿 xu4
variant of 婿

婿 婿 xu4
son-in-law; husband

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
乘龙快婿 乘龍快婿 cheng2 long2 kuai4 xu4
ideal son-in-law

夫婿 夫婿 fu1 xu4
(literary) husband

金龟婿 金龜婿 jin1 gui1 xu4
wealthy son-in-law; wealthy husband

女婿 女婿 nv3 xu5
daughter's husband; son-in-law

孙女婿 孫女婿 sun1 nv3 xu5
son's daughter's husband; granddaughter's husband

外甥女婿 外甥女婿 wai4 sheng5 nv3 xu5
sister's daughter's husband

翁婿 翁婿 weng1 xu4
father-in-law (wife's father) and son-in-law

小婿 小婿 xiao3 xu4
my son-in-law (humble); I (spoken to parents-in-law)

侄女婿 姪女婿 zhi2 nv3 xu5
brother's daughter's husband; niece's husband

赘婿 贅婿 zhui4 xu4
son-in-law living at wife's parent's house