to go against; to be contrary to; perverse; rebellious

old variant of 悖

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
悖晦 悖晦 bei4 hui4
(coll.) muddleheaded

悖乱 悖亂 bei4 luan4
to rebel; sedition; to delude; confused

悖论 悖論 bei4 lun4
paradox (logic)

悖缪 悖繆 bei4 miu4
variant of 悖謬|悖谬

悖谬 悖謬 bei4 miu4
absurd; irrational

悖逆 悖逆 bei4 ni4

并行不悖 並行不悖 bing4 xing2 bu4 bei4
to run in parallel without hindrance; not mutually exclusive; two processes can be implemented without conflict

违悖 違悖 wei2 bei4
to transgress; to violate (the rules); same as 違背|违背

有悖于 有悖於 you3 bei4 yu2
to go against