tender; soft; delicate; light (color); inexperienced; unskilled

old variant of 嫩; tender; delicate

strokes 14
strokes after radical 11
巴尔克嫩德 巴爾克嫩德 ba1 er3 ke4 nen4 de2
Jan Pieter Balkenende (1956-), prime minister of the Netherlands from 2002

白嫩 白嫩 bai2 nen4
(of skin etc) fair; delicate

娇嫩 嬌嫩 jiao1 nen5
tender and lovely; fragile; delicate

老牛吃嫩草 老牛吃嫩草 lao3 niu2 chi1 nen4 cao3
lit. an old cow eats young grass (idiom); fig. a May-December relationship; a romance where the man is significantly older than the woman

黎巴嫩 黎巴嫩 li2 ba1 nen4

脸皮嫩 臉皮嫩 lian3 pi2 nen4
bashful; shy

嫩江 嫩江 nen4 jiang1
Nenjiang county in Heihe 黑河, Heilongjiang

嫩江地区 嫩江地區 nen4 jiang1 di4 qu1
Nenjiang county in Heihe 黑河, Heilongjiang

嫩江县 嫩江縣 nen4 jiang1 xian4
Nenjiang county in Heihe 黑河, Heilongjiang

嫩绿 嫩綠 nen4 lv4
tender green; soft green

嫩苗 嫩苗 nen4 miao2
seedling; soft shoots; sprout

嫩苗龟 嫩苗龜 nen4 miao2 gui1
Turtwig, Japanese comic character, turtle with seedling growing out of its head

嫩芽 嫩芽 nen4 ya2
soft shoot

嫩叶 嫩葉 nen4 ye4
newly-grown leaves; tender leaves

帕德嫩神庙 帕德嫩神廟 pa4 de2 nen4 shen2 miao4
Parthenon Temple on the Acropolis, Athens (Tw)

柔嫩 柔嫩 rou2 nen4
tender; delicate (texture)

细嫩 細嫩 xi4 nen4

细皮嫩肉 細皮嫩肉 xi4 pi2 nen4 rou4
soft skin and tender flesh (idiom); smooth-skinned

香娇玉嫩 香嬌玉嫩 xiang1 jiao1 yu4 nen4
a beautiful woman

稚嫩 稚嫩 zhi4 nen4
young and tender; puerile; soft and immature

装嫩 裝嫩 zhuang1 nen4
to act young; to affect a youthful appearance