to resist; imperial; (classical) to drive (a chariot); to manage; to govern

to defend; to resist

strokes 12
strokes after radical 8
抵御 抵禦 di3 yu4
to resist; to withstand

防御 防禦 fang2 yu4
defense; to defend

防御工事 防禦工事 fang2 yu4 gong1 shi4
fortification; defensive structure

防御率 防禦率 fang2 yu4 lv4
earned run average (baseball)

防御术 防禦術 fang2 yu4 shu4
defensive art

防御性 防禦性 fang2 yu4 xing4
defensive (weapons)

核防御 核防御 he2 fang2 yu4
nuclear defense

驾御 駕御 jia4 yu4
variant of 駕馭|驾驭

守御 守禦 shou3 yu4
to defend

太平御览 太平御覽 tai4 ping2 yu4 lan3
Imperial Readings of the Taiping Era, general Song dynasty encyclopedia compiled during 977-983 under Li Fang 李昉, 1000 scrolls

提学御史 提學御史 ti2 xue2 yu4 shi3
superintendent of education (formal title)

统御 統御 tong3 yu4

兄弟阋于墙,外御其侮 兄弟鬩於墻,外禦其侮 xiong1 di4 xi4 yu2 qiang2 - wai4 yu4 qi2 wu3
internal disunity dissolves at the threat of an invasion from outside (idiom)

御宝 御寶 yu4 bao3
imperial seal

御便当 御便當 yu4 bian4 dang1
(Tw) bento; lunch box

御赐 御賜 yu4 ci4
to be bestowed, conferred, or granted by the emperor

御敌 禦敵 yu4 di2
armed enemy of the nation; enemy of the Emperor; fig. championship challenger; contender opposing champion in sporting contest

御弟 御弟 yu4 di4
emperor's young brother

御夫座 禦夫座 yu4 fu1 zuo4
Auriga (constellation)

御驾亲征 御駕親征 yu4 jia4 qin1 zheng1
the emperor leads his troops into battle (idiom); to take part personally in an expedition

御酒 御酒 yu4 jiu3
imperial wine; sacred wine

御戎 御戎 yu4 rong2
(military) chariot driver (old)

御膳房 御膳房 yu4 shan4 fang2
imperial kitchen

御史 御史 yu4 shi3
imperial censor (formal title of a dynastic official)

御手 御手 yu4 shou3
the emperor's hand; variant of 馭手|驭手

御医 御醫 yu4 yi1
imperial physician

御用 御用 yu4 yong4
for use by the emperor; imperial; (derog.) in the pay of the ruler

御用大律师 御用大律師 yu4 yong4 da4 lv4 shi1
Queen's Counsel

御宅族 御宅族 yu4 zhai2 zu2
otaku, a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests such as anime, manga, and video games; see also 宅男; see also 宅女

战略防御倡议 戰略防御倡議 zhan4 lve4 fang2 yu4 chang4 yi4
strategic defense initiative (SDI)