flatter; charm

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
谄媚 諂媚 chan3 mei4
to flatter

谄媚者 諂媚者 chan3 mei4 zhe3

崇洋媚外 崇洋媚外 chong2 yang2 mei4 wai4
to revere everything foreign and pander to overseas powers (idiom); blind worship of foreign goods and ideas

春光明媚 春光明媚 chun1 guang1 ming2 mei4
lovely spring sunshine

娇媚 嬌媚 jiao1 mei4
flirtatious; coquettish; sweet and charming; beautiful young woman (old)

媚词 媚詞 mei4 ci2

媚惑 媚惑 mei4 huo4
to charm; to bewitch

媚俗 媚俗 mei4 su2
to cater to the public's taste; kitsch; commercial

媚态 媚態 mei4 tai4
seductive appearance; fawning manner

媚娃 媚娃 mei4 wa2
Veela (Harry Potter)

媚外 媚外 mei4 wai4
to fawn on foreigners; to pander to foreign powers

媚笑 媚笑 mei4 xiao4
enchanting smile

媚眼 媚眼 mei4 yan3
charming eyes; coquettish glances

明媚 明媚 ming2 mei4
bright and beautiful

抛媚眼 拋媚眼 pao1 mei4 yan3
to throw amorous or flirtatious glances at sb (esp. of a woman)

柔媚 柔媚 rou2 mei4
gentle and lovely; charming

妩媚 嫵媚 wu3 mei4
lovely; charming

献媚 獻媚 xian4 mei4
to ingratiate oneself with; to pander to

阳光明媚 陽光明媚 yang2 guang1 ming2 mei4
the sun shines brightly (idiom)

妖媚 妖媚 yao1 mei4

伊媚儿 伊媚兒 yi1 mei4 er5
variant of 伊妹兒|伊妹儿