to hate; to regret

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
报仇雪恨 報仇雪恨 bao4 chou2 xue3 hen4
to take revenge and wipe out a grudge (idiom)

抱恨 抱恨 bao4 hen4
to have a gnawing regret

仇恨 仇恨 chou2 hen4
to hate; hatred; enmity; hostility

仇恨罪 仇恨罪 chou2 hen4 zui4
hate crime

仇恨罪行 仇恨罪行 chou2 hen4 zui4 xing2
hate crime

恶恨 惡恨 e4 hen4
to hate; to abhor

忿恨 忿恨 fen4 hen4
variant of 憤恨|愤恨

愤恨 憤恨 fen4 hen4
to hate; hatred; to resent; embittered

憾恨 憾恨 han4 hen4
resentful; hateful

恨不得 恨不得 hen4 bu5 de5
wishing one could do sth; to hate to be unable; itching to do sth

恨不能 恨不能 hen4 bu5 neng2
see 恨不得

恨海难填 恨海難填 hen4 hai3 nan2 tian2
sea of hatred is hard to fill (idiom); irreconcilable division

恨人 恨人 hen4 ren2
provoking; exasperating

恨事 恨事 hen4 shi4
a matter for regret or resentment

恨铁不成钢 恨鐵不成鋼 hen4 tie3 bu4 cheng2 gang1
lit. to hate iron for not becoming steel; to feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement (idiom)

恨透 恨透 hen4 tou4
to hate bitterly

恨恶 恨惡 hen4 wu4
to despise

恨意 恨意 hen4 yi4
rancor; hatred; bitterness; resentfulness

恨之入骨 恨之入骨 hen4 zhi1 ru4 gu3
to hate sb to the bone (idiom)

怀恨 懷恨 huai2 hen4
to nurse hatred; to harbor a grudge; spiteful

怀恨在心 懷恨在心 huai2 hen4 zai4 xin1
to harbor hard feelings

悔恨 悔恨 hui3 hen4
remorse; repentance

悔恨交加 悔恨交加 hui3 hen4 jiao1 jia1
to feel remorse and shame (idiom)

赍恨 齎恨 ji1 hen4
to have a gnawing regret

嫉恨 嫉恨 ji2 hen4
to hate out of jealousy; to resent

忌恨 忌恨 ji4 hen4
hate (due to envy etc)

记恨 記恨 ji4 hen4
to bear grudges

旧愁新恨 舊愁新恨 jiu4 chou2 xin1 hen4
old worries with new hatred added (idiom); afflicted by problems old and new

可恨 可恨 ke3 hen4

愧恨 愧恨 kui4 hen4
ashamed and sorry; suffering shame and remorse

恼恨 惱恨 nao3 hen4
to hate and resent; angry and full of grievances

怒恨 怒恨 nu4 hen4
extreme hatred; animosity; spite

千古遗恨 千古遺恨 qian1 gu3 yi2 hen4
to have eternal regrets (idiom)

识荆恨晚 識荊恨晚 shi2 jing1 hen4 wan3
It is a great honor to meet you and I regret it is not sooner

宿恨 宿恨 su4 hen4
old hatred

痛恨 痛恨 tong4 hen4
to detest; to loathe; to abhor

嫌恨 嫌恨 xian2 hen4

相见恨晚 相見恨晚 xiang1 jian4 hen4 wan3
to regret not having met earlier (idiom); It is nice to meet you finally.; It feels like we have known each other all along.

泄恨 洩恨 xie4 hen4
to give vent to anger

新愁旧恨 新愁舊恨 xin1 chou2 jiu4 hen4
new worries added to old hatred (idiom); afflicted by problems old and new

厌恨 厭恨 yan4 hen4
to hate; to detest

一失足成千古恨 一失足成千古恨 yi1 shi1 zu2 cheng2 qian1 gu3 hen4
a single slip may cause everlasting sorrow (idiom)

遗恨 遺恨 yi2 hen4
eternal regret

因爱成恨 因愛成恨 yin1 ai4 cheng2 hen4
hatred caused by love (idiom); to grow to hate someone because of unrequited love for that person

饮恨 飲恨 yin3 hen4
to nurse a grievance; to harbor a grudge

饮恨吞声 飲恨吞聲 yin3 hen4 tun1 sheng1
to harbor a grudge with deep-seated hatred (idiom)

怨恨 怨恨 yuan4 hen4
to resent; to harbor a grudge against; to loathe; resentment; rancor

憎恨 憎恨 zeng1 hen4
to detest; hatred

终天之恨 終天之恨 zhong1 tian1 zhi1 hen4
eternal regret