surname You

outstanding; particularly, especially; a fault; to express discontentment against

strokes 4
strokes after radical 1
蚩尤 蚩尤 chi1 you2
Chi You, legendary creator of metalworking and weapons; comet

愆尤 愆尤 qian1 you2
crime; offense; fault

效尤 效尤 xiao4 you2
to follow a bad example

以儆效尤 以儆效尤 yi3 jing3 xiao4 you2
in order to warn against following bad examples (idiom); as a warning to others

尤德 尤德 you2 de2
Sir Edward Youde (1924-1986), British diplomat, ambassador to Beijing 1974-1978, governor of Hong Kong 1982-1986

尤尔钦科 尤爾欽科 you2 er3 qin1 ke1
Yurchenko (name); Natalia Yurchenko (1965-), Russian gymnast; Yurchenko, a type of jump-off for vaulting

尤诟 尤詬 you2 gou4
shame; disgrace

尤加利 尤加利 you2 jia1 li4
eucalyptus (loanword)

尤金 尤金 you2 jin1
Eugene (name)

尤金·塞尔南 尤金·塞爾南 you2 jin1 - sai4 er3 nan2
Eugene Cernan (1934-), US astronaut in Apollo 10 and Apollo 17 missions, "last man on the moon"

尤卡坦 尤卡坦 you2 ka3 tan3
Yucatan (Mexican province)

尤卡坦半岛 尤卡坦半島 you2 ka3 tan3 ban4 dao3
Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico)

尤坎 尤坎 you2 kan3
Rjukan (city in Norway)

尤克里里琴 尤克里里琴 you2 ke4 li3 li3 qin2
ukulele; traditional form also written 烏克麗麗

尤里斯·伊文思 尤里斯·伊文思 you2 li3 si1 - yi1 wen2 si1
Joris Ivens (1898-1989), Dutch documentary filmmaker and committed communist

尤利西斯 尤利西斯 you2 li4 xi1 si1
Ulysses (novel)

尤利娅·季莫申科 尤利婭·季莫申科 you2 li4 ya4 - ji4 mo4 shen1 ke1
Yulia Tymoshenko (1960-), Ukrainian politician

尤其 尤其 you2 qi2
especially; particularly

尤其是 尤其是 you2 qi2 shi4
especially; most of all; above all; in particular

尤为 尤為 you2 wei2

尤文图斯 尤文圖斯 you2 wen2 tu2 si1
Juventus, Italian football team

尤物 尤物 you2 wu4
rarity; rare object; rare person; extraordinarily beautiful woman

尤溪 尤溪 you2 xi1
Youxi county in Sanming 三明, Fujian

尤溪县 尤溪縣 you2 xi1 xian4
Youxi county in Sanming 三明, Fujian

尤指 尤指 you2 zhi3
especially; particularly

怨天尤人 怨天尤人 yuan4 tian1 you2 ren2
(idiom) to blame the gods and accuse others