to dislike; suspicion; resentment; enmity; abbr. for 嫌犯, criminal suspect

strokes 13
strokes after radical 10
避嫌 避嫌 bi4 xian2
to avoid arousing suspicion

冰释前嫌 冰釋前嫌 bing1 shi4 qian2 xian2
to forget previous differences; to bury the hatchet

儿不嫌母丑,狗不嫌家贫 兒不嫌母醜,狗不嫌家貧 er2 bu4 xian2 mu3 chou3 - gou3 bu4 xian2 jia1 pin2
a son won't abandon his mother for being ugly, just as a dog won't abandon its owner for being poor (proverb)

尽释前嫌 盡釋前嫌 jin4 shi4 qian2 xian2
to forget former enmity (idiom)

前嫌 前嫌 qian2 xian2
former hatred; bygone enmity

窃嫌 竊嫌 qie4 xian2
suspected thief (Tw)

稍嫌 稍嫌 shao1 xian2
more than one would wish; somewhat; a bit too (old, contrived, distracting etc)

涉嫌 涉嫌 she4 xian2
to be a suspect (in a crime); to be suspected of

涉嫌人 涉嫌人 she4 xian2 ren2
(criminal) suspect

释嫌 釋嫌 shi4 xian2
to forget bad feelings; to mend a relationship

夙嫌 夙嫌 su4 xian2
old grudge; long-standing resentment

讨人嫌 討人嫌 tao3 ren2 xian2
unpleasant; disagreeable

讨嫌 討嫌 tao3 xian2
disagreeable; hateful; a pain in the neck

挑肥嫌瘦 挑肥嫌瘦 tiao1 fei2 xian2 shou4
to choose sth over another to suit one's own convenience

嫌猜 嫌猜 xian2 cai1

嫌犯 嫌犯 xian2 fan4
criminal suspect

嫌肥挑瘦 嫌肥挑瘦 xian2 fei2 tiao1 shou4
to choose sth over another to suit one's own convenience

嫌恨 嫌恨 xian2 hen4

嫌忌 嫌忌 xian2 ji4

嫌贫爱富 嫌貧愛富 xian2 pin2 ai4 fu4
to favor the rich and disdain the poor (idiom); snobbish

嫌弃 嫌棄 xian2 qi4
to avoid sb (out of dislike); to turn one's back on sb; to ignore

嫌恶 嫌惡 xian2 wu4
to loathe; to abhor; hatred; revulsion

嫌隙 嫌隙 xian2 xi4
hostility; animosity; suspicion

嫌厌 嫌厭 xian2 yan4
to loathe

嫌疑 嫌疑 xian2 yi2
suspicion; to have suspicions

嫌疑犯 嫌疑犯 xian2 yi2 fan4
a suspect

嫌疑人 嫌疑人 xian2 yi2 ren2
a suspect

嫌怨 嫌怨 xian2 yuan4
grievance; hatred

凶嫌 兇嫌 xiong1 xian2
alleged killer (or attacker); suspect in a case of violent crime

引嫌 引嫌 yin3 xian2
to avoid arousing suspicions

主嫌 主嫌 zhu3 xian2
prime, key or main suspect (law)

子不嫌母丑,狗不嫌家贫 子不嫌母醜,狗不嫌家貧 zi3 bu4 xian2 mu3 chou3 - gou3 bu4 xian2 jia1 pin2
see 兒不嫌母醜,狗不嫌家貧|儿不嫌母丑,狗不嫌家贫