see 峨嵋山

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
峨嵋拳 峨嵋拳 e2 mei2 quan2
Emeiquan; O Mei Ch'uan (kungfu style)

峨嵋山 峨嵋山 e2 mei2 shan1
Mt Emei in Sichuan, one of the Four Sacred Mountains and Bodhimanda of Samantabhadra 普賢|普贤

峨嵋山市 峨嵋山市 e2 mei2 shan1 shi4
Emeishan city in Sichuan

峨嵋鹟莺 峨嵋鶲鶯 e2 mei2 weng1 ying1
(bird species of China) Martens's warbler (Seicercus omeiensis)